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CEAir’s French Stewardess Goes Viral, Telling the Stories behind Flights

Last updated Monday, June 7, 2021 16:25 ET , Source: Liu Jianhao

CEAir’s French Stewardess Goes Viral, Telling the Stories behind Flights

Shanghai, China, 06/07/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

China Eastern Airlines launched its "Connecting Hearts and Wonders" Open Day on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. With a French stewardess Lucine as their guide, netizens from around the world explored Shanghai and went on an exciting video trip to CEAir's headquarters, Technology Application R&D Center and MU PLAZA.

Through this open day event, netizens had the opportunity to see the operations of a real airline up close, learn the stories behind the flights and feel the vitality and innovation of China Eastern Airlines. The event also showcased the genuine and comprehensive image of China Eastern Airlines as a major airline in China and one of the top ten airlines in the world.

At its headquarters, China Eastern Airlines unveiled the secret treasures of its pilots. All pilots are equipped with electronic flight bags. Now, all data and information that once exceeded 10 kilograms are loaded into tablets, making them convenient, environmentally friendly and efficient. It is worth mentioning that China Eastern Airlines is the first airline in Asia to have fully electronic cockpits.

The Technology Application R&D Center is the hub of personnel training of China Eastern Airlines. The Corporate Culture Gallery inspires new staff to aspire to the blue sky through the history of development and the evolution of uniforms. The flight simulator and cabin simulation room help the staff improve their competence with rigorous training and simulation of various scenarios.

The event drew nearly 5 million netizens and the video received over 1.1 million views. The creative gameplay elements and the retro visual design of the poster were a hit. Lucine, the beautiful and gracious "tour guide", also garnered the attention of netizens, who commented that they wanted to ask her for tips on matching silk scarves.


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