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Subme raises private round and aims disrupt the subscription market

Last updated Wednesday, June 2, 2021 15:10 ET , Source: Subme

Subme allows users to create their own offers for different subscriptions.

Gibraltar, Gibraltar, 06/02/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Subscription economy-centric project Subme raised it’s $600.000 private sale within days. The company has announced the creation of an app where physical products and services are equally subscribable.

The ever-growing subscription market

The global subscription e-commerce market growth was valued at US$ 13.23 billion already in 2018 and is still rapidly growing (even 100% a year in some countries). It seems subscription market is here to stay.

Subscriptions are a game-changer for both customers and businesses. For business they mean constant revenue streams which are also more predictable. Subscription also provides higher average customer lifetime value, and brand loyalty which is build over time. Consumers find subscriptions easier to manage and cheaper especially with more expensive products and services.

Ecosystem that wants to change the rules of the game

The goal of Subme is to change the way the way we think about subscriptions and how order physical products, services as well as saving up and donating to charities. In todays world managing many subscriptions from Spotify, HBO GO and Netflix is a hassle as they are not kept in one place and the products we are subscribed. Also, often companies make unsubscribing difficult to maintain their profits. An app where the can easily manage all the subscription at once would change that.

Other way that Subme wants to change the subscription market as we know today is to provide a way for customers to subscribe to real life products and services. One of the problems of todays world is lack of time, and being able to receive products on a recurring basis could help to save a lot of it.

Being crypto friendly

The first partnership of the project has been made with one of the biggest fiat to crypto exchanges in Europe - Bitcan, making future subscription purchases with crypto at Subme much easier and without KYC.

The other way Subme what to be present at the cryptocurrency market is Subme Cash (BEP-20). It’s a cashback token with users will receive when making a subscription at the platform (up to 3%). The value of the Subme Cash will be determined by the market, but 5% of Subme revenue will be used to buy back and burn the token.

Public Sale already launched

The heart of Subme economy is $SUB token, and the token sale Public Sale is already being conducted. It is done in the form of a Whitelisting lottery due to high demand. More information can be found at the Subme Cash website.

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