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Best Cannabis Seed Banks: Top 5 Places To Buy Seeds Online

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If you're a cannabis lover, here is a review of the top 5 best Cannabis seed banks to try in 2021 by The BF Mag.

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If you're an experienced cannabis consumer, you've probably thought about growing your own marijuana plant at least once. While there are a lot of moving parts involved with growing cannabis, finding the best cannabis seeds online for your taste and growing situation is a special process of its own that requires you to find a quality seed bank.

But with all the options available, it can start to feel overwhelming sifting through all the different vendors.

So in this article, we'll talk about the 5 best cannabis seed banks, their pros, and cons, and give them a "best of" category so you can find a bank that most fits your specific needs.

At the end, we'll also discuss questions you might have and offer some tips on ordering seeds online!

Let's get started.

Top 5 Cannabis Seed Banks


2. Gorilla Seed Bank

3. Seed Supreme

4. MSNL Cannabis Seeds

5. Seedsman

1.) ILGM Marijuana Seeds - Best All-Around


● Community Focused with an active forum

● Great Educational Content

● Frequent Specials and Promotional Deals (Buy 10 Get 10 Free)

● Wide selection of products

● Discreet Packaging


● Website is a little cluttered at times, which might feel overwhelming to some visitors

● 25$ Delivery Tracking Fee

I Love Growing Marijuana has put a lot of love into its online cannabis seed bank. Solid promotional deals, extensive selection, and great educational content mark ILGM as a passionate and community-centered seed vendor.

Whether you're a beginner or expert grower, you'll find in-depth blog articles and growing guides for both indoor and outdoor settings, as well as an active chat forum with growing diaries as a staple sub-topic. Asking questions and reading over past threads is a solid way to learn from other growers. And seeing images of other growers' plants can be motivating, making IGLM's online forum a great feature.

ILGM includes detailed descriptions of their available strains and oftentimes short videos specific to that strain that highlight the plant's unique characteristics.

Although ILGM sets a model for cannabis seed banks, their high delivery tracking price ($25) is where they fall a little short. And, while all of their onsite content and information is invaluable for growing enthusiasts, the overall presentation of the site can feel slightly cluttered.

All in all, ILGM is a cannabis seed bank that stays true to its name--you definitely get the sense that the team behind this eCommerce storefront truly does love cannabis and that they want to share and inspire that passion in others.

2.) Gorilla Seed Bank - Most reliable


● Prides itself on "no-nonsense approach."

● Reliable Shipping

● Unique "Bomb" seed section

● Integrated search engine

● Good details on each strain


● Lack of Promotions

● Website's Host Connection

Gorilla Seed Bank offers visitors a unique customer experience as a bank that takes a lot of pride in being transparent with its customers. Emphasized throughout their website is their "no-nonsense" approach to seed vending.

Gorilla Seed Bank's "Bomb" seeds section boasts plants with a guaranteed 25% THC content complemented by high yields. And they offer a 100% returns offer on any incorrectly shipped seed.

You'll find that their website has a solid search engine integrated for finding specific strains, but at times, it was a little hard to connect consistently with in the U.S. Host errors were a little common when trying to load certain pages.

While appearing a little edgy at times, when you choose Gorilla Seed Bank as your choice of vendor, you immediately get the impression that they take cannabis seriously and want to provide a seamless service to the community.

A small drawback is that they don't seem to offer as many promotions as other banks on our list or quite as much variety. Still, cannabis growers will find high-quality seeds here.

At the time of this review, their website's "Seed wizard" feature did not seem to be working, but the feature does sound interesting!

3.) Seed Supreme - Best Web Experience


● Easy to Navigate Website

● Great Categorization of their Products

● Good Cannabis Content


● Smaller Collection of Seeds

● Very clean layout--a well-organized site with categories for medicinal symptoms included

○ Nice for people who want to learn more about cannabis and specific symptoms like anxiety, chronic pain, etc

● Provides a nice collection of the US states and their legalization status (it would be cool to see a collection of seeds from legal states on this page as well)

● Cool artwork for their seed strains

● Good content

Supreme Seed pairs good, educational content with a great web experience and high-quality brand seeds.

Their seeds are categorized by strains, seed banks and have a great index for medicinal consumers looking for plants for their specific conditions. For medicinal users, you can find a great variety of strains for chronic ailments and read detailed descriptions about how different cannabis strains can help alleviate symptoms.

Supreme Seed showcases a stylish aesthetic design on their personal branded seeds as well as featured products.

Something that differs about Supreme Seed is their dedicated section on legalization status in each state of the U.S. It would be cool to see them use this index to someday highlight unique genetics from each legalized state.

But, overall, Supreme Seed offers a lot of information to ensure consumer protection, as evident by their detailed FAQ section, as well as their Stealth Shipment page that includes pictures of how Supreme Seed ships their seeds.

You can also purchase seeds with Bitcoins and sign up for their loyalty program for exclusive offerings.

