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Online Store Gastroprodukt Explains the Benefits of Gastronomic Dishwasher for Restaurant

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Here are a few benefits of gastronomic (steam) dishwasher for restaurant owners, explained by Gastroprodukt.pl

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Every reputable restaurant, as well as roadside bars, has to be equipped with gastronomic dishwashers. It is not a luxury device but one of the equipment that are required by safety regulations. This article will tell more about commercial dishwashers and a place where you can purchase a professional dishwasher at a good price with the required certificates.

Some examples of commercial dishwashers

On the market, there are several gastronomic devices offered by well-known companies as well as small companies that only deal with commercial equipment.

If you are interested in professional equipment, you should look for the stores that offer only high-quality commercial products, for example, the gastroprodukt.pl online store. There you can find a dishwasher with a steamer, for example, Dishwasher Strong Pro 500 that is available at gastroprodukt.pl online store for 3799 PLN net (4672,77 PLN gross). The dishwasher has been designed to wash and steam glasses, plates, so it is perfect for a small restaurant that serves mainly drinks and some snacks.

Another product worth noticing is a dishwasher dedicated to wash pots and larger items. It is called GP. 55-80 Premium. It is perfect equipment for a restaurant where a lot is going on in the kitchen, and the chef needs to wash more equipment than plates and glasses only. The cost of the device is 5052 EUR net (6214,75 EUR gross).

A store with commercial dishwashers

Each of the described commercial dishwashers can be bought online at gastroprodukt.pl online store that is run by a well-known Polish company. The company is famous for offering high-quality gastronomic products dedicated to different kinds and sizes of restaurants as well as small roadside bars. The prices in the store are affordable for every restaurant owner, and thanks to large choices, every owner can select the right items for their restaurant kitchens.

What is more, the online store also provides other professional items to restaurant kitchens, hotels, and laundries. Some popular products that are available at gastroprodukt.pl online store are the following: pizza ovens, electric mangles, industrial washing machines, convection ovens, and many more. Every item is described on the website. However, if you have any questions, the professional staff is willing to solve each of your problems regarding purchasing professional equipment.

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