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Craig Goodliffe Helps Small Businesses, One Cyberbacker at a Time

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Craig Goodliffe, the founder of Cyberbacker, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

Beverly Hills, California, USA , 06/25/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Craig began his entrepreneurship journey in real estate, where he understood that there's no crash course to success. As he succeeded in real estate, he coached other business owners to go ahead and be successful.

Listen to the full interview of Craig Goodliffe with Adam Torres on Mission Matters Business Podcast.

However, he started seeing some gaps - "Sometimes they weren't able to support their clients because they just didn't have enough help. I had people asking what my secrets were and how I was doing it and that was kind of what brought me to where I'm now," shares Craig. "I still coach entrepreneurs and business owners today to go ahead and help them be better at everything from expense management, profit loss, hiring great people, and a lot of different things. That's what has brought me to where we are today, talking about Cyberbacker."

How Cyberbacker Started?

“When you look at how many business owners run, they don't have these big budgets to go out and hire expensive people. So I went ahead and helped a few people find their assistants, and it just happened," recollects Craig, while talking about Cyberbacker. Cyberbacker started signing in 2018; in these three years, Cyberbacker has partnered with well over 1,000 companies. Cyberbacker provides top-notch administrative services from anywhere and anyone globally and focuses majorly on small businesses where the business owners can't afford to hire admin staff.

How Cyberbacker Serves Small Businesses?

"Every business has different needs, that's why at Cyberbacker, we understand them first," shares Craig. Cyberbacker offers a free business evaluation at cyberbacker.com. "This is one of the reasons we broke into franchising. I had people approaching me saying this would be great for construction, mortgages, or cleaning companies. When you're going after a big goal that can change the world, you're going to need a lot of help."

Cyberbacker takes care of all the legal documentation and offers you trained professionals suitable for your requirements. "We do a quick, deep dive on our client's business to know their challenges, and how do we know when we found the right person? We take the job description and start interviewing candidates till we find the best ones that we think can do the job. Our goal is to partner with businesses to create opportunities, we've got a lot of different ways to go ahead and help you find more people to work with and scale your growth," shares Craig as he walks us through the processes of Cyberbacker.

Cyberbacker Franchise Opportunities

The Cyberbacker Franchise Opportunity is open to any industry where they can make it work. If you're interested, you can reach out to the Cyberbacker Team. Since March, Cyberbacker has multiple franchise owners, so the opportunities are endless as Cyberbacker plans to open 24 franchisees by the end of the year.

"15,000 cyberbackers and 5 million in profit sharing is the goal right now. We're working to create a business that's going to outlive me and hopefully put an end to poverty. That's a big goal which will take a lot of effort. Once we go ahead and we solve some bigger problems in the world, I think we'll be done, but you've got two problems right now, you're understaffed and running a small business. You need people who are talented and in need of a job to give back to their community and putting them together naturally makes sense," Craig talks about his plans.


Cyberbacker is the leading provider of world-class administrative support services from anyone in the world to anywhere in the world. The team serves businesses of all sizes - you can follow them on LinkedIn here .

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