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NeckRelax Review: Shocking Facts Revealed By Genesis Reviews

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Neck Relax is a neck massager, which can be placed around the neck and provides a so-called relief massage. This may result in pain relief. Check out what we found out about this device.

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Do You Suffer From Neck Pain?

We've all complained of neck pain at least once in our life. The lucky ones don't experience neck pain too often, but the rest of us... Neck pain is a huge nuisance that is here to stay.

According to practicalpainmanagement.com, Neck pain has an annual prevalence rate exceeding 30% among adults in the US; nearly 50% of individuals will continue to experience some degree of chronic neck pain or frequent occurrences. This basically means that a large number of people suffer every day from neck pain. It affects their sleeping, their driving, their work. It affects their everyday lives.

A lot of people resort to taking different questionable medications to deal with their aching neck pain; others visit chiropractors almost every week. Different people have different means of dealing with their neck pain, but one thing remains true, each of those various methods has its drawbacks ( some even lethal).

Resorting to medications to take care of your neck pain can work beautifully initially, but then there is the chance of getting dependent or addicted to your medication or, worse... overdosing on your pain medications. Chiropractor visits may seem harmless, but they are harmful to your wallet and finance. Calculate how much you spend a year on chiropractor visits, and you'll realize you've been spending a small fortune unknowingly. So what can you do about your neck pain? Well... there is a new product on the market, with a rather interesting name, it is called NeckRelax, and it's a product that claims to alleviate your neck pain problems at a fraction of the cost.

In this article, we will take a critical look at NeckRelax, and see what it is all about. We will go over its pros and cons, features, benefits, and much more.

After reading this article, you will be in a position to decide if you want to buy this product or not, but before we get started, let's look at the common causes of neck pain.

Causes of Neck Pain

We've seen just how widespread neck pain is, but why is this so? What exactly is the cause of neck pain. Neck pain can be caused by a myriad of factors. We've compiled a non-exhaustive list below. Which of these do you think might the cause of your neck pain.

According to mayoclinic.org:

Your neck is flexible and supports the weight of your head, so it can be vulnerable to injuries and conditions that cause pain and restrict motion. Neck pain causes include:

● Muscle strains. Overuse, such as too many hours hunched over your computer or smartphone, often triggers muscle strains. Even minor things, such as reading in bed or gritting your teeth, can strain neck muscles.

● Worn joints. Just like the other joints in your body, your neck joints tend to wear down with age. Osteoarthritis causes the cushions (cartilage) between your bones (vertebrae) to deteriorate. Your body then forms bone spurs that affect joint motion and cause pain.

● Nerve compression. Herniated disks or bone spurs in the vertebrae of your neck can press on the nerves branching out from the spinal cord.

● Injuries. Rear-end auto collisions often result in a whiplash injury, which occurs when the head is jerked backward and then forward, straining the soft tissues of the neck.

● Diseases. Certain diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis, or cancer, can cause neck pain.

How Can You Prevent Your Neck Pain

Most neck pain can be attributed to poor posture combined with wear and tear that occurs as we age. There are various tips you can use to prevent neck pain. Here are some of them;

● Use good posture. When standing and sitting, be sure your shoulders are in a straight line over your hips, and your ears are directly over your shoulders.

● Take frequent breaks. If you travel long distances or work long hours at your computer, get up, move around and stretch your neck and shoulders.

● Adjust your desk, chair, and computer so that the monitor is at eye level. Knees should be slightly lower than the hips. Use your chair's armrests.

● Avoid tucking the phone between your ear and shoulder when you talk. Use a headset or speakerphone instead.

● If you smoke, quit. Smoking can put you at a higher risk of developing neck pain.

● Avoid carrying heavy bags with straps over your shoulder. The weight can strain your neck.

● Sleep in a good position. Your head and neck should be aligned with your body. Use a small pillow under your neck. Try sleeping on your back with your thighs elevated on pillows, which will flatten your spinal muscles.

Though these nifty little tricks can help you deal with your neck pain, it might be a much better option to take a look at the neck relax device.

The retailers claim that with their device, you can enjoy faster neck pain relief without the need to build a new habit. Let's find out if the device holds up to scrutiny.

What is NeckRelax?

NeckRelax is a simple hands-free device that you wear around your neck, and it produces light vibrations that relax the entire neck area. Using thermal infrared technology and soothing magnetic therapy, the neckband lets off vibrations that are barely noticed, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working. In fact, these pulses work like a charm and can even start to make you feel better in as little as 10 minutes.

Best of all, NeckRelax is so easy to use that you can begin using it as soon as you get it out of the box. Just place it around your neck and forget about it. The device does all of the hard work for you, so all you have to do is sit back and relax. The pulses are just the right strength to be effective without hurting, enabling you to get just what you need for sore muscles and stiffness.

