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No-Effort Curves at the Local Cosmetic Center

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Professionals at MiracleFace MedSpa provide information about butt curve treatments.

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Curves are so trendy nowadays. Those gorgeous body contours and extra volume in all the right places are a satisfying reality for many individuals out there, but for some of us, they are nothing more than a dream. But this is where cosmetic treatments step in to turn that dream into a reality.

So what is keeping people from making the best of the nonsurgical butt lift treatment with Sculptra at their local cosmetic dermatology clinic? There is a relative lack of information that demonstrates sculptra injections before and after results. That’s why we are here now; to learn more about these treatments, how they work, and how they can benefit your self-image. Hopefully, after learning more about them, you will be interested in trying them out for yourself and finding all the benefits of these butt lifts.

With the helpful insight of the professionals at MiracleFace MedSpa, we were able to gather as much information on non surgical butt lift treatments to help you decide if either of them is right for you.

Sculptra Injections

The word “injection” pops up quite a lot in the world of cosmetic treatments. This is a very good thing, as injections are a great alternative to other kinds of procedures that involve incisions, cuts, and stitches. They are a lot easier to recover from and present fewer side effects. The Sculptra injections also fall into this category of convenient cosmetic treatments that make life a little easier.

Like the dermal fillers used for face lifting and volume restoration, the Sculptra compound is an injectable that is able to give the buttocks a more attractive, voluminous shape with few to no side effects. It requires a very short recovery time and is generally painless, thanks to numbing cream that is administered on the designated area of the injections. What makes this treatment even more satisfying are the amazing results it produces.

Many people are quite skeptical of what Sculptra is capable of and end up questioning the final results, thinking that all the feedback and the before and after photos are nothing more than a marketing ploy. But the results are quite real, and you can get them yourself by just trying out the treatment. It’s easy to dismiss any treatment as ineffective when you don’t know how it works. But there is a definite science behind the injections and the compound that is administered. There is no magic or photo editing involved. The results are a reality.

The Sculptra compound, similar to face dermal fillers, is created from hyaluronic acid, a springy chemical found in your joints. When this compound comes into contact with the moisture inside your body, it expands and creates. This is how you get the increased volume. Again, this same process happens in the face, and it is also applied to the buttocks. After the initial increase in volume, the compound is absorbed by the body, and the body replaces it with its own natural tissue, which acts as extra support to create a rounder, more voluminous buttocks.

Don’t worry after the initial volume fades; this is a completely natural part of the process, and you should expect this to happen. The new volume makes the butt look a lot bigger and rounder but in all the right ways. Many patients are worried that the results are not going to look authentic and they are going to have an unnaturally circular. But you should not be worried about this. The Sculptra compound is injected in such a manner that the compound lifts the buttocks in ways that make its shape and size look natural, corresponding to the rest of your body.

This is what makes the treatment so much more appealing over the other counterparts, which come with more side effects and need a longer recovery time, but end up creating an unnatural-looking posterior that does not match the rest of your form at all. Trust your cosmetic professional: they know all the nuances needed to create a more emphasized posterior that looks authentic and very attractive.

The Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL, is another amazing curve enhancement that is currently in demand in clinics all across the country. Many clinics have treated countless patients with this treatment and are very proud of the results they have created. The amazing aspect of the BBL procedure is that it is a treatment that works on two fronts, not just one.

Instead of injecting an entirely new compound into your body to create greater volume in the posterior area, the BBL utilizes the fat that is already in your body. The pockets of fat are extracted from areas where they are not welcome, such as the thighs and hips, and then reintroduced via special injections into the posterior. Once injected, the fat cells will create a greater volume in the posterior area, making the butt look visibly bigger.

Since the procedure makes use of your fat as opposed to completely alien compounds, the body has an easier time accepting the injections and does not impose as many side effects to protect itself. This means a shorter recovery time that is much easier to get through than many other curve-enhancing treatments out there.

Working with the fat allows for more versatility in the injections, and utilizing special techniques and nuanced methods, practitioners are able to create completely authentic emphasized posteriors without the entailing side effects and recovery. It is a fantastic treatment for anyone looking to emphasize their curves and also lose a bit of fat in the process. With the BBL, you are getting two treatments in one convenient package.

It is this kind of innovation that drives the beauty industry forward, and with every new cosmetic treatment that comes out, practitioners are able to create higher and higher standards of body enhancements. Why wait when your gorgeous curves are only a few injections away?

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