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Growing Dental Tourism Expected to Create Novel Opportunities with Pros and Cons

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Dental tourism is one of the fastest-growing fields of medical tourism.

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Dental tourism is one of the fastest-growing fields of medical tourism. It is a term commonly used to refer to when individuals travel away from their home city or country to seek dental treatment in another city or country. In Europe alone, Portugal, to be specific, the dental tourism field experiences significant growth annually.

One primary reason people seek dental care in other countries is to avoid joining the long waiting list of patients in their respective countries. It's also a good idea when the home country lacks the medical infrastructure for some complicated dental procedures. In some cases, citizens from countries with expensive healthcare may be willing to visit countries with more affordable treatment options for their dental care.

Pros of Dental Tourism

  • Exploring New Places

One significant advantage of having your dental procedures done in a foreign country is that it allows you to experience a new culture and still take good care of your dental health. You have two experiences for the cost of one.

  • It is Cost-effective for Americans

Dental care in a country like Portugal is usually cost-effective, so it saves you a whole lot of money compared to America or the United Kingdom. If you get a good deal, you will still save money after factoring in the travel expenses.

  • You, Will, Enjoy Priority Treatment

In your local city, your doctor usually schedules many pretreatment routines for you and delays your treatment. This is because dental care is usually not seen as a priority and is pushed back until there isn't congestion on their schedule. In foreign countries, the procedure for tourist patients is usually fast-tracked for obvious reasons.

Cons of Dental Tourism

  • High Risk of Post Implant Infection

Sometimes, dental implants get infected by bacteria during the procedure or even before. The bacteria gets into the gum and may not manifest until you are back in your home country. It is remediable but would end up costing you more because the original implant would first be removed then the affected area would be treated before you can be cleared to get another implant.

  • Standard Cannot be Guaranteed.

When searching for a lower cost of treatment, it comes with the risk of lowering the standard of treatment you get. The standard that comes with paying more would have to be foregone for lower prices sometimes. Make sure you research thoroughly before you choose a clinic or package for your dental tourism.

  • Traveling Risk

Traveling to a foreign country has never been more dangerous than it currently is. In a bid to get dental treatment in a foreign country, you might end up catching a disease unique to the country you visit. Worst-case scenario, you might end up with the COVID-19 infection.

There are several factors you need to consider ahead of your dental tourism. It indeed comes with a few disadvantages, but you can mitigate these advantages by choosing a reliable clinic with an excellent track record. If your target country is Portugal, the services provided by Vita Center Clinics might be just what you need.

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