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A New Platform for Hand-Crafted Outdoor Gear - Traditional Precision

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Traditional Precision is a marketplace for online shopping focusing in outdoor products that are made by hand.

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Traditional Precision
Traditional Precision is a marketplace for online shopping focusing in outdoor products that are made by hand.

 Traditional Precision, an innovative company that focuses on hand-crafted outdoor gear and high-quality adventure products, announces the launching of a new platform that will connect the craftsmen to a larger audience of customers.

Have you ever tried selling online? You post your product, hoping to see it sell soon, only to discover that it’s hopelessly lost in a sea of items? If so, you are not alone. Whether it's just an unwanted couch or if you are the next aspiring entrepreneur trying to sell your hard work, many prospective sellers have experienced this.

For those who want to sell items meant for outdoor activities, you have a solution. New online marketplaces are starting to develop on the internet. These ‘platforms’ are becoming a preferred way of connecting buyers with sellers. One such is Traditional Precision.

Traditional Precision is a marketplace that provides sellers of outdoor and recreational products an online venue specific to them. For those that wish to sell such products, this may very well be a breath of fresh air.

Open yourself to a mountain view

One of the co-founders, Andrew Laughbon, explains. “All I wanted to do was find handmade axes, outdoor clothing, and other recreational products. However, a simple search on the current handcrafted-product marketplaces left me swamped with everything but the items I was trying to find. The thought suddenly occurred to me: why can’t there be a man-cave version of this kind of marketplace?”

That notion has grown from thought to action. The company’s purpose is to give a platform to sellers to reach out to buyers of the more rugged handcrafted products. Their online platform is meant to clear the view for both of them. Traditional Precision wants to make that a mountain view.

Towards a natural technology or Old school goes online

Traditional Precision’s ethos is in the name. The word “traditional” reflects that the products are crafted by human ingenuity. The word “precision” reflects the quality of the work. It's not just a name, it is a slogan.

Buyers are now able to use this new marketplace to easily find the gear they need. Traditional Precision stands out by letting sellers connect to buyers who are searching for their custom-built adventure gear. This is like the brick-and-mortar department store that focuses on outdoor and recreational equipment. However, those stores buy bulk products that were built by mass assembly. Now, through this online marketplace, small sellers/makers can get their products in front of the target audience.

Leveraging technology to respond to the needs of buyers, small marketplaces are providing a needed platform for those left behind by the bigger online outlets. Being more nimble and clever they impact the larger world as they drive market evolution. Users of these platforms enjoy the intimacy, intrigue, and enterprise offered by the change of scenery.

What is the difference between the traditional “linear” business model and the “platform” model?

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Platforms are quickly proving to be a powerful business model. According to peterfisk.com, “Seven of the world’s ten most valuable companies are platform businesses.” Peter Fisk says that “30% of global economic activity is predicted to be mediated by platforms in 10 years’ time.” In fact, “60% of the ‘Unicorn’ billion-dollar start-ups are platform businesses.” One well-known platform is Etsy and it experienced a growth in its sales by seventy-one percent in 2020.

The main difference between a linear business and a platform is that a platform business creates value, not by selling directly to consumers, but by facilitating exchanges between two or more independent groups..

Harley Kay webster, from From applicoinc.com explains “The key difference between platforms and most traditional business models is that platforms are multi-sided. By definition, they cater to multiple user groups. Platforms create value by bringing these people and businesses together and enabling them to exchange value.”

Why the outdoor niche?

A platform business can be created around any niche of product types. The owners of Traditional Precision have a great passion for the outdoors and its many occupations. Between a lifetime’s worth of camping and personal hunting trips and while working with the youth in the outdoors, Andrew has cultivated a passion for nature and all its lessons, he says:

“Mother nature has a really direct way of making problems personal for outdoor junkies. Using hand-crafted gear to overcome her obstacles always adds a personal touch to the solution. You're being helped directly by the maker. It will always take some kind of teamwork to overcome nature's problems.” “

Traditional Precision co-founder Cleve Horrocks also adds. “ You can use Clickfunnels and all the ads in the world. However, it will always come down to the trust of the end-user. What they want is a quality product at the best price. That puts a tool into their hand. That's what we want to do here at traditional precision: not only create but add proof of concept to every piece of gear we host and display.”

About Andrew Laughbon

If one idea was used to describe Andrew it would be the outdoors. Andrew has spent his life in the outdoors and it is part of all he does. It is his passion.

Andrew has a talent for making bows and tying flies and is also a natural-born entrepreneur. Creating a space for people who love adventure and craft tools and gear for it was the logical next step. Along with his business partner, Andrew established Traditional Precision in order to create an online marketplace dedicated to outdoor gear.

Andrew also devotes much of his time to his family and uses nature to teach and guide them. He hopes that Traditional Precision will bring people closer together. He says, “Using hand-crafted gear for the outdoors makes one realize that the specific craftsman you got your gear from is helping you to succeed in your adventure.”

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