NeckRelax Specifications

NeckRelax is an advanced device that is both comfortable and effective, and if you’re curious about some of its specifications, here are just a few of them that you are certain to enjoy:

● It includes everything you need to get started immediately, including a connection cable, two gel massage pads, and two AAA batteries.

● It can run up to seven hours.

● It comes with a controller to manage the amount of heat you want.

● It comes with a convenient on/off switch.

● It comes with extra pads for those times when a neck and back massage sounds good. You can place the extra pad on your bag or arm or any place where you feel muscle stiffness and let the NeckRelax do its magic.

● It comes with ultrasound panels for quiet operation.

● The materials include eco-friendly and very durable plastic.

● You can choose one that has an LED display that is easy to read. This is a rather fancy but easy-to-use device with a convenient display that shows you what is going on with the device at all times and even a simple way to control the amount of heat and vibrations you get to enjoy.

Features of NeckRelax

NeckRelax comes with some pretty amazing features and benefits. Remember, it is designed specifically for neck pain, and, therefore, every part of the manufacturing process is geared toward that goal. In other words, every component of NeckRelax is there to help relax and ease those muscles in your neck and upper back area. Some of its most important features include:

● You can wear the device even while doing other things, such as housework, running errands, and so on. This is a huge plus for those of us trying to be productive. You can have your neck massaged while you work on your projects, play video games, or even when you exercise.

● It is super easy to operate. It doesn't take technical know-how to operate the neck relax. Its user interface is intuitive and straightforward. I can easily be used by anyone young or old.

● It is very affordable. Unlike other alternatives, the neck relax doesn't break the bank, and this is a loved feature of it. People don't want to have a pay a small fortune in order to deal with their back or neck pain. With Neckrelax as an option, you don't have to.

● It is durable and, therefore, you can count on enjoying it for many years to come.

● It provides instant relief from all types of cervical pain.

● It is lightweight, portable, and compact.

● It is very difficult to damage. It is made of tough plastic, which can definitely stand a beating. You'll be enjoying your NeckRelax for a while due to its durability.

● Once you use it, the pain stays away for a very long time.

● The company frequently offers sales and discounts to make it even less expensive.

This is not only a very efficient device that works but also one that can help relieve pain for a very long time.

How Does NeckRelax Work?

The best part of using NeckRelax is that it works without chemicals or harsh medications. This is an all-natural way to make your neck pain go away because instead of using salves or topical ingredients that may not work or may even be painful, the device uses light pulses that you barely feel to help your muscles feel much better. It comes with settings that you can adapt to certain situations, including a massage and a relax mode, as well as 16 different settings so that you can personalize the intensity level of the pulsing movements.

NeckRelax is also ergonomically designed and super comfortable, which means you can use it for long periods of time without it making you uncomfortable or even more sore.

This is a state-of-the-art massager that treats your neck with natural movements instead of chemicals, which in the end, are a lot more effective regardless of the ailment you’re trying to cure.

What Is So Special About NeckRelax?

When you consider all of the other products on the market to relieve neck and upper back pain, NeckRelax really does stand out. Part of the reason why is how easy it is to use. You don’t need to put anything together or purchase any other equipment, nor do you need any special tools to make sure it works properly. When you take it out of the packaging, you simply insert the batteries – which are included with the package – and turn it on. It really is that simple.

Even better, it is unlike pain creams and lotions that usually only work for a short period of time. The effects of NeckRelax lasts for a long time even after you take it off, and there is no yucky smell or the feeling of greasiness on your skin.

The NeckRelax device is comfortable and painless, not to mention easy and fast. Compared to any other pain-relief product on the market for neck and upper back pain, NeckRelax beats them all for these and many other reasons.

Why Choose NeckRelax Over Other Alternatives?

Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives to NeckRelax when you’re trying to get rid of neck pain.

You can get a massage, which is also a natural technique that works, but to keep your neck pain-free, you’d have to get massages on a regular basis. Since professional massages can cost $100 or more per session, this can get expensive very quickly.

On the other hand, you only pay for NeckRelax one time, and even though you’ll be using it regularly, you won’t be paying money each time, making this both an efficient and inexpensive way to help your neck and upper back feel much better.

You can also get injections of cortisone or other products through your doctor’s office, but this option is usually both expensive and painful.

Once again, NeckRelax is neither of those things, and it can also prevent you from having surgery in your neck area, which is what many doctors will recommend. It does this because it can actually make your neck muscles more supple, which causes them to experience fewer bouts of pain and stiffness in the future, eliminating the need for surgery altogether.

