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IQDAX Announces the Launch of Client Support Center to Assist Traders and Investors

Last updated Wednesday, July 21, 2021 01:35 ET , Source: IQDAX

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Sydney, AU, Australia, 07/21/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

IQDAX, one of the most versatile trading platforms for retail traders, has recently announced the integration of client support center to help traders and investors make an informed decision relating to their investments on the platform. The company also starts a dedicated blog to regularly publish articles about industry-relevant topics and keep clients informed of current events, important changes and trends.

IQDAX is one of those rare digital exchanges that unite multiple asset classes on a single platform, including forex, stocks, CFDs, and popular digital assets. Traders can easily enter buy and sell orders for popular cross-asset derivatives contracts within a fraction of second. The company boasts a robust order matching engine powered by a strong technical team that makes it so smooth for even large cross-exchange market orders to be filled instantly.

Owing to its superfast transaction capability and a trader-friendly intuitive interface, IQDAX has recently achieved the feat of generating transactions worth over 10 million Euros as their daily trade volume. For a company, which is just five months old, it’s indeed a great start.

IQDAX Launches Client Support Center

IQDAX continues to remain one of the traders’ most preferred trading platforms and digital exchanges. The company’s management team continuously announces various innovations and improvements to the platform and is already drawing a lot of customers’ attention and admiration every month enabling clients to enjoy margin trading of both the real-world assets like stocks or currencies and various digital assets like cryptocoins, all under one roof.

“IQDAX is a new player in the digital asset trading arena, but the team of our outstanding professionals and tech experts are working brilliantly round the clock. To further support our valued clients, we are integrating the Client Support Center and Knowledge Base into the platform, and to help the beginner trader understand the nitty-gritty of stocks, forex and cryptocurrencies we are launching a dedicated trading blog. All that we want is to offer outstanding services to our customers all the time,” said Sofia Rubio, Business Development Consultant for IQDAX.

Adding further, she stated, “We are hopeful that our Support Center will help the traders get the right guidance and advice on time. We also aim to minimise the amount of misinformation on margin trading that is available across other sites. We prioritise traders’ interests but at the same time it is also necessary to remove the investor’s fear of making investments in cryptocurrencies and digital assets.”

IQDAX has a huge pool of both new and experienced traders. By posting relevant blogs and articles, IQDAX will effectively educate existing clients and encourage prospective traders to start using the platform at an advanced level much faster.

By starting a blog, IQDAX aims to reach out to as many people as possible. Even people without any technical and financial knowledge will also be able to start trading in no time using the tips and advice that the IQDAX Support Center provides.


IQDAX is a leading digital asset exchange and trading platform founded by a team of financial industry professionals and technology experts with a common vision: to provide retail traders of all levels of experience with a truly integrated multi-asset trading environment and empower them to take advantage of the limitless opportunities throughout the world's major financial markets.

The platform provides a simple user interface for trading multiple assets classes. Both beginners and expert traders can take advantage of the same favorable trading conditions. The launch of its dedicated blog and knowledge resource center is likely to help traders and investors even more while making an informed decision regarding their investment.

IQDAX does not charge any commissions to its clients and offers tight spreads that enables traders to maximize their earnings. The spreads offered by the platform are among the best in the industry, starting from 0 pips, making it easier for traders to realize profits.

Get yourself a trading account with IQDAX within just 2 minutes. Once you become an IQDAX’s client, you will get €100 credited to your account and will also become eligible to earn up to €7,000 as a welcome bonus after your first transactions on IQDAX.

Visit the platform at https://www.iqdax.com/

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