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Oceania: Covid Free Safe Destinations You Can Travel To Right Now

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Rankomat tells a few places without COVID effects where you can travel to during the pandemic.

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Oceania: Covid Free Safe Destinations You Can Travel To Right Now

COVID-19 pandemic has spread over almost the whole world in a short time. Although the situation is dynamic and not always optimistic, there are some places that do not surrender to SARS-CoV-2. Check where coronavirus has not reached and how it was possible to achieve.

Although at present, virtually any place worldwide has struggled with coronavirus, there are few safe destinations in terms of COVID-19. Those are islands on the Pacific Ocean which are only rarely visited by tourists. The remote location reduced the risk of the virus occurrence and spread, protecting the inhabitants from the pandemic.

The zones free from COVID-19

Oceania, or islands on the Pacific Ocean, are the safest place in terms of coronavirus infections. It includes several states which are difficult to reach or are simply rarely visited by tourists from other countries. They include:

● Solomon Islands

● Vanuatu

● Samoa

● Kiribati

● Micronesia (Federated States of Micronesia)

● Tonga

● Marshall Islands

● Palau

● Tuvalu

● Nauru

Why are Oceania territories safe?

The said islands have not recorded any coronavirus cases since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is thanks to the fact that they separated from the rest of the world right at the beginning, closing their borders for all visitors. What is more, every state introduced strict restrictions to protect their residents. What are the restrictions?

Solomon Islands — they are fully closed to visitors now. You cannot enter them in any way, and at present, the state does not even give an approximate date of border opening.

Vanuatu — the state closed all harbors and postpones all international flights until further notice. The restrictions are not that strict solely for air flights among the islands inside the country.

Samoa — it accepts visitors but under specific conditions. All visitors to the island must undergo SARS-CoV-2 tests no later than three days before travelling. What is more, they need to fill in a dedicated health statement.

Kiribati — no restrictions apply here, but the state is absolutely closed to visitors.

Micronesia — it has closed its borders entirely in practice. Although its territory can be entered in some exceptional cases, a 14-day quarantine is required before.

Tonga — similar to Micronesia, to enter the island legally, you need to have your health statement and undergo a 14-day quarantine.

Marshall Islands — all harbors are closed, and the air traffic has been suspended until further notice.

Palau — it is open to tourists but with rigorous restrictions locally. Special medical examinations for SARS-CoV-2 are required.

Tuvalu — to get there, you need to undergo a 14-day quarantine, examination, or stay for at least two weeks in a state with no risk of coronavirus infection.

Naru — it can be reached by just one plane in a week. A two-week quarantine is required.

Preparing for a trip during the pandemic?

The most important thing is to learn the rules in force in the state being our destination. The most important information on the current guidelines and restrictions can be found on the official government websites of states.

The next step is to get tested for SARS-CoV-2 before the trip. Thanks to that, we will not only feel safer but we will be protected in the case of any check-up when entering the territory of the state with restrictions.

An obvious thing that must not be forgotten in the current circumstances is the continuous and conscientious following of the safety rules, which are in force virtually anywhere. Covering your nose and mouth, avoiding large groups of people, cashless payments, social distancing, or hand disinfection are the basic principles of everyday life during the pandemic.

Appropriate insurance

Although travelling is much more difficult in the current situation, especially if Oceania countries are our destination, it is possible to spend your holidays abroad. One of the most popular holiday destinations is Tanzania and Zanzibar at present. Also, Switzerland and Ukraine are eagerly visited as skiing tourists can find some wonderful places for themselves there.

However, regardless of what destination you choose, remember to buy appropriate insurance should you fall ill or have an accident. The policy should cover coronavirus infection, which is one of the most significant hazards when travelling.

Most insurance companies offer such a policy. This is a typical travel insurance with appropriately high guaranteed amounts to cover the cost of treatment in the case of COVID-19 infection. The cost of such a policy is not high, and the amounts saved in the case of any sudden disease are much higher than the ones invested in insurance. Planning your holiday in advance, it is also worth considering the policy covering the costs of resigning from the trip if SARS-CoV-2 is diagnosed.

The tourist insurance can be bought online in a safe and easy way. Thanks to a dedicated comparison engine, you can check the offers by different insurance companies, select the best policy for you and buy it in a few steps without leaving your home.

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