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Fuze Bug Reviews - Waste of Money or Legit FuzeBug Mosquito Repellent Lamp?

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Fuze Bug reviews 2021. Does the Fuze Bug mosquito device really work or scam customer complaints? Find out more here.

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Fuze Bug is an advanced mosquito zapper that works with the help of a purple LED light and an electric coil to help users get rid of bugs. According to the official website, Fuze Bug is portable which means that you can take it along even if you are going out for a trip.

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This can help you enjoy your day, whether you're indoors or outdoors, without having to swat away at mosquitoes. Another good feature of FuzeBug is that it is potentially safe for all users as it does not make use of any chemicals, cause any suffocation or spread any unpleasant smell. The killed bugs get collected in a tray at the bottom which can be easily taken out and cleaned.

If you live in an area that is surrounded by swarming mosquitoes, you might find it difficult to get anything accomplished. It may also be equally tough to get a good night’s sleep due to all mosquitoes constantly making a noise in your ears. You may think about using coils or bug sprays but these options are loaded with chemicals that can harm you and your kids, especially if used on a daily basis. Hence, it is necessary to rely on a solution that adopts a natural and safe approach to kill the bugs, and one such remedy is Fuze Bug.

If you would like to know more about this device, you can read this Fuze Bug review below which covers all that you need to know about the Fuze Bug repellent lamp.

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Fuze Bug Review

Mosquitoes are more than just annoying creatures that bother you by biting you and buzzing in your ears. These bugs can be outright dangerous as they carry diseases such as malaria, dengue, and more. Unfortunately, it's not that easy to get rid of them. You might be able to kill one on the spot but getting rid of a herd of them? You need help with that, and the Fuze Bug mosquito device can be one potential solution for it.

To get rid of these insects, there are several conventional ideas that you can try. For example, you can simply avoid creating a puddle of water in your house and shutting down all windows. However, it's quite difficult to always have all the gaps in your home sealed and the washroom ideally free of any water bodies. Therefore, the common man resorts to making use of mosquito-killing sprays.

However, don't forget that these chemical sprays are full of substances that are toxic which can harm any pets or children at your home. Not to mention, they give out a very unpleasant smell which can make breathing difficult. That being said, essential oils are getting the spotlight these days for killing mosquitoes. Are they a good idea though?

Not really because science shows that they are effective for only so long. After an hour or more of protection against mosquitoes, essential oils are completely useless apart from their soothing scent. Another product that is getting a lot of attention is a device which uses electricity to get rid of mosquitoes. These devices are safer and better than these traditional methods of mosquito-killing such as FuzeBug mosquito killer.

According to fuzebug.com, Fuze Bug mosquito zapper is a device that works by attracting mosquitoes toward itself using light. Then the device captures these bugs conveniently, only to trap and kill them. This means no more worrying about mosquitoes falling in your soup or popcorn bowl, no more itchy mosquito bites, and no more embarrassment when guests come over.

Fuze Bug mosquito killer is currently available for purchase online on its website, fuzebug.io. At present, the company is offering several discounts on it so visit the official page today to place an order before these offers expire.

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Fuze Bug Health Benefits

Compared to other ways of getting rid of mosquitoes, Fuze Bug can be a great option for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at some ways Fuze Bug mosquito device can be beneficial for your health as indicated by the official website:

    • It enables you to rest better at night

    Thanks to Fuze Bug, you are able to get rid of mosquitoes buzzing in your ears and enjoy a peaceful sleep. Otherwise, bugs can make it very difficult to let you sleep as they keep on biting and buzzing. This means you can wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and powered up, with zero fatigue and more energy.

    • It maintains proper sanitation

    Mosquitoes in your home are a sign that you are probably not cleaning your living space well enough. Even though this is not always the case, it is what people think when they arrive at your home only to find mosquitoes swarming around. With the Fuze Bug mosquito device, you can prevent mosquitoes from sitting on your skin, biting at you, landing on your food, and generally ruining the atmosphere.

    • It saves you from mosquito bites

    The bite of a mosquito can be awful. Sometimes it just causes itching which doesn't go away easily. Other times, however, it can be worse as mosquitoes can carry diseases. Therefore, a device such as FuzeBug repellent lamp can be of great value as it can protect you from harmful mosquitoes of all types that may otherwise cause yellow fever, dengue, malaria, and whatnot.

