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Marc Menowitz Explains How Flexibility Results in Productivity

Last updated Thursday, July 8, 2021 17:50 ET , Source: Venture369, Inc.

Marc Menowitz believes that keeping employees happy through flexibility can result in a successful business.

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The pandemic changed the way the world works. While some essential businesses required employees to work in person every day, several industries were able to go virtual. Homes became offices as millions of people adapted to working remotely. While this was an added stress to some, especially those with children, it turned out to be a benefit for others.

Marc Menowitz knows that flexibility is important for employees, and this can include working remotely. Thanks to the nature of his/her company, this is an option. Even those whose job is primarily focused in the office can choose to work remotely at least one day a week. As everyone has a different style of working, flexibility and autonomy are a formula for productivity.

By letting employees choose not just where but how they work, Marc Menowitz has noticed that employees are not just getting more done, but the quality of their work is consistently improving. Instead of becoming disengaged, their engagement is visibly increasing. This freedom makes team members feel valued and trusted. It is also an effective defense against burnout as flexibility can boost morale.

A successful business is built upon talented employees, and Marc Menowitz understands the importance of keeping those employees happy. If letting them work from home even a few days of week maintains this, and it is a viable option for both parties, the request is granted. Satisfied employees tend to exceed what is asked of them as they have a strong sense of loyalty and devotion to their workplace. This translates directly to their work performance, which benefits employers, employees, and the company.

Customers and clients can identify satisfied employees as they usually offer great customer service and job results. In turn, this strengthens a company’s brand. Finally, flexibility can reduce or even eliminate workplace stress. An employer needs to make sure their remote team holds up their end of the bargain, but offering options is a great way of ensuring this happens.

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