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7 Best Coworking Spaces in Chicago - 2021 Edition

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Searching for a suitable coworking space for your needs in Chicago? Here is a list of places you need to check out.

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Chicago is a city with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Consequently, it has one of the most innovative work hubs in the form of coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces have become incessantly popular in recent times. They provide modern working environments and a community experience. However, choosing a coworking space for yourself can be a complicated task since there are too many options.

We have compiled a list of the 7 best coworking spaces in Chicago. Let us see which one is the right choice for you -

Top-Rated Chicago Coworking Spaces


1871 is one of the leading tech hubs and coworking spaces of Chicago established in 2012. Situated at Merchandise Mart, it is also a tech startup incubator. Apart from different space ranges and premium amenities, it holds events for digital entrepreneurs. They also conduct design and technology classes for entrepreneurs to enhance their skills.

Its pricing plans differ from $175 to $500 for a month.

Free Range

Free Range is a coworking space situated at Wicker Park. It hosts its community in a warm and cozy atmosphere enhancing the work spirits in the space. Acknowledging the nature of different work models, it provides flexible plans to entrepreneurs ranging from virtual bookings to part-time, and full-time.

Its pricing starts at $95 and goes $300+ for a month.

Serendipity Labs

Serendipity Labs has its center at multiple locations around the United States. It has gained expertise in fulfilling the working conditions needs of an entrepreneur. Space is situated at the One South Wacker tower in Chicago. Right from dedicated workstations to private offices, it serves everyone with modern and functional amenities.


TechNexus is much more than just a coworking space at the Upper Wacker in Chicago. It is an incubator for many ventures. Since it encourages corporate collaboration in the space, the people working here get the benefits like cross-promotion, networking, etc. Along with providing working facilities, it enables a creative working ecosystem.

Writers Workspace

Writers Workspace is a coworking space dedicated to writers at Broadway Street, Chicago. It is an affordable and peaceful studio space for fiction and non-fiction writers. Apart from traditional amenities, it provides a resource library, discounts on workshops, event invitations, and locker storage.

The pricing here is $160/ month for full-timers.

Second Shift

Second Shift, a coworking space situated at the Diversey Parkway, is a convenient and professional workspace. It aims to provide a friendly environment for all the visitors and form a close-knitted community. It gets involved in the working processes of the entrepreneurs if asked.

Its pricing strategy differs from the rest. It does not take a monthly fee. Instead, it charges a percentage of how much a project is worth.

LifeWorking Coworking

LifeWorking Coworking is a premium coworking service provider situated in the northern suburbs of Chicago. It uniquely emphasizes work-life balance for busy professionals. It includes niche offerings such as laundry service, package shipment, bike storage, and drop-in desks.

Its prices begin at $40 for a day and go up to $449 for selected days.

Every coworking space comes with its own set of benefits. Choose the one that suits you the best. Stay tuned to us for more such recommendations!

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