    • It doesn't use any chemicals

    Last but not the least, the Fuze Bug repellent lamp is likely to be good for your health since it doesn't use any chemicals to get the job done. In fact, it may leave no mosquito roaming around without even introducing a bad smell in the room. The company states that you can even use it in open spaces to get rid of mosquitoes. The device simply uses light and electricity and is expected to be completely safe for pets and children too.

    Keep in mind that the level of benefits that can be obtained from Fuze Bug may vary from one person to another.

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    How Does Fuze Bug Mosquito Device Really Work?

    As stated on the official website, the mechanism of the FuzeBug device is very simple. Mainly, it uses just two things - light and an electric coil. First of all, you must have noticed how mosquitoes are attracted to light. This is why they are found in a crowd around any lights in your home. Therefore, this device makes use of a light source as a trap to attract bugs toward itself.

    Once the mosquito gets close to the device, it gets captured and trapped in the electric coil. Then electricity is then used to kill the insect in a zap and its dead body is then collected in a tray at the bottom. To be specific, Fuze Bug makes use of a purple LED light that is 1000v in power. This light is able to cover a large area of 375 square feet, allowing the device to get rid of several mosquitoes at the same time.

    If you are wondering how to use this product, it is also pretty easy. You just have to charge the device before using it. This allows you to be free from attaching any plugs to the socket; meaning that Fuze Bug is also portable. The battery lasts for up to a day, 20 hours to be precise. After that, you can use the type C micro-USB charger that comes along with the product to power it up once again.

    Once the Fuze Bug repellent lamp is fully charged, it will let you know through its light indicator which will turn green. After this, you can turn it on through its switch. When you hear a click, this means the device is on. You can either hang the Fuze Bug or place it on a flat surface where you think the most bugs are. To clear a room of bugs, place it in the space for two hours.

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    fuze bug reviews

    Is Fuze Bug Legit? What Makes It Better?

    According to the official website, there are certain features of this device that may make it way better than the typical methods of mosquito killing. Take a look below to see what makes Fuze Bug mosquito zapper stand out:

    • Safe for everyone

    FuzeBug is likely safe for people in the surroundings, even for kids and pets. This is because the device does not use any toxic materials or even UV light which can be harmful. All it uses is electricity and even if you are still afraid that your children might touch the device accidentally, you can consider hanging it so that it gets away from the reach of minors and pets.

    • No smell

    Coils are great for killing mosquitoes but have a huge disadvantage in the form of smell they leave in a room. This smell can make the entire environment unpleasant and may even force some users to keep coughing throughout the night. On the contrary, Fuze Bug mosquito trap does not give off a weird smell that can make breathing difficult or can be suffocating. In fact, there is no distinguished smell coming out of this device at all which means that it cannot disturb you while it is working on killing mosquitoes.

    • Also for open spaces

    Chemical sprays cannot be used outdoors, and neither can essential oils. This is because their impact diffuses in the air. So if you are having a garden party or like spending most of your time outdoors, you can easily rely on Fuze Bug light to get rid of mosquitoes. The company has designed it in such a way that it can easily clear mosquitoes in an open space as well.

    • Lasts long

    Unlike in the conventional ways used to get rid of mosquitoes, you do not have to worry that the effect of FuzeBug may go away after a few hours. In fact, the device is expected to keep on working well until it runs out of battery. It is also durable as it comes with a shatter-resistant cover.

    • Kills in a zap

    Additionally, Fuze Bug is also great because it doesn't take any time to kill the bugs. In fact, as soon as a bug is captured, it gets killed in an instant making sure that it doesn't have any time to run away and breed even more mosquitoes.

    • Collects dead bugs

    If you use another product to get rid of mosquitoes, a spray or a coil will make the dead bodies of these mosquitoes fall to the ground or litter around other places in the area. However, in the case of the Fuze Bug mosquito zapper, the dead bodies of the bugs get collected in a tray at the bottom. This makes sure that there is none that can be found lying around in your house as that can be pretty disgusting.

    • One time purchase

    When you purchase a spray or coil, you know that you will have to purchase another one as soon as the product finishes. Fuze Bug mosquito killer, however, is a one-time purchase that is also very affordable. It is even available at a big discount and in bulk packages on its official website. Click here make your purchase today.