However, Supreme Seed's only drawback is a smaller overall product collection.

4.) MSNL Cannabis Seeds - Best Discreet Shipping


● Really affordable prices

● Website is very easy to navigate

● Quite Reliable with Stealth Shipping


● International shipping costs and time

With a guaranteed 90% germination rate and discreet Stealth Shipment of their seeds, MSNL is a reputable cannabis seed bank that emphasizes reliability, making it a solid choice of vendor for those concerned with ordering seeds online.

MSNL, based in the Netherlands, has a long history of serving the cannabis community (since 1999), and with their extensive collection of educational and lifestyle content, as well as their wide variety of strains, MSNL proves to be providing a quality service for cannabis growers of all experience levels to this day.

You'll even find a short "What Marijuana Strain are You?" quiz that recommends a good strain based on your grow setup, desired characteristics, and genetics.

We love to see that MSNL offers a lot of great value for beginners. Their seed packages have an accessible price-point entry, which makes buying seeds from their website an affordable experience for those who might be looking to try the hobby out without investing in high-priced seeds.

Each of their strains have detailed descriptions that are complemented by an effect chart, which is a graph that allows you to visualize each strain's specific terpenes to get a sense of its high. Which makes this is a great tool for new consumers and those growing medicinally.

While MSNL is a solid choice of a cannabis seed bank and a very strong second-place on our list, the vendor does suffer from international shipping costs and time for delivery. Although this is common for most products shipped internationally, it is something to keep in mind.

5.) Seedsman - Best for Unique Landrace Strains


● Diverse Variety

● You can order a single seed

● Solid Promotional Deals (3 for 2 Autoflower Sale)

● Good Categorization of Strains

● Great for experimenting or growing a bunch of different strains at once


● Customer Support

Did you know that Seedsman is known for being the first cannabis seed bank to sell auto-flower seeds? The seed bank boasts an 18-year span of being in business and claims to stock 1500 unique strains from seed banks all around the globe.

Seedsman offers a diverse selection of cannabis strain seeds and genetic brands. Hobbyists and experienced cannabis growers will have a plethora of opportunities for experimentation and learning. From a host of beginner-friendly auto-flowering seeds to landrace genetics, you can find a plant suitable for your experience level and budget.

They also have an impeccable categorization of their seeds, and it's a cool experience browsing through all the previous Cannabis Cup winners.

Seedsman's seeds go on sale quite often. A new popular discount being their "3 for 2" auto-flower promotion in which Seedsman gives customers 3 seed packs for the price of 2 on their top-selling brands like Barney's Farm, Seedsman, Fastbuds, and Dutch Passion.

Overall, Seedsman provides a very affordable price-point for the variety. You can find promotional discounts on your orders depending on their size, a loyalty program for repeat customers, and customizable payment options. You'll also find great content like interesting historical pieces over different cannabis strains and educational resources on cannabis growing.

Where Seedsman falls short, however, is their customer support. They are unable to answer telephone calls, so customers have to submit a ticket for support to resolve any order issue.

Buying seeds online

Purchasing cannabis seeds online involves a lot of consideration. First (and especially if you're a beginner grower), you may have concerns about cannabis seeds being delivered to your house. How are seeds shipped? Could the package be intercepted? Is it legal to order cannabis seeds online? While the last question will always depend on your country or state of residence, cannabis seed banks provide a lot of great information surrounding their shipment process. You'll find variation between each bank listed in our review, but most of them offer "stealth shipping."

Can you purchase cannabis seeds legally online if you live in the United States?

The answer to this question depends on the unique legal status of cannabis in your state. It is illegal to grow marijuana plants in a state where the substance is banned for medicinal and recreational uses.

However, even in certain states where cannabis is legal at some level, there are particular laws on growing that vary from state to state.

Your best course of action is to always read into your local laws to ensure you are putting yourself at risk legally.

What is "stealth shipping"?

Stealth shipping is a discrete way of packaging the cannabis seeds you order from a seed bank. Purchasing seeds online and having them delivered to your home can feel a little sketchy, even if it's legal to grow where you live. So seed banks may ship your seeds with random items like DVD cases, Birthday cards, or books in order to avoid detection.

Stealth shipping ensures that your seeds arrive at their destination untampered with as well as unnoticed. But it's important to keep in mind that stealth shipping sometimes costs extra from certain seed banks and that you shouldn't require someone to sign the package upon delivery so that way you aren't signing for cannabis seeds; just to be on the safe side.

Choosing the Best Cannabis Seed Bank

Deciding between cannabis seed banks oftentimes comes down to your personal preferences. Depending on what strain you could be looking for, what breeder you're interested in, and your price range is all important things to keep in mind.

Looking for seedbanks with great promotional deals can be a great way to learn how to grow a variety of cannabis plants since most seed bank promos offer free seeds when you place an order.

In the end, once you spend some time looking through each unique cannabis seed bank on our list, you'll find an option that is suited to your unique needs

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