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3 Best HCG Drops for Faster Weight Loss In 2021

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Here are the 3 best HCG Drops that will help you lose weight faster. [2021 Update by Everest Metrics Ltd.]

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Did you know that it's possible to shed 1 to 2 pounds every day? With the HCG diet, you can lose weight fast, about 1 to 2 pounds a day. What's more, you won't feel hungry as you lose weight. 

The entire process essentially involves using the best HCG drops and following a low-calorie diet. As such, HCG diet drops guarantee to boost your body's metabolism and help you lose significant amounts of fat.

With so many options available today, it's not easy to pick the best HCG drops for weight loss. That's why we've researched these products and only picked those that have proven to work 100% and even have more positive reviews from users.

Ranking The 3 Best hCG Diet Drops on the Market in 2021

  1. Official hCG Diet Drops
  2. Complex Diet Drops
  3. Nu Image Medical Diet Drops
3 Best HCG Drops for Faster Weight Loss In 2021
3 Best HCG Drops for Faster Weight Loss In 2021

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body. It's usually high during pregnancy; thus, it's often used in detecting pregnancy using in-home kits.

This hormone was first suggested by Dr. Albert Simeons in 1954 for weight loss. Since then, its popularity has grown, and the market flooded with different forms of HCG diet drops to support weight loss. Even then, which HCG diet drops should you choose?

Before we answer this question, let's explore the types of HCG drops on the market today.

Types of hCG Drops On The Market Today

  • Prescription hCG drops and
  • Homeopathic hCG drops

Prescription HCG drops

These diet drops are made using ingredients from facilities with FDA approval. This form of hCG is concentrated and approved by FDA.

This type of HCG can be accessed with a prescription issued by a licensed medical professional. Typically, the prescription HCG comes in the form of shots.

Homeopathic HCG drops

These hCG diet drops are made following a series of careful dilutions of HCG concentrated form.

One major characteristic of this form of HCG is that it's extremely powerful through homeopathy. Also, there are no adverse effects linked to using homeopathic medicines when compared to using shots or injections.

Homeopathic HCG diet drops are not habit-forming. That means they won't slow up your natural enzymatic or natural digestive processes or unnaturally stimulate your body.

The Homeopathic HCG form drops are becoming more common among obese individuals. As such, most of them have witnessed the desired results with no side effects.

Historical Basis of HCG Drops and Weight Loss

HCG drops first earned the reputation of effective weight-loss solution in 1954 when a physician by the name of Albert T. W. Simeons advocated the idea that HCG injections could instigate speedy weight loss.

Dr. Albert Simeon based this claim on the results shown by then-existing treatment programs that used an HCG adjunct in treating children suffering from Fröhlich's syndrome. The Fröhlich syndrome is a pituitary condition that includes symptoms like malformation of reproductive organs and obesity.

The physician hypothesized that exogenous HCG could help obese individuals (with no pituitary issues) lose weight. But, after running several unreplicated trials, he recommended a mix of HCG injection and an intense calorie-deficit diet that's today recognized as the HCG diet.)

Dr. Simeons made these recommendations based on his argument that the HCG hormone was a powerful appetite suppressant that lets you survive on such a limiting diet.

Top 3 HCG Drops To Speed Up Weight Loss In 2021

#1. Official HCG Diet Drops

Next in our review, let's take an in-depth look at the 3 best HCG drops you can purchase for weight loss.

Order Now at Lowest Price


The Official Diet HCG Drops is a homeopathic weight loss solution that promises to boost weight loss by speeding up your metabolic rate and increasing your energy levels.

This product comes with an official HCG Diet guide for Weight loss, a weight loss log, along an eBook containing the best HCG recipes. Also, you'll receive an original Dr. Simeons Pounds and Inches eBook.

These diet drops are made using a proprietary mix of homeopathic HCG that's enriched with magnesium phosphate, Vitamin B 12, and natrum phosphate.