    Key Specifications of Fuze Bug Mosquito Zapper

    To let you know more about this product, below are some of the main specifications of this mosquito killing device as stated on the Fuze Bug website:

    • Adjustable LED light

    FuzeBug makes use of a purple LED light that has 10,000 hours of life and is 70 oz. This light is bright enough to attract mosquitoes easily. You can also change the light settings and keep the light at either 0%, 20%, 50%, and 100%, indicating that the light settings are adjustable.

    • Portability

    Fuze Bug mosquito killer comes with a long-lasting 2000 mAh battery life. You don't need to plug it in a socket to get it to work which means that it can be carried from one place or another easily and can also be used in open spaces where there is typically no socket available. Therefore, if you're going on a trip, Fuze Bug can accompany you to save you from mosquito bites.

    • Weatherproof

    You don't have to worry about any disturbance of function in the Fuze Bug mosquito device if you are sitting outdoors when it is raining or immensely hot. This is because the device is weather- and water-resistant. It can survive in different weather conditions and perform its job perfectly well.

    • Low maintenance

    Last but not least, the Fuze Bug repellent lamp is also low maintenance since you can easily clean its coil with the brush that comes along. Other than this, you just have to regularly take the shell out at the bottom of the device in which the dead bodies of mosquitoes are stored.

    fuze bug mosquito reviews

    Where To Buy Fuze Bug? Price, Discounts, and Refund Policy

    Purchasing Fuze Bug is convenient since the product is available online on getfuzebug.com. You just have to place your order and your chosen deal will be delivered to your doorstep. Currently, the device is being offered at a huge discount which means that you should make your move fast unless you want to buy it at the full price.

    Take a look at the different packages of this product available below:

    • Alpha deal

    A single unit of the Fuze Bug mosquito device is available at the price of $39.99.

    • Beta deal

    You can also go for the deal in which you get two units of the Fuze Bug light. In this deal, each is available for $37.99.

    • Gamma deal

    In a package of three units of this device, the price is further reduced to $35.99 for each unit.

    • Delta deal

    The fourth deal brings four units of this device, each at a price of $33.99.

    • Epsilon deal

    Lastly, in the fifth deal with five units of this device, each priced at $31.99.

    As you can see, up to 70% discount is currently being offered by the company for all customers. To place your order, you have to just go to the official website of the product, choose your package, enter your details, and that's it. To make a payment, you can either use your credit card or pay via PayPal.

    Delivery takes about 5 to 7 business days in the United States. You can also purchase an additional warranty for which you will be charged $21.60. Once you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email and your Fuze Bug unit will be shipped within 48 hours. You can also track your order through a link that will be given to you via email.

    The good news is that your purchase of Fuze Bug is backed by a solid money-back guarantee that goes on for 30 days. So, just in case you are not satisfied with the product, you always have the option to return it during this time. You can either return it for a refund or you can get an exchange.

    However, the need for that shouldn't arise since this product is quite popular with a 4.6 rating out of 5 as mentioned on the official website. What's more, there are several positive Fuze Bug customer reviews on the internet that mention how this product has been able to help them. These two things are proof that the product can be expected to work well and get rid of mosquitoes efficiently.

    Two things to know - other than its official website, you cannot purchase Fuze Bug anywhere else. Not even at a physical store or an online platform like Amazon. Consider every other platform selling it as a Fuze Bug scam and stay away from it. Secondly, if you are not sure about this product, it is advised that you purchase only one unit. However, if you have more family members who require the device at once, you may choose bigger deals.

    For any reason, if you have any questions or queries or want to start the refund process, you can get in touch with the FuzeBug customer support team. You can contact the customer service team either via email or via phone: +1 (866) 466-2390 or [email protected].

    Fuze Bug Reviews - Summing Up

    Fuze Bug can be considered as a potentially useful purchase for those who want to get rid of mosquitoes. The device works on capturing mosquitoes and getting rid of them using electricity and light. This way of getting rid of mosquitoes can be a lot better than the traditional ones since it is free of smell and chemicals and is fully safe. Moreover, the device is also rechargeable and portable which makes it worthwhile since it can also function well in open spaces.

    It can be said that this is a two-in-one device that functions as a torch as well as a mosquito killer. The positive reviews and affordable price of this product online is a combination that may not make you think twice before giving it a try.

    If you have tried everything and nothing has satisfied you with regard to getting rid of mosquitoes, Fuze Bug can definitely be a great purchase. For more information, visit the official website today.

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