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Save Guard Review - SmartGo Save Guard Device Mobile Medical Alert System How Does It Help To Senior Citizens?

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SmartGo Save Guard Reviews, SmartGo Medical Alert Device Emergency Monitory Service. Instantly Connected, Hands-Free To A Trained EMT That Will Assist You Until Help Arrives.

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SmartGo Device Save Guard Review.

The Save Guard mobile medical alert system ensures your safety no matter where you go as long as you take the device with you. Their emergency alarm systems use the state of the art technology to make sure you get the best experience possible. For example, if you have anxiety or severe panic attacks, you can call them and talk to them. They are professionally trained so they can help you with anything. They are known to be "the best listener at times of emergencies" and are also regarded for their best crisis management and support.

But, how does their service compare with Safeguard? Let's start with the SmartGo Medical alert device from Save Guard. It is a smart alarm device and extremely helpful for senior citizens. It offers full-scale medical assistance, including geofencing, so that you get emergency support anywhere in the USA. In addition, the functionalities of the Smart Go Mobile Medical device can be predetermined or automated. With old age, you will be facing many serious health issues. That's why this free medical alarm device from Save Guard is a must-have device for old folks. Visit The Official Website Of Save Guard To Learn More (Free Device Available)>>

Overview On Save Guard

So, what is Save Guard? Here's a brief overview. Save Guard is the home to trusted US brands providing emergency medical services and safeguard devices as SmartGo SOS pendant that you can carry around. And suppose you are having health issues or need immediate medical attention, then just with one push of the Save Guard's button.

In that case, your distress call will reach out to a nearby medical emergency team without ever needing a smartphone. Paramedics will rush to your location and provide you the intensive medical care you need. In short, they provide the best possible way to safeguard your loved ones, children, and even your loving pets.

Save Guard utilizes 4G GPS. So, it will show your location to the paramedics or your pre-selected family members or friends. It has two-way voice communication technology. It sends a distress signal to the paramedics near you and your predetermined neighbors, family members, and friends. Save Guard can be connected to your home security system, so if there is a break-in, it will call 911.

About the Save Guard Mobile Medical Alarm System

Save Guard provides you with the best protection when you are alone at home or just about anywhere. Specially senior folks who are living alone need the protection of the Save Guard mobile alert system. Knowing your old mother or father has a Save Guard device will help you sleep peacefully at night. The SmartGo mobile alarm system from Save Guard is a mini portable medical alert system that allows you to send distress signals to nearby hospitals, paramedics, or family members. It is a life-saving device that offers 24/7 protection from a certified U.S based monitoring center. You can avoid near-death situations just by pressing the safeguard button.

The GPS medical alert and safeguard device from Save Guard allows you to move freely without worrying about if someone will come to save you if something goes wrong. Save Guard has your back. It can be worn around the neck or the wrist. You can even wear it while swimming because it is waterproof. If you have a heart attack, panic attack, or any complications, it doesn't even have to be health-related issues - Save Guard will instantly send out a distress signal. Even if your house is caught on fire or it detects a gas leak. Save Guard will safeguard you from any danger coming at you.

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How Save Guard Works

When the user is facing an emergency, they need to push the button installed on the Save Guard pendant. After the button is pressed, the communication process begins. The device locates the nearest hospitals and paramedics team by sending distress signals to their radio and GPS track installed in the Save Guard medical alert system.

Now you may wonder if Save Guard is the same as Safeguard? Here's what you need to know regarding their main differences. Save Guard USA provides medical kits and first responder services. What's different about them is that they are providing free GPS medical alert devices that allow US citizens to contact directly with trained EMTs and get reliable monitoring 24/7.

For example, you can get your free medical alert device if you are a USA citizen and fill-up the form from here as required. Contrary to this, Safeguard Medical provides the kits and tools to hospitals and paramedics. Safeguard provides its services to Medical corporations and giants. On the other hand, the Save Guard team provides their services and emergency medical devices to general USA citizens.

The Save Guard GPS Mobile Medical Alert Technology

Save Guard uses advanced technology, but it is super simple. Unlike other health alert systems, it was intended to be simple so old folks can use it without breaking a sweat. They will get full-time support even when they are sleeping. It has 4G installed. Hence, it can cover a wider area with ease—no network drop-off.

Save Guard mobile alert system offers the best alert device on the market, and that even for free. Of course, the device is free, but you have to pay for the monthly monitoring service, which is cost-effective compared to other emergency monitoring services.

That means you can get complete protection at home and on the move 24/7. It is incredibly lightweight, so very easy to carry around. You can even go for a swim while carrying it because it is waterproof. Not only it protects you, but it also protects everyone in the house from fire, water leak, and burglars.

How To Use Save Guard for safeguarding yourself and your family members

Save Guard provides you the medical assistants of EMT specialists from all over the United States. When you press the button, the operator notifies the medical team of your condition and location. You will get super-fast medical aid by using Save Guard. In addition, you can use the two-way communication system installed in this device to get any help from professionals any time you want.