The proprietary blend used in this product speeds up your metabolism while suppressing your appetite. Thus, it'll help your body burn fat and prevent overeating.

By following a low-calorie diet, your body is signaled to start burning stored fat for its energy rather than the consumed calories. Also, these drops will have you feeling energized all through the day.

However, for these drops to offer you effective results, the manufacturer, NATO Supplements Inc, recommends that you consistently follow the given HCG diet plan.


Official's HCG Diet Drops are available in four bundles. These are:

15-day diet plan

21-day program

45-day diet program and

90-day plan

Each diet drops package includes eBooks with easy-to-follow recipes, tips for weight loss, and ways you can shed off pounds.

For maximum results, you need to strictly adhere to the given 500 calorie diet program.

To use this product, you should administer 10 drops of this product 3-times/day under your tongue. Also, let the drops sit for at least 30 seconds before you swallow.

Avoid eating or drinking anything 15 minutes before and after you've taken the drops.

Some of the benefits you should expect include:

Quicker weight loss- about 1 to 2 pounds/day.

Reduced appetite

Increased energy levels

Improved thyroid, liver, and adrenal health

Accelerated fat metabolism


Official's HCG Diet Drops can be bought from their website

And depending on the plan you choose, you'll spend between $59 and $129 for the 15 days and 90-day program, respectively


This product comes with same-day free shipping.

Refund Policy

If you aren't happy with your Official's HCG Diet Drops order, you can send back your package and get a full refund.

The returns must, however, be made before a 90 days period elapses. That's because the online store and the purchase of this product will cover the shipping expenses.

Once the store receives the returned product, you'll be notified via email. After which, it'll be processed, and your refund approved within 5 - 7 days. Then the refund is then effected on your account.

The manufacturer states that you'll get a refund and an extra $10 if your chosen plan doesn't work for you in seven days.

Customer Support

Also, according to their official website, this product comes with diet support for both customers and non-customers

Pros and Cons


Numerous positive reviews

Lose between 20 to 30 pounds within 30 days

Supports fat loss and maintenance of lean muscle mass

Includes a 90-day refund policy

Extra $10 if you don't get results in 7 days.

Includes diet support

Shipping is done on the same Free-of-charge


Lacks information on how the product works on the company's official website

Few third party reviews

#2. Complex Diet Drops

These Diet Drops are natural top-rated HCG drops that compete with top HCG products available today on the market. Again, the Complex HCG drops, also called Complex diet drops, are known as the best weight loss HCG drops.

This product is developed by a US-based company, BioSource Labs. Plus, it contains more than 25 amino acids and other natural extracts that have a 99% success rate.

It'll help lower your hunger pangs while accelerating fat burning by initiating and balancing your body's internal hormone production. It does all this without needing the HCG hormone.

To take Complex Diet Drops, you'll need to put 10 drops of the product under your tongue 3x a day. Remember to wait for 60 seconds before you swallow the liquid.

Another option would be to take 15 drops of the drops two times every day. Also, avoid drinking or eating anything before and after using the drops for 30 minutes.

For the best results, the company suggests that you follow the given diet program consistently.

Order Now at Lowest Price


Along with your order, you'll get recipes and menus to help you get the most from this product.

Complex diet drops come with a restrictive 500 calories plan, 800 calories plan, or 1200 calories plan per day that you should take depending on your mass for 43 or 63 days.

These weight loss HCG diet drops are perfect for anyone who struggles with weight loss.

Some of the benefits you can expect when using this product include:

Losing 1 pound daily (based on your current BMI).

Increased energy levels

Eliminate unwanted body fat

Lowers cravings and hunger pangs

Get in shape

Enhanced metabolism


Diet Complex can be bought from their official website.

When it comes to the cost, a 2 oz bottle of this product costs $69.00. When you decide to order online from the company's website you'll get this product with some applied discount.

Refund Policy

You can try Complex diet drops for 1 month. However, if are unhappy with your results, then you can send them back and get a full refund.

