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TvShare Max Review: Is This Product Any Good? By Genesis Reviews

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TvShare Max Review - Everything you need to know about this USB video casting device; specifications, pros and cons, pricing, etc.

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Smart TVs are expensive, and not everyone has them. If you don’t have a smart TV, then you obviously don’t have WiFi access to the TV to watch streaming videos. Neither can you cast videos on your TV from your mobile. As a result, you cannot enjoy watching streaming video shows on your TV.

A solution to this problem is to use a device that can help you cast videos from your mobile phone to your TV. This is a great device that can help you watch streaming videos on your TV with the video being cast from your mobile.

What is TvShare Max?

TvShare Max is a device that can convert your ordinary TV into a home theatre. It is a USB device that can cast videos from your mobile to your TV. You can open your favorite Netflix or HBO show on your mobile and cast it to your TV.

With TvShare Max, you can cast the screen of any device, whether a smartphone or a tablet, onto your TV. All that you need is an internet connection with Wi-Fi ability.

You can even cast your Zoom video conference meetings on your large-screen TV. With this facility, your kids can watch their online classes on the big screen rather than squinting their eyes to see the mobile screen.

Why use this device?

If you have a Smart TV, you can directly connect it to the internet. You can then open websites, stream videos, and do all that you do on a mobile or PC on your TV. This is highly convenient and allows you to enjoy the big screen experience while watching movies and shows.

If you don’t have a Smart TV, you cannot do this. Watching streaming video is no fun on a small mobile screen. To get the real experience of watching a streaming video, you need to watch it on the large screen on your TV set.

This is where a screencasting device like TvShare Max can be helpful. With this device, you can cast anything from any of your devices onto your TV set. You can watch full HD quality videos on the TV screen.

Features of TvShare Max

Clear pictures

The TvShare Max displays pictures that are crystal clear. This is ideal for watching streaming video from your mobile on the TV. The great quality of pictures is a great feature of this device.

Easy to set up and use

Generally, devices require a complicated setup that will leave many people scratching their heads. This is not the case with TvShare Max. You can set it up instantly. Use an HDMI cable can be used to make the connection.

All you need to do then is to connect the device through USB. Use your Wi-Fi to make it work. It’s that simple!

Stream videos instantly

Enjoy the experience of streaming videos on a large screen. Stream the videos of your choice, whether from Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Spotify, or any other streaming service provider.

Universal support

The TvShare Max can be used with any device, whether a PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Whether the operating system is iOS, Android, or Windows, you can use the screencast feature. There is no software to install.

Portable and lightweight

It is a portable product that can be carried in the pocket of your jeans. It is also lightweight, and you can take it where you go. You can connect it to the TV in hotel rooms and continue watching your favorite shows where you go.


Streaming devices are very expensive. But TvShare Max is priced less. The price is cost-effective, helping you save a lot of money.

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Product specifications

● 2.28 inches x 0.47 inches – compact dimensions.

● HDMI output.

● Supports Android 4.4+ and iOS 9+.

● H. 265 decoding.

● Wi-Fi supported.

● Available in multiple modes.

How does TvShare Max work?

The TvShare Max works on AV and HDMI output. It makes use of Wi-Fi internet connectivity to work. The device connects to the TV through the HDMI interface. The Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to connect the streaming content from your device to your TV.

You can connect it to a regular TV in your home or even to a car TV.

What makes TvShare Max so special?

The TvShare Max is a unique device that allows you to watch streaming show content on any TV. Even if you do not have a Smart TV, you can still watch streaming video on the large TV screen.

You do not need Wi-Fi connectivity for your TV. All that is required is a connection from your TV to the device by HDMI. You can then use Wi-Fi to connect from your mobile phone, tablet, or PC to the device. The ease of use is a special feature of this device.

There are many streaming devices in the market. The special feature of this device is the quality images you can get. You can get 1080 HD quality video views thanks to this device.

How to use the TvShare Max?

Using the TvShare Max is simple and easy. Here’s how you can use it:

Step 1: Connect the TvShare Max device to your TV using the HDMI port.

Step 2: Switch the Wi-Fi connection on and use it to connect with the TvShare Max device. This allows you to connect to the TV.

Step 3: Switch on the TV and connect to HDMI. Play the video or play the streaming video source on your device. The screen is cast to your TV. Sit back and enjoy the video.

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Pros and Cons of TvShare Max

The pros and cons of the TvShare Max listed below will help you get a better understanding of this product and its uses.


