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311: Finding Your Why - Creating Intentional Content as a Creative Outlet with Katie Olsen

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Blogging as a creative outlet, balancing a blog with a full-time job, and creating intentional content with Katie Olsen from Katiebird Bakes.


Welcome to episode 311 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Katie Olsen.

Finding Your Why

Katie is a full-time attorney and food blogger, and she’s here on the podcast today to talk about her blogging journey and philosophy when it comes to sharing content online.

She talks about how starting a blog is inherently vulnerable, why she likes balancing both her blog and her full-time job, and how she has shifted her content strategy over the years.

As her blog Katiebird Bakes has grown over time, Katie has found a sense of purpose and enjoyment in blogging as a creative outlet, and you’ll learn more about her mindset in this episode.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • Why she initially felt nervous to launch her blog
  • How she deals with negative comments on her blog
  • Why she enjoys having both her blog and a full-time job
  • Why she’s really picky about the kind of content she posts online
  • How to adjust to the ever-changing environment of social media
  • How to not fall into the comparison trap as a content creator
  • What kinds of recipes she shares on her blog
  • Why it’s so important to remember your ‘why’
  • How leaning into her niche helped her find success
  • What metrics she used to track her blog’s growth along the way
  • What philosophy she follows when planning future content


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