How to Use NeckRelax

Once you get your device, all you have to do is place the batteries in the compartment, put the device around your neck, and turn it on. It really is that simple, and you even get three modes to choose from:

● If you use the Infrared Heat option, it provides a deep, penetrating massage that goes all the way down to the muscle tissues. The massage part alone is good enough, but it also greatly improves your blood circulation, which goes a long way in relieving pain and stiffness.

● If you choose to use the electro-frequency stimulation massage mode, you can target specific muscles in your neck and upper back. These are electrode pads that come with the device and which you can place in any location where your muscles are extra-stiff and tight. They are used along with the device to provide the ultimate muscle relaxation and pain relief.

● You can also use the standard massage mode, which is a noninvasive massage mode that stimulates the tissues in your neck by using high-frequency vibrations. If you’re a sports lover but also experience regular muscle pain from working out or participating in sports, this is the mode you want.

As you can see, you can use NeckRelax in several ways, depending on your specific needs. Each option goes a long way in relieving your pain and providing just the amount of relief you need to feel better. In the next section, you'll see a video gotten from youtube that briefly goes over the NeckRelax device and how you can use it to alleviate your pain.

Pros and Cons of NeckRelax

With all products, but especially new products, there are going to be pros and cons to consider before you buy one. It’s the same with NeckRelax. Below are some of the pros and cons you should take a look at before you buy one for yourself.

Pros (Neckrelax Review)

● Compact and lightweight.

● Easy to assemble and easy to use.

● Is suitable for adults with all types of ailments.

● No power outlet is needed because it is operated by a battery.

● Provides instant relief from pain and soreness.

● Safe and easy to use.

● Very affordable for everyone.

Cons (Neck Relax Review)

● Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

● It can only be gotten online

● Some customers have complained of extended shipping times.

As far as the product’s effectiveness and the way it is built, we haven't come across any customer complaints. The majority of the complaints seem to stem from the price and shipping time.

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Who is the Seller of NeckRelax, And How Do I Contact Them?

The company behind NeckRelax is "Prestige Alliance Limited." All information needed about them can be found on their "contact - us" page.

Contact Details: NeckRelax 

By Email:

[email protected]

By Phone:

The United States & Canada TF: 855 378 9408


Prestige Alliance Limited 48 Bi-State Plaza #617 Old Tappan, NJ 07675

Who Is NeckRelax Best Suited for?

NeckRelax is not recommended for children, but if you’re an adult, it can do you a lot of good. Since it works without medication, there is no need to be concerned about it causing you any negative side effects.

It is perfect for senior citizens, people with mobility issues, people who constantly or frequently have neck or upper back pain, people who have high-stress jobs, sports lovers or exercise enthusiasts who sometimes overdo it and have muscle pain as a result, and even people who worry a lot and hold that stress in their neck.

Essentially, anyone who suffers from pain and stiffness even occasionally can benefit from using NeckRelax.

How Safe and Effective is NeckRelax?

NeckRelax is relatively safe because it uses pulses and heat to get rid of pain and stiffness. With rare exceptions, the device can be used by anyone who is in pain. It is a comfortable, efficient device that works quickly and naturally to gently massage the neck muscles so that they relax and become more supple. You get several modes and intensities to choose from, which means it will never be uncomfortable or painful to use, and you can use the device for a long time for its durability and reliability.

Customer Reviews of NeckRelax

No NeckRelax review is complete without including testimonials from some of the many real-life customers who have used this product. Ratings on websites are one thing, but reading what real customers have to say about the product means so much more. Here are just a handful of the comments made by customers of the NeckRelax device:

Teresa C., Houston, TX - "This thing is amazing. I haven’t felt this good in years. I’ve tried acupuncture and dry needling before, and they weren’t nearly as effective as this. I was worried it would be complicated to use, but honestly, there’s nothing to it. Just wrap it around your neck and turn it on. I carry around a second one in my purse and use it any time my back feels stiff."

Dylan B., Oklahoma City, OK - "It helps me relax after a long day at work. I’ve got a stressful job, and I’m usually pretty tense by the time I get home. I like using the patches on my lower back and then putting it on the highest settings. It’s intense, but I feel great afterward. The stress just melts away!"

Jake S., San Diego, CA - "The crick in my neck is finally gone! I used to wake up every morning with a sore neck, back, and shoulders, but since I started using this, all that pain and

Tension is gone. I stick it on first thing after work every day, and it feels like I’m getting a deep tissue massage."

Walter, Albuquerque, NM - "Due credit must be given to the manufacturers for developing a massage machine that actually works for providing instant relief from neck and upper back pains. I was having chronic neck pain for the past two years. I visited the physiotherapist regularly. The sessions were time-consuming and costly. Then my sister recommended NeckRelax. It has been a week, I am using NeckRelax daily, and I am having no pains whatsoever. Even my performance in the office has improved. Recommend it to all!"