​ It is a highly user-friendly device, simple to set up and use.

​ It is compatible with any kind of TV and any kind of device.

​ The device is lightweight and portable.

​ It supports all operating systems.

​ It is highly cost-effective, helping you save money.

​ The picture quality is excellent.


​ Available for sale only online and not at shops.

​ Limited stock available.

Who is TvShare Max for?

TvShare Max is for anyone who wants to get the advantage of a Smart TV without owning one. It is for people who have an ordinary TV and watch to watch streaming videos without having Wi-Fi provision on the TV.

Tv Share Max is meant for people who do not want to spend a lot of money upgrading their TV or buying a new Smart TV. You need to spend less than $100 to get all the features of a smart TV. The device is for those who want to watch videos of high quality with a large-screen viewing experience.

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Who is TvShare Max not for?

This device is not needed if you already have a Smart TV. Tv Share Max is not for you if you don’t have a smartphone, tablet, or PC or have a very old TV with no HDMI output.

Customer Reviews of TvShare Max

“Recently, I stumbled across this device called TVShareMax. It is a tiny device that turns my TV into a smart one. I was just shocked to see the features and everything. This device is easy to connect, and I can watch anything from my mobile. I can make a great presentation by connecting this to the projector. So, I guess this gadget is really worth using or buying.” – Henry J Taylor, ‘Nerd Know Better Site.’

“Stumbled upon this earlier today after being messed around by another provider. Quick and easy installation, up and running within 10 minutes. Been using it for a few hours now and have experienced no issues with anything, seamless playback, full HD streaming. A lot better than the service I used before.” – TrustPilot customer review

How much does TvShare Max cost?

TvShare Max is priced at $118. However, it is being offered at a very attractive discount. It is offered right now with a 50% discount and free shipping to boot. The special price at which it is offered is $59. This offer is only available while stocks last.

If you want more than one device to use in your home and office, then you can get a better deal. You can even buy one and gift it to your family/friends. If you buy 2 pieces, the total value would be $89.

The best offer is when you buy 4 units of TvShare Max. It would cost $129. This makes the per-unit price at just $32, which is a great deal.

Where to buy TvShare Max?

TvShare Max is presently available only online. It is available for the website of the TvShare Max manufacturer. The device is not available through any dealers. Nor is it available in any shop or retail store. You can buy it from the manufacturer directly. This makes it convenient to buy.

Because you are buying directly from the manufacturer, you are getting a substantial discount on the product. So, buy directly from the manufacturer to get the original product at the best possible price. Don’t buy from any other source as you may be scammed.

What comes in the box?

When you place your order for the TvShare Max device, it is neatly packed and delivered by the manufacturer directly to your home.

The box contains the TvShare Max device. It also has a USB cable with it. An HDMI cable is available for connectivity to your TV. The box comes with a user manual that will tell you how to use the device.

30-day guarantee

When you buy online, there is always a worry if you will get a good quality product. To ensure you don’t have such doubts, the makers of TvShare Max offer a guarantee. This guarantee is valid for 30 days from the date you get the device after purchasing it.

This money-back guarantee is an assurance from the manufacturer of the quality of the device. The company guarantees that the product will work well. In case the product does not work, or you are not satisfied with the product, you can enforce the guarantee.

The manufacturer will exchange the old product and send you a new one. This is a guarantee that will help you go ahead and buy the product.


Now that you have read the entire article, you would have clearly understood all the features of this device. You would have understood the features of this device, its benefits, pros and cons, and its pricing.

You should have all the information you need to make a decision on whether you want the product or not. In case you still are not clear, then take a look at the questions below:

Are you someone who does not have a Smart TV but still wants to watch streaming videos?

Do you want to cast the screen of your mobile phone or tablet on the TV easily?

Are you someone who doesn’t want to bother about the technical details of connecting the TV to a device?

Do you want to avoid spending a lot of money to get a Smart TV?

If the answer to these questions is yes, you can consider buying this device.

The TvShare Max is a unique device that has a host of features. You can use this device to connect with your TV, even though it is not a Smart TV. The connectivity is simple and does not require any technical knowledge of devices or electronics.

Once connected, you can play videos on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC. The screen is cast onto your TV. You can sit down with your loved ones and enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies on the large TV screen.

The pricing is extremely competitive, and the ongoing discount only makes it better. This is a device you can definitely consider buying if you want to cast videos on your TV.

>>Get TVShare Max at a 50% one-time discount. Discount expires soon <<

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