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MCbot conducted interviews with MINTMARK trading analysts

Last updated Thursday, July 15, 2021 10:45 ET , Source: MINTMARK

The MINTMARK quantitative contract trading system jointly developed by the MINTMARK’s and the Google’s technical teams.

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MINTMARK analyst Dean introduced the working principle of MCbot in depth in the conversation on July 9

MINTMARK was established in October 2019. Compared to BC, it is a young company. It needs to learn from BC in many places. For more than a year, MINTMARK has also grown rapidly with everyone’s support. Thanks for Friends from all walks of life who have given us support since, as well as the most important users who trust us, believe that it will bring more stable, safer and higher benefits.

The MINTMARK quantitative contract trading system jointly developed by the MINTMARK’s and the Google’s technical teams. This system launched is to greatly increase profitability by big data, monitoring strategies all the time, entry timing, position management, risk control, inspection strategies, and algorithm models.

The MCbot system is the first step for MINTMARK to marketing. it realizes the combination of AI robot + trader strategy.

Realize the combination of AI robot + trader strategy, so that users who do not understand finance can achieve fully intelligent wealth accumulation through the MCbot system.

Increase multiple guarantees to transaction safety through protecting the security of users' assets, automatic tracking system and automatic position opening and closing system.

At the same time, MINTMARK analysts also revealed that because of the comprehensive cooperation of BC funds, MCbot has been comprehensively strengthened.It is not only the amount of data, but also the research and analysis of multi-market and multi-field. Make MCbot revenue more stable.

MINTMARK will definitely become synonymous with higher-level and larger-scale quantitative funds, copying the Simmons miracle, and bringing new growth points to global quantitative investment.

Through this interview, the reporter also deeply felt the corporate culture of MINTMARK, as well as the sense of mission and the power of faith of every employee

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