Dylan B., Oklahoma City, OK - "It helps me relax after a long day at work. I’ve got a stressful job, and I’m usually pretty tense by the time I get home. I like using the patches on my lower back and then putting it on the highest settings. It’s intense, but I feel great afterward. The stress just melts away!"

Jennifer L. – Philadelphia - “Highly recommend this! I love how it just rests on your neck and keeps your hands free. I use it a lot while I’m at work, and I don’t even have to take a break from what I’m doing. I feel like my whole posture has improved since I got it!”

Heather P. – Charlotte - “It’s great for relieving stress! Every time I use it, my whole body relaxes as I’ve just had a massage. The patches are a really nice feature too, I use them to get at the knots in my lower back, and it works like a charm.”

Gary R. – New Orleans - “I strained my neck helping a buddy move, and NeckRelax really helped fix me up. Every time I used it, the pain just vanished, and I could feel all the muscles loosening up. It only took a couple of weeks before I was fully healed!”

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NeckRelax Price

Okay, so we’ve determined that NeckRelax is very inexpensive, but just how inexpensive is it?

Here, you can see for yourself what the NeckRelax device will cost you:

● One device for $157.99.

The price per device goes down significantly depending on how many of them you purchase. In addition, the company website offers a secure way to order as many of these devices as you like, and you can pay with either a credit or debit card or even through PayPal.

Update: The NeckRelax Is Currently on sale for a massive 50% discount. Find out more at the end of the post.

Where to Buy NeckRelax

For now, the NeckRelax device is not available on sites such as Amazon or in any brick-and-mortar stores, but only through the company’s official website, which is located at www.buyneckrelaxofficial.com. In the future, it is entirely possible that more stores will offer the device, but for right now, this is the only place you can buy it.

There is a cool advantage of buying from the official site, and that is their whopping 30-day guarantee.

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30-Day Guarantee Details (NeckRelax Review)

According to the retailers, The NeckRelax 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to request a full refund (less S&H) within 30 days of buying one of these products. Your 30 days will start on the date that the product ships to your home.

The company asks that the product be in good and like-new condition and have the original packaging.


If you have neck pain and feel like there’s no easy, effective solution, think again.

The NeckRelax device slips onto your neck with ease and uses light pulses and heat to get rid of pain, stiffness, and general soreness.

You can use the device anytime, anywhere, and after you slip it on, you can go about your business and concentrate on other things, thanks to the hands-free design of the device.

Better yet, the pulsing action does such a great job of stimulating your muscles that it can even provide you with all-over pain relief throughout your body.

The company that makes NeckRelax offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the product with little worry or commitment on your part.

Better still, the price of the device is so affordable that nearly anyone can buy one without breaking the bank.

You might be wondering, do I really need a Neckrelax? Is it something I need to invest in? Should I just stick to my usual pain medications?

Well, you could do that, but the drawbacks are numerous…

Risk of dependence on your drugs

Risk of overdosing

Recurring expense, the list goes on.

Some people have given up on a solution and accepted their chronic neck pain as a normal part of their everyday life.

Others are regular visitors at the chiropractor's office, spending hundreds of dollars each month only to get temporary relief.

You see, if you have no problem belonging to any one of the three groups described above, then you probably don't need a NeckRelax. What I mean is…

If you have no issue with regularly consuming questionable medications that may be dangerous to your health, then NeckRelax probably isn't for you.

If you have no issue with spending 100s of dollars every month visiting a chiropractor, then NeckRelax probably isn't for you.

If you have accepted that your chronic debilitating neck pain is now a part of your life and you want to do nothing about it, then NeckRelax probably isn't for you.

But…If, on the other hand, you are sick and tired of your neck or back pain.

If you want to give the product a shot and see if it will work for you.

If you want to take advantage of the 30-day risk-free guarantee and potential kiss goodbye to your annoying neck and back pain, then this device is exactly what you've been looking for.

If you are interested in purchasing a NeckRelax for yourself or a loved one, then click the link below.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: NeckRelax is currently on an ongoing promo where you can get the device for 50% OFF. That is just $79.99 (normally $157.98).

This is on a first come, first serve basis as there are limited supplies, so at the time of you reading this, the promo might already be over.

This ongoing discount plus the no-risk 30-day return policy means this product is probably flying off the shelves right now.

Click the button to check if this discount is still available, and hopefully, you’ll be able to take advantage of it before it ends.

Get Your NeckRelax Device at a 50% One Time Discount. Discount Expires Soon >>

Contact Details: NeckRelax

By Email:

[email protected]

By Phone:

The United States & Canada TF: 855 378 9408


Prestige Alliance Limited 48 Bi-State Plaza #617 Old Tappan, NJ 07675

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