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Adrian Bo Lists 3 Steps to Take Stock of Your Life

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Adrian Bo, a successful realtor, lists three steps to evaluate where you are currently and align yourself with your life goals.

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Throughout life, we often regret the things we could have done better. But it is mainly in the second half that we start taking stock of our lives. As per Adrian Bo, "Amidst the everyday hustle and bustle, we live life on autopilot. Instead, we should aim at living mindfully, making meaningful connections, and pruning elements that don't serve our purpose anymore." Adrian Bo adds, "it is crucial to take stock of how things are going, often! So, you can change what is in your control and create a life that you won't regret years later."

Taking stock of life also makes us grateful and better decision-makers. Adrian Bo lists three steps to evaluate where you are currently and align yourself with your life goals.

1. Assess Your Assets

Bo shares that starting on a positive note sets the right tone for this exercise. Start by jotting down the assets you have built so far. It could be materialistic assets like an apartment, cars, stocks, bonds, etc., as well as non-materialistic assets like great relationships, good health, work-life balance, and so on.

2. Know Your Liabilities

"Knowing your liabilities is crucial to know your net worth," states Adrian. List liabilities like debts, mounting credit card bills, mortgages, etc., to see where you need to cut down to limit your liabilities. On the other hand, evaluate tangible or intangible things that take a toll on your mental, physical, or financial health.

3. Set Realistic Goals

Once you've bucketed the assets and liabilities of your life, it's time to take a step back and analyze whether what you have in front of you is what you had planned five years before. If yes, great! If not, figure out the gap. "Try to gauge what went wrong in fulfilling those goals or visions you had set for yourself. Take this moment as a point to move forward with realistic goals," states Adrian Bo. "This 3-step approach can help you know where to focus, where to stress less, who to forgive, how to nurture self-care, and when to press the pause button."

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