SmartGo is best suitable when necessary to safeguard vulnerable adults. After you press the panic button, it will take roughly 20-30 seconds for a Save Guard specialist to respond to your call. If you need further assistance, they will contact the EMT specialists for you. The GPS on your Save Guard device will allow them to lock on to your location.

When you pre-select family members or friends, Save Guard will call them when you press the button. It is as simple as that. No matter what you are doing or where you are, all you need to do is press that button. And help will come your way at a super-fast pace.

The Benefits Of Save Guard

The Save Guard mobile medical alert system has a lot of benefits and innovative safeguard features. What's more, they provide the best emergency alert device in the market. Plus, access to the free mobile alarm device, the SmartGo medical alert for seniors. We will know exactly why in this part of the Save Guard review.

  • It is lightweight and easy to carry
  • You can get medical help and safeguard yourself just by pressing a button
  • Being small in size, it is easily portable
  • It can be worn around the neck or wrist
  • You can wear it outside anywhere you go
  • People of any age can use it. Especially children and old people
  • It is simple to use and very user friendly
  • Extremely helpful for people who are suffering from dementia
  • It has 4G GPS navigation to safeguard
  • It provides 24/7 medical support
  • It has a two-way communication system
  • Save Guard team responds to the distress call within 25-30 seconds after pressing the button

You won't find a better medical emergency alarm system than Save Guard. What safeguards are in place to protect the system? The Save Guard team ensures 24/7 protection from their center. You can count on them even to deal with home intruders late at night. You will just need to put the Safeguard SOS button on the SmartGO pendant, and they will take action to call 911 immediately.

When you subscribe to the Save Guard monthly medical monitoring system, you provide essential information such as your nearest relative's address, your neighbor's contact information, and the closest person to get in touch with. If you have a sick parent or a vulnerable adult at home, then take action today because Save Guard is giving a free mobile medical alert GPS device trial offer to safeguard your loved ones during this pandemic!

The SmartGo Med alert pendant is extremely simple to use, so older adults have absolutely no trouble when safeguard is needed the most. They will have an expert medical team from nearby hospitals on standby if any health complication occurs. In addition, they can alert you on your cell phone with Save Guard if they need something.

You don't even have to worry about the range signal of Save Guard. It uses advanced 4G networking, allowing you to signal for help and get safeguard assistance during emergencies from anywhere in the United States.

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Save Guard Compared To Other Safeguards

Save Guard medical alert system is a small portable device that sends distress calls to your emergency contacts or medical support team any time of the day. It doesn't matter wherever you sent the signal; EMT specialists will find you because Save Guard has a tracker installed.

Other than sending distress calls or getting medical advice or assistance, this device has some other features as well, like giving you the latest weather forecast, keeping track of your health, and certain essential features. And on top of that, it has a help button that allows you to get medical help and the help of authorities whenever you need it.

Yeah, devices like a smartwatch can provide you with weather forecasts and GPS trackers or whatnot, but it doesn't give you a help button for instant medical aid. So Save Guard will always stay on top of other devices because it can provide professional medical aid instantly at any given location, even dead at night.

It has GPS navigation and a tracker. So even if you get lost in a forest, you can find your way out of there, or you can simply press the SmartGo button, and local authorities will come to find you and safeguard you because Save Guard also works as a tracker.

The device is pretty small in length, only 3 inches in size. So you can carry it anywhere you want - while going for a jog in the park, to the gym, or going shopping in the mall, even when you go for a swim because it is water-resistant. You won't find a versatile device like Save Guard anywhere in the market.

Pros & Cons Of The Mobile Medical Alert Device from Save Guard

Save Guard's quality is unmatched. You can find a lot of similar products like Save Guard with the same features, but the reason why Save Guard stands out from the rest of them is because of its 24/7 medical assistance, reliable monitoring, and their gesture of providing free medical alert devices to US citizens.

Most old folks don't even know most of these devices' functionalities, let alone use them for their benefit. Moreover, most of the products out there are of bad quality and don't work properly. And these are difficult to operate. That is why senior citizens love the Save Guard health alert system so much. All you have to do is just push one button.


  • Has GPS tracking
  • Has a fall detection system
  • It can be replaced by the manufacturers instantly if there are any issues with the device
  • EMT and paramedics are linked with Save Guard
  • 24/7 medical support
  • No setup needed
  • Very lightweight, easy to carry
  • The help button is simple to use
  • It is waterproof
  • Free access to the device


  • It only comes in two colors. Black and white.

How to Get The Save Guard Mobile Alert Device

SmartGo medical alert device is being shipped out for absolutely no cost. Yes, that's right, Save Guard is running a special promo offer for SmartGo, their mobile alert device. Usually, you can get a mobile alert system for $198. Now you can get a SmartGo without any cost. The only cost is the monthly monitoring price which is $44.00. Save Guard is giving this special offer so every older adult and woman can be safe in this pandemic and so that you get the peace of mind of 24/7 safeguard and protection. For Free Device You can check out the SmartGo offer at Save Guard's official website.

