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Introducing New Remote Online Notarization Service for all US Residents

Last updated Monday, June 21, 2021 12:32 ET , Source: Cyber Notarize, LLC

CyberNotarize.com Offers Simple, Secure, Quick and Convenient Services

Miami, FL , United States, 06/21/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

21st June 2021 – CyberNotarize.com is pleased to introduce a new remote online notarization service for all US residents. The firm uses highly secure software that allows qualified notaries to make the process fast and simple. Any kind of document can be notarized online including wills and trusts, settlement forms, financial papers, real estate, power of attorney, and more. The system can be accessed via laptop, tablet, smartphone, or desktop. Earlier the online notarization services were limited to the Florida Judicial system. And only those who could not travel to a particular place or those who wanted to save time, money, and effort would use this service. However, with the ongoing pandemic, it seems much more practical to avoid the crowd and get things done as smoothly as possible with the convenience of being at one’s own home or office.

Cyber Notarize, LLC
CyberNotarize.com Offers Simple, Secure, Quick and Convenient Services

After the enactment of a new law at the beginning of January 1, 2020, it is now legal in all 50 states for remote online notarization which is now the most practical, best, and efficient way to get the documents notarized with limited contact. There is a unique vetting process for each signer prior to the notarization. No other person other than the signer has to go through a series of questions to start the process. The state-of-the-art encryption and video recording allow complete privacy and security.

At this step, the signers have to go through Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) questions. They will be asked three to five questions related to their credit history. This process is timed and signers have to be careful while answering the questions. Some states allow only two attempts to answer the KBA questions and if the signer fails those attempts the session will end. Customers can now experience the online notary advantage from any part of the world. It is indeed convenient, however, Cyber Notarize doesn’t leave anything behind. All the tasks are handled with utmost diligence in what they call the highly personalized concierge notarization services to US residents.

An appointment has to be made first to initiate the process. Once it is made, one of the Remote Online Notary (RON), will be assigned who will advise of the next steps. There is a team that monitors all the notary requests to ensure that all of them are completed on time. The signers need to prepare for their online notarization by keeping all documents unsigned and ready in word or pdf format; ID for each signer; and details such as email, full name, and home address for each signer. The online notarization cost is upfront and reasonable with $25 for the first notarized document, $10.00 for each additional notarized document, and flat rates for multiple documents and businesses.

Click on https://www.cybernotarize.com/scheduling/#howitworks to know how it works in detail.

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Cyber Notarize, LLC is a new remote online notarization services (RON) provider serving US residents from any part of the world. Wills, trusts, settlement forms, power of attorney, real estate documents, financial papers, auto or yachting paperwork, and other documents that need to be notarized.


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