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Ellen Alexander, a Russian model and Entrepreneur, Launched a Website to Share Motivational Stories and Fashion Tips

Last updated Thursday, May 6, 2021 22:25 ET , Source: Ellen Alexander

Russian-born entrepreneur and model created a website, EllenLifestyle.com, to share beauty tips, motivational stuff and so much more.

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Ellen Alexander, a simple girl from Moscow who conquered modeling business, cinema, is now winning the hearts of Americans with her music.

The Russian-born fashion model and entrepreneur recently launched a website to help women all around the world. Her aim is to share useful tips, motivational stories, and fashion advice.

Ellen Alexander
Ellen Alexander, a Russian Model, singer, and Entrepreneur.

"I was always interested in learning, finding out interesting things, collaborating with people from all over the world, all bringing their share of knowledge to the table," Ellen said. "Despite my busy schedule, I still devote time every day to research and to look into the things that make a difference for me and the others."

The website helps readers with daily beauty routines, fashion, lifestyle, and even relationship advice. Ellen also posts about healthy living and much more than this.

Ellen's training in the arts is the unique thing about her. Ellen's artistic training began when she was five years old. Ellen spent several hours, weeks, months, and years preparing to become the multi-faceted artist she is today. Her voice not only speaks volumes about her musical training but also about the kind of personality that stands out.

Ellen is a prime example of people's natural abilities emerging. If she hadn't completed her Economics degree with honors, she might have looked for other opportunities. Acting and modeling, on the other hand, were two of her other passions. She honed her acting and filmmaking talents at the New York Film Academy and UCLA.

Ellen Alexander is also expanding the boundaries of her business, "Create U Future," which she co-created with a friend after leaving a worldwide presence in fashion modeling, singing, anti-aging technique, and entrepreneurship.

About Ellen Alexander

Ellen Alexander is an actress, singer, fashion model, and entrepreneur. Ellen was born in Moscow, Russia, and her career has seen her dominate the four industries of film, television, theatre, and modeling, not only in her native Russia but also in the United Kingdom and now in the United States. Ellen studied at the world-renowned Chekhov Moscow Arts theatre academy, where she genuinely honed her craft and became a well-known name in the Moscow Art community.

To learn more about Ellen and her lifestyle, visit https://ellenalexander-la.com/ and https://ellenlifestyle.com/.

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