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Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Review: Should I buy this Blast Auxiliary Portable AC?

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Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Reviews - Feature and Specifications, Pros and Cons; Everything you need to know. - By Apex Reviews

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Most modern technologies have incorporated portability into their design. Even for the previously bulky ones, portable alternatives are being created. So, what's the buzz about portability? Beyond compactness and easy transportation of mobile units, portability offers so much convenience that a lot of people before now hadn't realized or perhaps didn't pay attention to.

The notion had always been, the bigger, the better, but it is obviously not true, at least not in all cases. Looking at the trend: using the computer system as an example, virtually everyone, or at least most people, can relate to the transformations that have been done over the years in relation to portability.

And what is even the shocking thing about all of these? The portable models are even doing more in all ramifications—convenience, style, and sometimes, capacity. Bringing this same trend to the air conditioner technology, it has been a similar case, and for someone to ask why people would even care about portable air conditioners when they are obviously less, in terms of their capacity to serve a greater number isn't the real question.

The real question is, will this bigger number always have the same need? No doubt, situations where people have to disagree overturning the air conditioner on or off are pretty much familiar. The reality is that even under the hot summer heat, there'd be someone out there who would be feeling cold or, at worse, even freezing. Does this person not deserve a chance to regulate the ambient temperature to suit him/her?

Portable technology is the key and no doubt because it is the trend in the market. The air conditioner can't be different. The convenience definitely outweighs any con therein. It is quite an option for people to choose how they want the temperature around them without necessarily arguing over it with someone else or other people that do not favor the same choice.

Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Review

This blast auxiliary desktop AC Ultra review aims to critically explore this product to give the necessary information as to whether the product is worth it or not and all the necessary details of the product.

What is Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra?

Blast Auxiliary AC ultra is quite an amazing portable air cooler out there in the market. Why so? That would be a question of what the features are. For a start, Blast Auxiliary AC is both an air cooler and a humidifier, and it has a modern design that is easily adaptable to modern homes and offices or what have you.

It is a desktop air cooler, which implies that it can be kept on the desk or quite any flat surface from where it blows out cool, moisturized air to the user. Yea, that's it. The air is not just cooler with Blast but healthier. Blast desktop AC, quite unlike many assume, is nothing close to noisy or discomforting.

All that was obviously put into consideration by the manufacturers before producing this portable desktop air conditioner, and users of the product have so much appreciated this fact in their reviews and recommendations. To get a bit technical about what the product is all about, without the intention of offending those who aren't impressed with getting technical.

Blast Auxiliary Desktop air cooler ultra utilizes lithium batteries that can be recharged using the type C USB cable. The charging process is quite very easy and fast as long as there is a power outlet.

It is needless to mention that it requires no installation, and it's ready for use right out of the box. That is all thanks to its portability and its compatibility with modern technologies that make things easier.

It is very necessary to state that the Blast Auxiliary AC is eco-friendly and efficient. A plus is that it supports an eco-friendly environment by circulating humidified air orders than dry, stuffy air. It makes the user relaxed and comfortable without any offense to the respiratory tract, even on a windy day.

In addition, this blast auxiliary portable air cooler is an energy-efficient option by all means. The reason is obvious. It does not need electrical power to operate like the bulky air conditioner that consumes energy with blatant disregard to the user's energy bill. Blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra is an electronic device that uses the battery and, by so doing, requires only charging to get the device up and running.

To get techy one more time, the electric charge known as capacitance is stored in the batteries, and that is what provides the source for the device to function. It works just like every other device that uses batteries.

So, what is this about? No digging into your energy bills, and that is saving cost.

How does Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC ultra work?

The operating mode is not a difficult one, by all means. It is similar by design to several other electronic devices out there but unique in style by its smooth moving parts and other useful features. As already mentioned, the Blast Auxiliary desktop AC ultra uses lithium batteries and is rechargeable by a type C USB cable that is accompanying the product.

The batteries have been estimated to last for over 8 hours after a full charge. To activate the humidification part of the device, one needs to fill the tank, which can contain about 300mls of water, and click on the start button to get started.

The Blast desktop AC has three operating modes, which have been tagged as follows

1. Cool Mode - a cool, relaxing breeze

2. Chill Mode - for if you're feeling hot

3. Freeze Mode - for if you need to cool down any room fast.

This is strictly designed for convenience so as to enable the user to get the best out of the air-cooling system. The users can customize the device according to their desires.

In summary, what is required to use the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is just to get it out of the pack and plug and play, subsequently get it out of the charging socket and pour water in the tank of the device and turn it on and that's it.

