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Successful Partners TMGL and JANSON Form 8(a) Joint Venture: JAN TECH

Last updated Monday, May 17, 2021 10:55 ET , Source: JANSON Communications

New cooperative entity will be well-positioned to help Clients modernize their facilities, engage virtually, and meet future workforce requirements.

Elkwood, VA, 05/17/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

TMGL LLC, a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) 8(a), and JANSON Communications, a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), today announced that they have formed a Joint Venture called JAN TECH that will combine their collective strengths and complimentary talents into a single 8(a) entity that can better support the Defense and Federal clients as they face new shifts in workforce expectations, technology, and stakeholder requirements.

TMGL and JANSON have been working together successfully as prime-sub partners for the past three years on numerous contracts. Each company will continue to operate and grow as separate entities but when government contract opportunities can leverage the strength of both companies, the JV of JAN TECH would be brought forward.

JAN TECH will specialize in offering best-in-class strategic communications solutions, virtual environments and engagement solutions, AV & IT, and facilities branding solutions for the DoD and Federal agencies. “JAN TECH is effectively a force multiplier by bringing together two proven and committed companies that have common and also different skills,” says Phil Bower, President, JAN TECH, who also serves as President of TGML and is a former U.S. Navy captain.

More recently, JANSON has brought to market a device-agnostic, customizable 3D virtual environment that allows for a feel-like-you’re-there, human-focused experience during remote meetings and interactions. This leading-edge tool makes for a much more seamless, engaging and productive virtual meeting, conference, training, briefing, or other event rather than the mind-numbing “heads in little boxes” experience of most remote solutions.

Janet Chihocky, Executive Vice President of JAN TECH, who also serves as the President and CEO of JANSON notes that “In addition to communications, outreach and facilities modernization opportunities, JAN TECH will be uniquely positioned to help with the growing trends in not only 3D virtual environments but also workspace upgrades, which are likely to be in big demand as employees are asked to physically return to work as the COVID pandemic begins to subside.”

“Leaders recognize that they are dealing with reticence on the part of employees to return to the office after a year of working remotely,” said Chihocky. She went on to say, “many of them recognize that the workforce has a different set of expectations today of the type of work environments they need to be as inspired and productive as possible.”

For more information on JAN TECH, please visit us at www.jantech-jv.com.

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