Customer Support

You can access Customer assistance all 7 days each week.


Once you order, the product will be shipped to you free of charge.

Pros and cons


Hormone-free formulation

Made from natural components and amino acids

Suppresses appetite

Boosts energy levels

It helps maintain lean muscles

Includes 30-day return period

Bulk discounts available

Free shipping


Developed using a proprietary blend

To get results, you have to follow a specified diet plan

A very low-calorie diet can result in dizziness and weakness

Lacks scientific proof to evidence weight-loss claims

#3. Nu Image Medical

The Nu Image Medical is among the most premium HCG diet drops on the market. What's more, they're the purest form of HCG you can get in the market.

This product is made using the purest variety of the prescriptional HCG hormone. As such, Nu Image HCG drops target fat that's stored in fat deposits, more so visceral fat.

Before you can use this product, you'll require approval from Nu Image's Medical doctors. Nu Image HCG drops are developed by Nu Image Medical, a Tampa, Florida-based licensed pharmacy.

The Nu Image pharmacy also offers the actual HCG hormone in the form of injections, pellets, and oral drops. As such, the manufacturer has certified doctors and even medical backing to provide the necessary support to individuals in using HCG.

Medical Support

It's worth mentioning that Nu Image Medical has something different to offer compared to other companies. The company will give you online support from nurses and doctors who are knowledgeable about the product.

Thus, you'll get telemedical care from wherever you are across the globe. You can reach out to the doctors via videos, emails, and phone calls and receive the best plan for you following a proper consultation.


During your consultation, the doctors will help you create a suitable diet plan you can follow. Plus, they'll offer you the necessary support so you can succeed.

Nu Image HCG products also contain Vitamin B12 that improves the effectiveness of the HCG hormone. Also, the drops have a strict diet that you must follow for optimal results.

When using Nu Image Medical, be sure to administer 4 to 8 drops under your tongue 3 xs per day. To allow for maximum absorption, remember to hold the drops under the tongue for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

Do not drink or eat 30 minutes after and 15 minutes before administering the drops.

Some of the benefits you can expect from this product are;

Suppressed appetite

Increased fat loss

Increased energy levels

Improved tissue and organs support

Long term free health check assistance

Improved brain function and libido

Information confidentiality

Remember that this formula is effective provided you follow the suggested instructions and HCG diet protocol from medical professionals.


The one drawback of this product is its pricing. For the 26-day program, you'll spend $297.00 and $397.00 for the 46-day plan. Although that is rather pricey, it's money well spent.


To buy Nu Image HCG drops, you'll have to visit their official website.

To start with, you'll be required to fill out an online form, choose the plan you're interested in, and then have a medical evaluation. The available programs are 26-day and 46-day programs.

Your order will then be shipped after you've had a 1-on-1 consultation with a doctor either by phone or video chat.

Refund Policy

This product does not include a refund policy.

Customer support

The company provides a friendly, knowledgeable, and professional client support team, plus the staff keeps business day hours.

Pros and cons


Contains pure HCG hormone

Offers teleconsultations

Encourages safe weight loss while preventing further weight gain

You'll have limitless certified medical support via email, phone, and live chat

Developed by a licensed US pharmacy

The product targets stubborn body fat and helps maintain lean muscle

Order includes HCG diet guidelines, recipes, and tips

Enhances sexual function



No refund policy.

What Does The HCG Diet Program Entail?

Normally, HCG products provide their diet plans to ensure you get maximum benefit. By strictly following the given plan, you're sure to achieve results worth the money spent. That said, next, we'll take you through one such diet plan.

Official's 21-day HCG diet program gives you all you'll need to succeed in reducing weight and burning off unwanted fat. This program is among the trusted weight loss diet plans for most people.

As such, this plan has proven to be very beneficial for those with busy schedules and who don't have time to exercise.

This program offers you a 21-days HCG diet drops supply, HCG weight loss plan eBook, and an HCG recipe book. Additional material you'll get is the pound & inches eBook and a weight loss log book.