Needless to worry about noise or how safe it is because it has been found to be eco-friendly, safe, and sophisticated for both indoor and outdoor use. Home and offices alike. Blast Auxiliary AC ultra, as the images can communicate, is an entirely portable option for air cooling, and that is not by any means a limitation to its efficiency or effectiveness. It works quite well and serves the users just as described.

It has been speculated to be able to reduce by some degree Fahrenheit the room temperature, which by implication indicates its cooling abilities.

Quality features of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

Choose a mode – One can set a cooling breeze or be switched to a regular fan. Whichever option the user prefers.

Air quality control - It can act as a humidifier. For persons having stuffed sinuses, dry air may even be a bigger offense. The Blast Portable AC can make them feel a lot better as it moisturizes the air and makes it less offensive.

Fast and efficient - Blast generates really cool air in just a matter of seconds. There is rapid cooling as Blast pumps out 2.7 m/s of cool, refreshing air.

Different speeds -Three-speed modes, each is giving a different degree of comfort from just blowing fan to serious cooling. Individuals can set it to their optimum comfort level. That's the definition of convenience.

Easy to use - Very easy to refill with water when it runs low. Big capacity 300ml tank.

Lightweight - Compact and easy to carry. It comes with its own carry handle. Weighs less than 2 pounds unfilled.

Extremely quiet - No loud, obnoxious fan noise to disrupt concentration or sleep.

Full control - Adjustable louvers to direct cool air however one may want it.

Pros (Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Review)

Portable – The number one and, of course, the most emphasized benefit of this product is portability. It is a lightweight and compact air cooler for personal use and for transportation from one location to another: less hassle, more convenience.

Easy-to-use – One needs not to worry about installation or complicated setup. Simply plug it into the power source and let it run—a plug-and-play kind of thing.

Fully adjustable – Blast Auxiliary maintains three different fan speeds and easily adjustable louver for specifically directing the airflow to the desired direction.

No hassle – this air cooler doesn't have a separate tank, simply pour water into the unit and enjoy nice humidity and refreshing air.

Ice tray – The ice tray can be fused into the bottom part of the device to make the air even cooler. There is no limit to how much cold anyone wants to enjoy.

Acts as a humidifier – For people with dry skin, eyes, or stuffy sinuses, Blast Auxiliary successfully works as a humidifier, spraying cool mist and moisturizing the air around.

Water curtain—The water curtain assists in cooling the air as well. Like the ice tray, you need to fill it up with water. In doing so, when the air blows out of the cooler, you get pleasing, cool air that beats the humid surroundings.

Air filter—This air filter ensures that the air that passes through the blower is purified so you can enjoy a clean, dust and dirt-free environment.

Cons of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

  • It can only be gotten online
  • Stock is limited
  • It can only cover a limited space

What makes the Blast Auxiliary desktop AC ultra-unique?

Blast Auxiliary AC ultra is a desktop AC but definitely not as large as your desktop computer if that is what comes to your mind. It is a desktop air conditioner because it can sit just on the desk and add, irrespective of the size of the desk.

The size of the Blast AC is reasonable to fit into an office desk alongside other office equipment, or any other place for that matter. It is as well suitable for rooms with limited space or for folks who wish to manage space effectively.

Needless to discuss in detail again why portable products make the wave in the market these days. Portability is what the modern man needs. There is absolutely no need for bulky, space-consuming home or office appliances when there are portable and effective options. This is precisely why the Blast Auxiliary AC ultra is a good choice because it is a portable and efficient air-cooling option. What more can anyone ask?

Straight out of the pack, the Blast Auxiliary desktop AC is ready for use. There is obviously no need for professional or technical assistance. It is a plug-and-play device made for everyone to use without stress. The device's manual may give additional information to further direct users and make things a lot easier than it already is, but altogether, the product comes with no additional stress.

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Benefits of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC

Compact and Convenient

Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC ultra is for people who wish to enjoy the convenience of having cool air at every possible spot because one can carry this air conditioner from one place to another. It is lightweight and portable enough for on-the-go use. Isn't that the idea of a portable AC–to enjoy air at any spot one desires?


Energy-efficient is simply a fancy way of saying that it consumes less energy—in this case, electrical energy. So why should anyone even care whether it consumes so much energy or not? It is simple. The more energy one burns, the higher the bill to pay. So, why would anyone not care about the energy efficiency of the device, as compared to the traditional air conditioner? Energy efficiency comes to play in the sense of saving costs.

Quite contrary to the central air conditioners, the use of this device should not add significantly to your energy bill. The reason, for the benefit of the doubt, is that the central ones require electrical energy directly to function, which consumes a significant amount of energy and, consequently, your money.

