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International Household Shipping - Expectations vs Reality

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If you thought you had household shipping all figured, we are here to tell you things might not go as planned. We would be looking at some expectations that we have developed towards household shipping and the reality that hits us. Our expectations for household shipping could be that we have packed all that we need, moving will be right on schedule, everything will work in and around our budget without any disruption, and so much more. Often the reality is somehow opposite to what we have in mind. That is, we might forget essential items, spend more than we thought we would, and take a longer time to settle in; planning and organization solve half of your household shipping problems.


Almost everyone has high expectations when it comes to decluttering. It looks simple but requires a lot of effort. About 90% of household items would like to be disposed of, given out, or even sold. But in reality, you can leave out only 20% of household items in the shipping process. Proper decluttering has the potential to reduce costs in the loading and unloading process. In household shipping, the weight of your goods or possessions adds an extra charge. You can start the decluttering process by;

● Setting a timeline and goal- Everything has to start with first planning, no matter great the decluttering work may seem for you. Knowing the time to start and end will ensure this process runs smoothly.

● Create a sorting system- A sorting system will help put your possessions into different categories. These categories can be labeled as "keep", "Do away with," etc.; this will make identifying your items to be ready for shipping much more effortless.

● Do away with the unwanted items.


In international household shipping, you probably think shipping all by yourself is relatively cheaper than using a professional moving company. The reality is that it is less stressful and cost-effective to use third-party logistics. When household shipping with fewer possessions at a short distance, it is best to do it independently. But, in cases where you have to ship goods across borders, making professional help is the best. Movers have the tools and expertise to handle shipping or moving household goods very efficiently and effectively. They can fit your belongings properly into one truck when they take care of the handling and packaging.

Financial Budget

The expectation is that everything we have planned must work within the budget allocated. The reality here is that you might exceed the proposed budget. No matter how many times you've gone over your budget, there will be unexpected costs that might occur with household shipping, leading to a complete disruption of the budgetary plans. In situations like truck or freight shipping, your possessions get involved in an accident or get stolen.

Settling In

Expectation will be that you will unpack and settle the same day you arrive at your destination, but It will probably take days or weeks to get used to your new environment. Expect to have some anxiety, be homesick and even question your decision to move in the first place. Settling in to start to feel your new home takes generally takes four to six months and might even take up to a year. There would be even cases where you would not open certain boxes because you might not need them anytime soon.,


Naturally organized people have the belief that carefully planning every step is the key. In reality, things may not go according to plan. When planning an international move from Los Angeles or any other place, the time frame and every necessary critical activity that may have to occur might get delayed or appear before the scheduled plan. It is best to develop a moving plan two months before shipping for ample time to put everything in order.

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