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Top Mistakes You Can Make While Installing Above Ground Pools

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Watson's Pools tells the most common mistakes that people make when installing above 0ground pools.

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Many people love having above ground pools since they make for a fun experience for their friends and family. Having your own personal pool also gives you a nice place to hang out on hot summer days. You also will have the relaxation of having your own individual space because you won't need to go to a neighborhood or a community above ground pool to hang out.

Although having an above ground pool is great, be sure to do your research before you purchase a pool or begin the installation process. You don't want to fall privy to any of the below mistakes.

Building Up Lower Areas By Taking Dirt From Higher Parts Of Your Yard

You don't want to shift the dirt around your yard because the dirt that forms the foundation for your pool will eventually settle. When this does happen, it's almost 100% unlikely that all of the dirt will settle at the same time or will settle evenly. As the dirt settles, your pool will no longer be level. This will cause issues for the way that your pool functions, and it could eventually cause the pool to break.

When you're putting your own above ground swimming pool in place, make sure that you dig out the lowest spot in the whole yard so the pool will be sitting on "virgin" soil.

Using Large Amounts Of Mason Sand To Level Out Your Pool

Similar to the situation above, if you're using mason sand to level out your pool, it will eventually shift and will cause the foundation to become uneven. Mason sand should only be used as a way to buffer the pool liner from the ground. As stated above, you should always dig on virgin soil and put your pool there.

Setting Your Pool's Track On Sand

One of the necessary steps of installing your pool is placing the whole above ground swimming pool onto a track. This will help to hold the pool in place.

Although you want to use sand to separate the pool from the ground, you want to make sure that the sand isn't under the track itself. The track is a parameter, so you want all of the sand to fall inside of that parameter.

Again, if the sand is under the track, it could cause the pool to sink and reduce the lifespan of your pool.

Not Compacting Or Troweling The Sand Before Putting The Pool In Place

Before you put the pool liner on the sand, you'll want to compact the sand with a plate compactor so that it's evenly distributed inside of your track. You'll also want to hand trowel the sand to ensure that everything is even in case the plate compactor misses anything.

If you skip this step, it's possible that the first time you use your pool, your feet will create impressions in the sand. This could eventually lead to wrinkles in your liner. As that happens, the longevity of your pool will be greatly diminished.

Putting Patio Blocks Underneath Your Uprights

This is an extremely common mistake that should be avoided. Many install manuals actually recommend this step, but, in many ways, it can be the most unforgiving mistake on this list.

If the water or weight distribution shifts in the pool a certain way and you have your pool placed on patio blocks, then it can cut through the liner and destroy the whole pool. To avoid this mistake, just put the above-ground pool on the virgin soil, with the uprights and the track directly on the ground.

Not Installing The Pool In Your Backyard

Sometimes people want their above ground pool to be installed in some peculiar places, such as in their garage, against the house, or even in part of their driveway.

However, it's best to pick a pool size that fits well with the layout of your backyard. You'll want to place the pool in your backyard space because it's a private area that your neighbors can't see into and it's typically a safe space for a pool.

Additionally, the majority of local building codes will allow for you to have a pool in the backyard. If you want the above ground pool to be placed somewhere else, you might need to jump through some zoning hoops.

Avoid these common mistakes when you're putting together your above ground pool, and you'll be sure to have years of fun memories with it!

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