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How to File an LLC in Wyoming

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An LLC stands for “limited liability corporation.” It’s one way you can set up your business as a corporate entity. If you’re ready to take your business seriously, it’s time to incorporate.

Do You Need a Wyoming LLC?

An LLC has many advantages over other corporate structures like C and S corporations.

Protect yourself. An LLC protects your personal funds from business liabilities.

Tax filing flexibility. You can file as an LLC or as a corporation. Your choice depends on which one saves you more in taxes.

Perform basic business functions. If you want to set up a business bank account, hire employees and get business licenses, you need an LLC.

Simple to set up. An LLC is the easiest corporate structure to set up. It’s even easier with our Wyoming LLC Package.

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Benefits of Having an LLC in Wyoming

Although you can set up an LLC in any state, there are major benefits to establishing your company in Wyoming. Here are some of the main ones.

  • No personal or corporate income tax.
  • No need to live in Wyoming.
  • Open a bank account anywhere.
  • Turn your LLC into an S-corp for tax purposes.
  • File taxes as a C corporation.
  • No waiting time for your articles of incorporation.
  • No need to list members or managers of your LLC.
  • Charging order protection means creditors can’t attach your income to satisfy your partners’ debts.

How To File a Wyoming LLC

To file an LLC, you need the following elements:

Articles of incorporation. These documents tell the world about your business. You need articles of incorporation to establish a business bank account, hire employees, and file taxes as a business.

Operating agreement. Some states require this as part of the articles of incorporation. Wyoming doesn’t, however, we recommend writing one. Our Wyoming LLC Package can take care of this for you.

EIN (employer identification number). Even if you don’t have employees, you need an EIN to file your business taxes, set up business accounts, and apply for business credit. We can include your new EIN in our Wyoming LLC package.

Steps To Filing an LLC

You can file online or by mail.

  • Register at the Wyoming Secretary of State online site.
  • Do a search to be sure your corporate name isn’t taken.
  • Fill out the articles of incorporation form.
  • Pay the filing fee.
  • Wait for the state to approve your LLC.
  • Download and print your articles.

Why You Should Use an LLC Wyoming Service

The process to file an LLC in Wyoming seems straightforward, but people have made costly mistakes when attempting to do this on their own. Here are some reasons to let us do it for you.

Error-free, professional preparation. If you mess up any part of your LLC application, you could end up with a business name or a corporate structure you didn’t want. Using our service ensures your application is error-free.

Privacy. Filing an LLC with the secretary of state means putting your personal information on a public site. Our filing service includes anonymous filing that maintains your confidentiality.

Fast service. Gathering your paperwork and following all the steps can take time. With a professional LLC service, you’ll save time. With our Wyoming LLC Package, for instance, it takes just minutes to fill out the form, and we can have you fully registered in just one day.

What You Get with Our Wyoming LLC Package

  • Professionally prepared articles of incorporation.
  • Fast, expert, and error-free filing.
  • New EIN in your business name.
  • Use of our name as your registered agent.
  • Expertly produced an operating agreement.
  • Certificate of good standing.
  • Guaranteed service.

If You Need an LLC in Wyoming, Don’t Wait

Get your business off to a good start with our fast, professional LLC formation services. We can have your new corporation officially named, registered, and ready to do business in just minutes. Get started now.

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