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What Patients Say About Botox

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Skinly Aesthetics asked patients for their opinion about Botox. Here are the answers.

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You hear a lot about Botox on the news, in popular culture, and especially in celebrity gossip. Whether it’s an A-list actor being spotted leaving a Botox clinic or a major public figure going through a botched treatment, Botox is everywhere. You hear that name, everyone, and it has actually become an umbrella term for all kinds of cosmetic treatments, even for ones that have nothing to do with the Botox compound.

But what you rarely hear is real-life accounts of Botox treatments and what people like you have to say about it. The treatment has become a staple in modern cosmetic clinics, and because NYC botox cost has become more attractive, the treatment itself is now one of the most in-demand by many clients, which is why with the help of Skinly Aesthetics, we spoke with some clients who were comfortable with sharing their experience with the treatment. We were very interested in hearing what they had to say about the compound and how it worked for them.

You would be surprised to hear about all the positive results the treatment has had on countless lives across the country. And hopefully, after reading what people like you have to say about it, you will listen to rumors and scandals involving Botox a lot less and see the compound from a more positive light.

At the request of the clients themselves, their identities will remain anonymous.

What initially scared you about the treatment, and were your fears justified now that you look back on your experience with Botox?

I have a huge fear of needles, as I would imagine many people like myself do. It is one of the most widespread phobias out there, so I was surprised to learn how many people like myself have gone through a procedure that literally injects you into the face and came out of the treatment completely unscathed. I will be honest: I was very nervous before the treatment and even found it a little hard to sleep the night before. But during the procedure, they applied this numbing gel which made my entire face numb. I couldn’t feel a thing other than a little tugging and the lightest sting. I closed my eyes, and before I knew it, the procedure was finished, and I was asked to stand up. My fears, I will say, were not justified at all. I even wanted to laugh at how easy it was, and I do plan on going in again.

How did you feel after the procedure was finished?

I got a little scared of the numbness. The surgeon told me that it is a completely natural part of the process to feel a little numbness, but I wasn’t really ready for it. So it was scary at first to have your face be numb, but I got used to it within the first day, and even now, it doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t notice it. There was a little itching in the injection areas, but I just used some skincare products to get rid of the sensation, and I was totally fine afterward. So, I will say that after the procedure, I had a very easy time recovering from the treatment, and now I feel absolutely amazing.

Did you see the results, and were you surprised by them?

At first, I did not notice a difference, and I will be brutally honest: I started to question whether or not the procedure worked. But after a couple of days, I started to see a small difference in how my wrinkles look. Like, I could still see that they were there, but they were much less visible and a lot less distracting in the mirror or in photos. Within the first week, I could see them very faintly. After almost a month, they were almost gone. Now, to be fair, the wrinkles are still there, but all they do is accentuate my face as opposed to being completely distracting.

We are very happy that you found the results that you were looking for. What made you try out Botox in the first place?

I never had a problem with my wrinkles. I always thought they made me look even more pretty than I was before. I always told myself that they were a sign of wisdom and experience. But there came the point where they just became distracting and annoying. Every photo had these long lines running across my forehead and these smile lines next to my mouth. Again, I don’t have a problem with wrinkles, but they just became too distracting. I tried out some creams, and other solutions that I was told would help to de-emphasize the wrinkles, but they didn’t help. I resorted to hiding the wrinkles with makeup, but then I noticed my skin felt heavier and uncomfortable with all the layers. I had heard about Botox before that, and a few of my friends tried it out and always recommended it to me too. So I gave in and went in for an appointment. And you know what: absolutely no regrets.

Since you had such a great experience with Botox, what can you recommend to people like yourself who are interested in trying it out?

It literally doesn’t hurt to try. They give you all the details on the treatment at the cosmetic center, the specialists are super helpful, and you always feel like you’re in safe hands. I was scared at first myself, but after my first treatment, I see that there really is nothing to be afraid of. So my recommendation would be to make the first step and simply ask a local practitioner about the details of Botox and how it works. They don’t sell the treatment to you like a salesperson; they tell you everything you need to know to come to a decision yourself. It’s all about asking that first question, and then it’s smooth sailing after that. Medspas in NYC are known to have some of the best providers in the world, and be sure to look for proper credentials too.

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