The Save Guard Customer Reviews

Save Guard has over 200,000 satisfied customers. Save Guard has been reviewed.

By many users. Save Guard reviews and testimonials tell you how good Save Guard is. People from different walks of life have used and shared their experiences on many forums and blogs and Save Guard's official website. The same device is being used by teenage girls and 80-year-old senior citizens.

Save Guard is for everyone. The versatility of this device is incredible. Now let's take a look at some of the experiences shared by the users of Save Guard and how it helped them live a safer and stress-free life.

  • "I was looking for an alert system for my 70 year old father. He has heart issues and on top of that dementia. But most of the devices I found online or in shopping malls are way too complex to operate even for me let alone my dad. Then after doing a bit of digging I found the Save Guard's mobile alert system and the part that caught my attention was how you can get instant medical aid with a push of a simple button. That's exactly what I was looking for. It also hasGPS a tracker and 4G network coverage so I always knew where my dad was going. Finally I stopped worrying knowing that Save Guard is providing 24/7 service and protection for my dad, So I was able to focus on my work." Mike, Mississippi, The United States.
  • "So I got Save Guard alert system for the whole family. The SmartGo mobile alert pendant is very small and light. So we can take the SmartGo anywhere with us. It also seems to have good area coverage. We went for a picnic just a little further deep inside a local forest. When my husband started to have chest pain we immediately called for a medical team and we got a response within 30 seconds. We've listed all of our friends and neighbors to be notified via Save Guard in case there is an emergency. My mother has serious health issues so she has to carry it everywhere even in the shower. Fortunately, the Save Guard is water-resistant. It can even call 911 emergency in case of a house fire or break in. I have tried other devices before using Save Guard and none of those can offer this much features and protection and it's so user-friendly that my mother can use it without needing our assistant." Julia, Texas, The United States.

Save Guard Alert System Reviews - Final Words

Save Guard is the number one medical alert system available. It is way more versatile than every single alert device with shabby and unusable pointless features. You can get instant medical support with a press of a button. It has a two-way audio communication system that allows you to get in touch with medical experts if you are having any issues. If it's serious, they will send a paramedic team to your location immediately. It has 4G network coverage and an advanced GPS. 4G allows it to get coverage countrywide. And it's pretty tiny so that you can carry it around your neck. Wrist or wherever you may go. You can push the help button and talk with the Save Guard support team within a few seconds. You can talk to them about any problem you might be having.

The bottom line?- Save Guard offers the best-in-class emergency support system you need at the moment! Although the SmartGo medical alert pendant is for free, you get smart safeguard features and the correct type of emergency support you need at the moment. The Save Guard team acts as your guardian to safeguard and protect you 24/7, whether about med support or immediate assistance from your local 911 station. You will not find another provider that can offer you such emergency coverage and instant medical support with just a push of a button.

FAQs About Save Guard Mobile Medical Alert System

  • How Does Save Guard Work?

When you press the help button, you will be connected to the Save Guard support team. They will call your local EMT responder to provide you immediate assistance. The Save Guard support team will stay on the line until help arrives at your doorstep. Then, they will guide you, support you, and, if needed, they'll call 911 emergency or paramedics for you.

  • How to Get your Medical alert device for free?

You can get your free SmartGo medical alert device directly from the Save Guard USA website. You just have to fill-up the form from the website, and they will send the GPS tracking smart SOS pendant to you.

  • What If I Fail To Press The Button?

Save Guard has a fall detection system. So if you are having seizures or if you fainted, then the Save Guard support team will detect it and notify the nearest EMT team and your listed friends and family members.

  • Who will respond to My Call?

After pressing the help button, you will be connected to the Save Guard support team. If you need serious medical attention, they will call the nearest EMT specialists, and they will stay on the line until they have arrived at your location.

  • How Long Does It Take For The Save Guard Team To Respond After I Press The Button?

It will take up to 25-30 seconds for the Save Guard support team to get in touch with you.

  • Will the medical alert device work Outside?

Yes, SmartGo utilizes a 4G GPS tracking system. It will work anywhere in the United States.

  • Is Save Guard Water Resistant?

Yes, the SmartGo mobile medical alarm pendant is water-resistant.

  • What If I Press The Button Accidentally?

After you've pressed the help button, the Save Guard support team will respond to your call. If you tell them that you've pressed the button by mistake, then no actions will be taken.

  • How Will The Emergency Medical Team Get Inside Of My House?

Save Guard provides 24/7 protection from the certified U.S based monitoring center. You will be given a security vault by Save Guard. You can keep an extra key to your house in that vault, locked by a security code that you will set up. So in case of an emergency, if you are unable to open the door, the Save Guard support team will provide the security code to the paramedics so they can retrieve the key from the vault and get inside of your house to give you medical support.

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  • What are the Save Guard Customer Care Contact Details?

Save Guard Alert customer support Phone: +1 888-401-0386 and email: [email protected]

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