The Three Phases of Official HCG Diet Program

Official's HCG diet program has three phases, and this makes it easy for you to assess your success. These phases include:

1st Phase

When considering the whole diet plan, this is considered the most important stage when starting. This phase shows you how to administer the HCG drops for maximum effect.

The phase lasts two days and allows you to eat all you can and then drink lots of water, let's say a gallon per day. The whole process is aimed at preparing you for the bigger task ahead.

2nd Phase

Different from the first phase, phase two takes on a tone of restriction. You'll gradually need to reduce your calorie intake. That process will help you burn more fat and also lose weight.

3rd Phase

The third and last phase is a serious and challenging part of the whole plan. Here, you'll eliminate foods containing fat and calories. Also, you'll decrease your food consumption and only rely on specific foods.

You'll keep to this plan until you achieve your set target. Once you reach your target, you'll then start the maintenance part of the plan to help you manage your weight. Also, this will help you avoid gaining back all the shed weight.

All through this period, you'll be able to take calories, however, in moderation. Plus, you'll need to increase the amount of water you take.

Where to Purchase the Best HCG Diet Drops?

The best place to buy HCG drops is directly from the respective manufacturer's websites. Please check our top 3 HCG pills recommendations to learn more about the best HCG drops on offer and their prices.

When you buy directly from the company's site, you'll have access to quality and safety guarantees. Also, you'll get HCG diet plans, and when you're unhappy with the results, you can get refunds.

What Are The Benefits Of Using the Best HCG Weight Loss Drops?

If you've struggled with stubborn body fat for long, then it may be time you considered using HCG drops. These products can help you fight the stored fat to reach your dream body.

When you decide to use HCG diet drops, here are some benefits you should expect. These include:

Reduces hunger pangs

Consuming many calories during each meal makes it harder for the body to use stored fat for its energy. Thus it results in more fat storage.

By taking HCG drops, you'll keep feeling full for longer while providing you with energy to run different body functions. That means your body will be forced to eliminate stored fats into energy. Since your calorie intake is low, your body will start burning stored to support body functions.

Safe to use

Since HCG occurs naturally in the body, it means HCG drops are the best natural alternative for weight loss. As such, it is safe for users regardless of gender.

Lowers Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, And Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, and blood sugar spikes are linked to excessive weight gain.

This predisposes your body to several health risks, like stroke, diabetes, heart diseases, and sometimes death. Fortunately, with HCG drops, fat loss is accelerated. Also, you'll experience lower cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and blood pressure.

Accelerated fat loss

Taking HCG drops helps you lose 1 - 2 pounds a day. They work by increasing your metabolism, thus causing quicker weight loss within a short time.

HCG drops help break down the stored fat in your body and prevents the storage of fat after digestion. HCG drops can help shrink your belly, tone your body, reduce cellulite, thus ensuring you reach your ideal shape.

You Don't Need To Do Exercises.

When using HCG drop, then exercising is optional. If you don't have time to work out, HCG drops might just be what you need. They support fat loss without you needing to follow a regular workout plan.


Using HCG drops is an affordable approach to weight loss compared to alternative weight loss measures.

For instance, if you consider the costs of liposuction and fat freezing or even buying gym equipment and following diets, these weight loss methods can drain you financially.

Best HCG drops: Is this the future of weight loss

Losing weight can be a challenging task, especially if you're fighting stubborn fat. Luckily, with HCG drops, the weight loss industry has major shifts.

HCG drops work by increasing HCG hormone levels in the body. With higher HCG hormone levels, this signals your hypothalamus, which then gets your body to use stored fat for energy.

Even then, always buy your HCG drops from accredited and certified companies for safe HCG drops.

One such product is the Official HCG Diet Drops that are recognized for faster and safe weight loss. Also, these drops are natural and don't attract any side effects.

Using this product will give your weight loss journey a dramatic turn in no time

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