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aXpire's PayBX Launches with Aims of Mass Crypto Adoption

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aXpire is launching their PayBX app in the summer of this year. This cryptocurrency payments application will allow users to spend their crypto through their pre-existing bank-issued debit cards. PayBX will initially launch in Europe and then expand globally.

  • PayBX will be officially launched in Q3 of 2021.
  • PayBX will allow anyone to spend cryptocurrencies using their debit cards.
  • On PayBX, users can earn APY on BTC, ETH, and stablecoins.

aXpire is launching their PayBX mobile app to allow users to spend their crypto through their own debit cards. This will be the world’s first application that allows users to spend cryptocurrencies through their own debit cards, not requiring a PayBX-branded card but by simply plugging into their bank accounts. The app will be launched in the third quarter of 2021, and access to the app will start in Europe.

The app was created to benefit all crypto holders, as it has become evident that as the blockchain industry grows, there are numerous new users who download and trade on different exchange platforms and that don’t have the ability to spend their cryptocurrencies daily, without large fees or hurdles.

What is PayBX

PayBX is a custodial wallet as the crypto community requires both decentralized and more centralized options for true adoption. PayBX enables its users to spend the value of their digital assets through pre-existing debit cards, linked to the payments application through API. Rather than traders requiring a new debit card for their wallets, PayBX enables them to spend cryptocurrencies as FIAT by simply using a regular bank-issued debit card. Whenever a transaction is made, PayBX recognizes it and the equivalent amount in crypto can be sold to cover the FIAT value of the transaction, deposited into the users’ bank account.

PayBX’s Features

PayBX includes several other features with the sole purpose of benefiting the users, including, but not limited to; high yield interest on savings, so users can earn interest on select assets held in PayBX; On-ramp and off-ramp, so users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies against a plethora of FIAT currencies, including EUR, GBP, AUD, JPY and more. Transfer funds to and from users’ banks, or purchase crypto using debit and credit cards, stored in PayBX or transferred off-platform; crypto-to-crypto swaps, for users to swap cryptocurrencies easily without leaving their PayBX wallet.

About aXpire

aXpire develops B2B software-as-a-service (SaaS) products and B2C applications which utilizes blockchain technology in the front-end and/or the back-end. The Company has 17+ years of experience in the software development space through their sister company LSG, or Legal Solutions Group, a company that has been creating and servicing “household” names such as Coca-Cola, Nike, IBM, Intel, KFC, NFL and beyond with software solutions.

About PayBX

PayBX is an application that was created to allow traders to use their pre-existing debit cards to spend cryptocurrencies in online and physical stores, while retaining the cards’ benefits, regardless of the merchant’s acceptance of crypto. Additionally, the app integrates with a leading CeFi provider to offer high APY interest on select holdings held in users’ wallets.

AXPR Tokens

AXPR is the native token of aXpire that is involved with all its solutions, including PayBX. The token is used within the PayBX app to avail several benefits, including discounts, lower fees, and exclusive features and functionality, such as increased APY if AXPR is held.

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