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The World's First Cryptocurrency (Co2Bitcoins) to benefit Climate Change Now Trading on Stex Exchange.

Last updated Tuesday, May 18, 2021 17:30 ET , Source: Co2Bitcoin

Co2Bitcoin is now available at the STEX Exchange, which is also licensed in the USA to support American traders!

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A decentralized group of innovators and visionaries focused on mitigating the causes and potentially cataclysmic effects of climate change have introduced a new financial instrument. A cryptocurrency, Co2Bitcoin (Co2B), will help Countries to finance local projects to combat global warming's negative effects on our environment and inhabitants. In order to do that, Co2Bitcoins have been used to acquire and protect over 100 million trees in the Brazilian Rainforest, bring energy to remote villages, and change the lives of those less fortunate.

The World's First Cryptocurrency (Co2Bitcoins) to benefit Climate Change Now Trading on Stex Exchange

Co2Bit has already signed partnerships with many countries across the globe. It has many advantages that point to its sustainable impact on the global environment:

  • It is the first cryptocurrency that has the formal support of many countries. The governments are the main crypto coin holders, giving the coins a more secure stature.
  • It has a comprehensive objective to protect the planet and its inhabitants through the financing of projects aimed at reducing the impacts of global warming in the near term and long term in a sustainable manner.
  • It will make it possible to create a more efficient and liquid voluntary carbon credit option, which will allow large emitters to come and buy Co2Bitcoins with its humanitarian focus on projects not just measurable in tons of Co2, in addition to carbon credits. This will have a stronger impact as they strive to maintain positive brand images.

The price of carbon credit certificates has steadily increased over the past 4 years. As many polluting actors are obliged (legally, or more often by market forces) to offset their carbon footprint. Co2Bitcoin could become a new financial instrument used by companies as a voluntary carbon credit. This Co2Bitcoin asset could, specifically, be mentioned in the environmental annual reports of companies to raise their ESG rating. This will ultimately result in this currency being used more and more, increasing its liquidity and utility.

The Co2Bit cryptocurrency, when injected into climate mitigation project financing, facilitates technological innovations in solar, wind, and hydroelectric power stations, new technologies for making steel and plastics, advancing agricultural yields, and other projects impacting deforestation and reforestation globally.

The Co2Bit currency will benefit from strong overlapping trends as significant interest from private and institutional players in cryptocurrencies are multiplying across the entire asset class.

In the words of Anatoly Karpov, International Statesman & Ten-Time World Chess Champion, " Co2Bitcoin is a real, practical step to try and solve the problem of Global Warming which disturbs the whole world."

Co2B coins are now available on the highly respected STEX Exchange (https://app.stex.com/en/trading/pair/USDC/CO2B/1D)

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