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Hourglass Fit Review: Is Hourglass Fit the Best Weight-Loss Secret for Women?

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Hourglass Fit Review - KSCS explains everything you need to know about this weight loss supplement.

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Weight loss is a struggle that many women face all over the world. It has a deep and lasting impact on how women navigate life and can often take some of their best years away from them.

Solutions to help women lose more weight are plentiful. The fitness industry is often the first to claim their method of shedding weight is the one true path.

Yet, despite what the narrow focus of the fitness industry might think, the reality is much more complex. There are a range of fantastic solutions out there to help women shed weight, and keep their curves and stay healthy for years to come.

Perhaps the most notable solution out there right now is Hourglass Fit, an all-natural dietary supplement that is taking the world by storm. This breakthrough supplement, backed by a unique formula, is helping women all over the world reach their weight goals.

Let’s explore everything you need to know about Hourglass Fit and how you can make the most of your weight-loss journey.

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Hourglass Fit – An Overview

Hourglass Fit is an all-natural dietary supplement created and manufactured by Roar Ambition Ltd. The supplement is designed as a 2-in-1 solution for women, targeting both metabolism levels and supplying a range of vital nutrients that improve weight loss.

The supplement does not market itself as a quick fix solution, and for a good reason. The creators behind Hourglass Fit believe in a steady and healthy progression towards weight loss and have developed a supplement to achieve exactly that.

Who Is Roar Ambition Ltd?

Roar Ambition Ltd is a superstar in the fitness supplement world. They develop one of the highest quality supplements for physical well-being on the market and are consistently the leaders in pushing what is possible for supplements.

The company is comprised of a range of nutrient, supplement, and fitness experts. All working together to deliver products that help people meet their fitness goals in a healthy and long-lasting fashion.

How Does Hourglass Fit Work?

Hourglass Fit works in a 2-in-1 fashion, focusing on two core reasons for weight gain.

The first is your resting metabolic rate. Quite simply, the rate at which you process calories throughout the day. Low metabolism is often the key underlying factor in weight loss struggles.

The second is appetite. Many of us don’t realize just how many calories we ingest when it comes to snacking, and by targeting our appetite, we can limit the number of calories we ingest on a daily basis.

Hourglass Fit focuses on both of these issues. By supplying the body with a range of nutrients that help to boost your metabolism, especially in your rested metabolic state. As well as introducing a range of ingredients that help to suppress your appetite.

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How to Make the Most from Hourglass Fit

Hourglass Fit doesn’t pretend to be a magical pill that will suddenly strip weight from your body. Instead, it is a supplement that promises to enhance your efforts for weight loss.

That means that the Hourglass Fit supplement is a three-stage program.

Stage One – Exercise

You don’t have to go overboard, but any level of exercise will help you with your weight loss efforts. Hourglass Fit will increase the calories you burn and make sure you’re always shedding weight when you work out.

Stage Two – Diet

Much akin to exercise, you don’t have to go all-out with your diet. But it is important to make efforts to eat healthy and limit your portion sizes. This will be made easier by Hourglass Fit’s range of appetite suppressing properties.

Stage Three – Hourglass Fit

Make sure to stick to the dosage regiment of Hourglass Fit and never fall behind. This ensures that you will always be supplied with the natural ingredients and compounds your body needs to shed weight.

Exploring the Formula Behind Hourglass Fit

The Hourglass Fit supplement uses a complex blend of natural ingredients, herbs, compounds, and extracts.

Let’s take a moment to break down exactly what is inside:


Bioperine is extracted from Piperine, also known as black pepper. It has a long history in medicine as it is known to provide a wide range of health benefits.

Bioperine provides the body with a range of thermogenic effects, which have a profound effect on the metabolic rate of the body. It helps to increase your resting metabolic rate and push the body to burn more energy as a result.

This will result in more calories being used throughout the day, even without exercise.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea extract is a powerful natural ingredient, and it’s no surprise to find it within Hourglass Fit.

It is high in a range of antioxidant properties, helps to improve your immune response, and even works to regulate blood flow around the body. Furthermore, it is a powerful source of natural energy.


Capsimax is well-known in the fitness world. This natural compound increases your metabolism, as well as working to suppress your appetite. This ingredient is one of the foundational ingredients inside Hourglass Fit.


Glucomannan is the key ingredient in the Hourglass Fit formula for appetite suppression. It is extremely dense in dietary fiber, which directly works to suppress snacking habits.

Furthermore, and quite interestingly, this ingredient helps to balance sex hormones in women. Hormone imbalance can often lead to overeating, depression, and weight gain. Making this effect incredibly helpful for women looking to slim down.


Guarana is quite famous these days, as this natural herbal extract is used in almost every energy drink on the market. It is an extremely powerful natural stimulant, significantly more powerful than sugar, without the added calorie cost that sugar comes with.

It is the foundation of Hourglass Fit’s supplied energy and helps you to stay on your toes and alert even after you’ve consumed far less calories throughout the day.

Guarana is also known to increase heart rate and metabolic rate in short bursts. Whilst not as effective as many of the other metabolism-boosting ingredients in the formula, it does provide a quick burn after you take the supplement.


Chromium is an interesting ingredient within the Hourglass Fit formula. It does not take a direct approach compared to all of the other ingredients inside the supplement.

Instead, it focused on insulin resistance. A hormone blockage that causes your body to store more fat than it normally would.

Chromium has been shown in trials to break down insulin resistance and restore healthy levels of insulin to your system. This will play a large role in your body’s shape as you lose weight, as well as what happens to the calories you do ingest once taking the supplement.

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Does Hourglass Fit Have Any Side-Effects?


Hourglass Fit uses an all-natural formula. The ingredients and compounds inside come with significant research behind their ingestion, and no side effects have ever been linked to their use.

The creators of Hourglass Fit stand behind its 100% guarantee of safety.

What Results Can I Expect from Hourglass Fit?

We all have different starting points when it comes to weight loss, as well as many other health factors that play into how our bodies shed weight.

This means your experience with Hourglass Fit will be slightly different to the next person.

With that being said, Roar Ambition does outline the results you can expect. After two weeks of consistent use, you’ll begin to notice a slight increase in your weekly weight loss. Coupled with this will be a change in your appetite.

After six to eight weeks of consistent use, these effects will be much stronger, and you’ll begin to see significant weekly weight improvements. As well as a much more suppressed appetite.

Whilst your appetite will be slightly suppressed, it does not mean you will feel sluggish. Many ingredients inside Hourglass Fit will supply you with a strong source of natural energy.

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Hourglass Fit - Dosage

To get the best results out of Hourglass Fit, it is recommended that you stick to the regiment laid out by Roar Ambition.

Take three capsules per day, evenly spread out throughout the day. Since it is always recommended to take the supplement with a meal to help with digestion, it is a good idea to take the supplement with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Hourglass Fit – Pricing and Return Policy

Let’s break down the Hourglass Fit pricing structure.

A one-month supply of Hourglass Fit will cost you $55.

    A two-month supply of Hourglass Fit will cost you $110.

    A four-month supply of Hourglass Fit will cost you $165 (One bottle free!)

      All orders of Hourglass Fit are protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Meaning if you’re not happy with the product, don’t hesitate to send it back!

      You can buy Hourglass Fit from its website here.

      Make Real Progress with Hourglass Fit Today!

      Make your fitness dreams come true with this breakthrough weight loss formula. The Hourglass Fit supplement is the gold standard for women looking to get their slim and gorgeous body back in a healthy and reliable fashion.

      Take a proactive step towards the change you want to see in your life with Hourglass Fit!

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