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 SIDAI 's new product - "SIDAI Fullerene Sanitary Napkin" has been launched

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In May 2021, SIDAI launched a new product - "SIDAI Fullerene Sanitary Napkin".

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In May 2021, SIDAI launched a new product - "SIDAI Fullerene Sanitary Napkin". Its raw materials use a combination of fullerene and graphene dual function chips to easily deodorize and inhibit bacteria. This is SIDAI's over-the-top breakthrough in the private parts care industry. Girls do not need to be anxious about the surging amount during their periods. Imported SAP absorbent beads can instantly absorb the water. No need to worry about any harm, the authoritative testing certification proves its 0 additive, 0 fluorescent agent, 0 fluffy pulp.  "SIDAI Fullerene sanitary napkins" adhere to the concept of skin care and skin care, to give menstruating women a full range of care, is a true conscience for female consumers.

SIDAI Fullerene Sanitary Napkin

In order to help more women stay away from sub-health, the Bianxi Group has been adhering to the vision of "building a leading brand in women's health management" and has traveled around the world to study and exchange women's health technology. It has reached a five-year strategic cross-border cooperation with Japan Sakurai Health Research Co., Ltd. After years of joint research and testing with Japan Sakurai Health Research Co., Ltd, Bianxi Group successfully launched SIDAI in 2019, the first SGS-certified high-end brand for women's private parts care in the country, aiming to promote the continuous development of women's health.

SIDAI has mature research and development technology, advanced domestic production capacity. Under the joint research with Japan Sakurai Health Research Co., Ltd, it has successfully developed a series of high-end products for private parts care by using the top extraction technology, which is rich in antioxidant ingredient fullerene, so as to really let women's inner beauty stay in the most delicate state. This initiative has successfully filled the blank field of "anti-aging" in the private parts care industry.

SIDAI's positioning is private beauty, and its idea comes from "butterfly loves flower". If you bloom, butterflies will come, "the flower of private parts blooms beautifully" is the brand attitude of SIDAI. Different from the traditional concept of private parts care, SIDAI, a Sino-Japanese multinational joint venture brand focusing on Asian women's private parts care and health, insists on revitalizing and rejuvenating from the inside out, making private parts healthy and beautiful naturally.

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