Provides humidification

A Blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra not only cools the air but also humidifies the air. This helps in an environment with less humidity and during dry seasons that the air usually lacks adequate moisture. The air circulated in such times and places is dry and can cause considerable discomfort. Blast Auxiliary AC mitigates this challenge.


Convenience and user-friendliness are key features of the Blast Auxiliary AC. The portability and compact nature of Blast Auxiliary desktop AC give much more options than one could have, with wall-mounted units. It suits households or businesses where constant cooling may not be necessary.

Blast portable air conditioner can be moved from one room to another, as may be needed. The same Blast Auxiliary Portable AC ultra used in the home can be used in the office as much as it can be used in the study or bedroom alike. All thanks to its portability. A centrally installed air conditioner wouldn't make things any easier.

This helps one to cool areas that require so and avoid the waste of energy and money in cooling rooms that aren't occupied or are barely used. This is convenience redefined!

Easily transportable

Blast auxiliary desktop AC ultra can come in handy for people who are always on the go. People who travel a lot can carry it along, even as they travel and enjoy the benefits of cool air. It can also be used in remote places without electricity since it is rechargeable. Comfort is not sacrificed with this air conditioner as it can always be kept handy.

Similarly, for people who have only temporary accommodation and can easily move to a new location, like college students that live in hostels, the best option for such a temporary stay is a portable AC. The shifting process will become relatively easier with a portable air conditioner by one's side order than the bulky one.

How to Use Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra

Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra is designed to be straightforward for anyone to use. Here's the process to use when starting Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra for the first time:

Step 1

Set the Blast Auxiliary Portable AC on a flat surface, then attach the power adapter into the port and plug the other end into a wall outlet. Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC charges just like any other electronics you own.

Step 2

Remove the water curtain from the drawer, soak it in water, and insert it back into the drawer.

Step 3

Fill the water tank with water, choose your preferred setting, and enjoy cool air instantly.

One can also add ice cubes to the ice tray and water tank to enhance the device's cooling power. The colder the water is, the longer it will cool the surrounding air. The tank is not designed to be removed: water is to be poured directly into the device to keep Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultrarunning.

Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra claims to start working within seconds of turning it on. Once the air starts passing through the water curtain and into the surrounding environment, you'll notice cooler temperatures.

Where to buy Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ultra and Pricing

The price of Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ultra is reasonable, and you can get this amazing portable AC for just $89 per unit. That is why it is currently trending in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and a host of other countries. One can claim the quantity discount that means the more one buys, the less price to pay.

Exclusive offer on Blast Portable AC are as follows:

Single unit: $89 + Shipping

2 units Price: $179 + Shipping

3 Units Price: $200 + Shipping

4 Units Price: $245 + Shipping

The product can be said to be relatively affordable, and considering the utility value, one can easily come to terms with the price as satisfying. The most recommended place to order a product is usually at the official product website, and the same goes for Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Ultra. There are several benefits from purchasing this product from the official website.

There are varieties of buying options to choose from, including the price offers attached to each package. One can also choose a favorite payment option and as well, read and understand their return policy to enable one to make a smooth return on the off chance they don't find the product very useful. Most importantly, to ensure one is buying the real product and not a counterfeit.

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Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra Customers' Reviews

Blast Auxiliary desktop AC ultra, even though a relatively new product, has an appealing reputation in terms of what people think of it. It is designed to suit a modern sense of portability and looks like a personal air-cooling system that many would like to have. The air humidifier and air filtering systems are excellent additions, and even just the idea of it looks good.

A few of the customer reviews that can be found on the official website of Blast Auxiliary AC ultra are as follows.

"I have a strong air conditioner in my house, but the cost of running it was ridiculous. At an office gift exchange, I received a Blast Auxiliary from a neighbor, and since it performed so well on my desk, I purchased a few more to keep around the house. There's been a significant saving. Blast." (Alex I., Montreal, QC)

"I'm damn bad with technology, but this was a lot easier to use than a complicated air conditioner." I simply filled the water tank with ice and was cool in seconds on extremely hot days. Because my husband keeps stealing them, I'm thinking of getting another!" (Jessica A. - San Diego, CA)

"It is a much-needed relief. When I slept, I used to have a loud fan blowing on me. It didn't fit so well, so I was overjoyed when I first tried the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC. For the first time in what felt like years, I slept like a rock. It comes highly recommended." (Rockford, IL resident Vanessa S.)

Conclusion (Blast auxiliary desktop AC Ultra Review)

From my subjective opinion of this product plus the objective findings, I can only say it is a yes, yes. Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra is a portable cooling system that is suitable for personal use. The design is sophisticated, and it is considerably affordable. It is highly recommended.

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