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Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC Review : Certain Doubts

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Arctic Air Pure Chill AC Reviews: Feature, usage, and everything you need to know.

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You may be wondering how we’ve found ourselves already in this new season and weather change. It's already summer! There’s no white and chilling snow around us anymore. People are no longer wrapped up in thick suits and cover-clothings, with hand gloves and boots to shield the cold. The excitement of getting warmth naturally is filling the air.

But as the heat increase, the need for cool air everywhere around us will also rise. The air conditioner and cooling system in our buildings will start working extra harder. What’s more? From the reports of some Weather Services, this summer will be extremely hot. This means the need for coldness will increase.

Unfortunately, the consistent use of the traditional AC will increase your electricity consumption. All these will invariably amount to alarming power bills and, of course, a deep cut into your earning.

But there’s a silver lining. We’ve found a great cooling product that will not only comfort you from the heat of the summer but also put a smile on your pocket. Arctic Air Pure Chill is that product for you.

Through this review, we’ll take on the unique features and benefits of this portable AC.

What is Arctic Air Pure Chill?

Just like the name goes, Arctic Air Pure Chill is a cooling device that offers extra comfort from the heat of the weather. It works just like the conventional air conditioner. But, its power consumption is very minimal, and the output is great. It’s portable and lightweight and can be moved anywhere you desire conveniently. So, the use of this device has no limitation on place or space.

Arctic Air Pure Chill is trending and has gained more popularity as lots of people understand its functionality. This portable AC operates basically in three dimensions to create that fantastic experience for you. It works as a regular fan. When you don’t need a coldness from the AC, this the option of just getting the fanning effect from this device.

As a humidifier, Arctic Air Pure Chill keeps you comfortable within dry spaces. Also, like an air filter, the device filters the air around you, giving your fresh and cool air always.

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How Does Arctic Air Pure Chill Work?

The Arctic Air AC relies on evaporation technology to produce both fanning and cooling air. It captures warm air from its surroundings and passes it through the water-soaked curtain. During this process, the heat molecules and the water molecules will interact to produce cooler air users enjoy. Since the device has an in-built fan, it'll push moist and cool air to its surroundings.

But for users to enjoy the device's optimal performance, it's best to use it in areas where fresh air flows. Using the Arctic Air portable AC in an office environment where fresh air doesn't enter may not be a good idea. In such an environment, air doesn't flow in and out easily, and as such, the moisture from the device may cause molds to form on your belongings.

Features of Arctic Air Pure Chill

  • Easy setup and use

The setup for this portable AC is very easy and simple. You’ll charge the device by plugging it into any electrical power outlet. It has a water tank that you must fill with water to get the cold air from it. Also, you will need to soak the water curtains. The overall maintenance for the portable AC is simple and needs no complexity in handling.

  • Cooling or Fanning option

When using the device, you have the option to use the fanning option only or even the cooling option only. Once you choose the fanning option, the device will function as a traditional electric fan. It won’t make the environment too cold for comfort. But during the hottest days, you must use the cooling option. With that, you can enjoy more coldness around you.

  • Low Noise

Arctic Air Pure Chill gives extremely low noise when functioning. Even the regular fan option has no disturbing noise of any sort. That's why the device is ideal while studying, working, resting, and sleeping. So you should worry about getting distracting or buzzing sounds. If you still desire more information concerning the sound, contact customer service. You'll get the sound measurement correctly in decibels.

  • Lightweight and Compact

The device has lightweight, weighing less than 2 pounds. It's also very compact. This accounts for its portability. You can easily move it anywhere you desire without stress. Many people love it because they can even travel with it. The device can fit into your bags without taking unnecessary space. Moreover, you can even take it to work or during your private studies in the school.

  • Works as a Humidifier

Arctic Air Pure Chill is a humidifier. If you are faced with stuffed sinuses and dry air, the device is a great help. Its humidifying feature will keep you comfortable and ease your breathing process. You don’t have to breathe in bad air nor spend money on medications later.

  • Adjustable fan speeds and louver

There are three adjustable fan or cooling speeds in the device. It has low, medium, and high fan speed options. You can always choose an option that you're comfortable with at any time. But don't forget that the higher the speed, the faster the draining of its battery. So, we will recommend choosing the low speed when you need the fan for extended hours. But when you need that quick and instant coldness, go for the high or medium.

With the adjustable louvers cooling options, it's always easy to control the direction and level of cooling. You can set your comfort limit of cooling as you desire.

  • Cordless operation

One of the efficient features of this portable device is that it operates without cords. Once you charge it to the full level, this portable AC can comfortably operate without any cord. With that, you can move it around and even prevent cord tangling or unnecessary falls.

  • Mood lightening

The device comes with amazing mood lightening that will help you to create intimacy wherever you want. Since it chills down your surrounding, you can feel good, relaxed, and happy instead of irritative and annoying.


Here are some of the pros of Arctic Air Pure Chill:

  • It’s not a distraction to the user when it is working as it makes very low noise.
  • The device comes with a very high quality due to the expertise of its manufacturers.
  • It reduces your energy bills by helping to converse electricity.
  • It gives you the option to have a variable speed in the fanning and cooling system.
  • It's very lightweight and compact. Hence you can easily travel around with the device.
  • There's always room for a refund due to issues of dissatisfaction from the customers.


Arctic Air Pure Chill has the following cons:

  • The device is not available in the open market. You can only get it from the company’s website.
  • The device is not quite numerous. The quantity is limited.

Should you Buy This Portable AC?

The decision to buy any product relies on individual preferences and choices. Several reasons should prompt you to buy Arctic Air Pure Chill in comparison to other Portable ACs.

Arctic Air Pure Chill is ideal for cramped environments. This is because the device has a plus in its functionality, especially in small places and spaces. You can consider your personal criteria and ascertain your need for this device. This will help you to appreciate its feature and embrace its operation, mostly during the hot summer. The device can give you the solution for both coolness and lower bills on electricity consumption than the conventional AC.

Also, the portability of this device makes it more outstanding. It’s very easy to carry the device around even while traveling, unlike the conventional AC. So the device is a great option for individual users. You can also find it very helpful for smaller apartments and smaller children. However, where the larger size and house is bigger, the device may not be so ideal. But in the long run, you can always compare the low-cost implication associated with this device as a great plus.

Where to Buy Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC?

The main place to buy this portable AC is from the official website. We also recommend getting it directly from the manufacturers to avoid low-quality counterfeit. Once you visit the page, you'll discover several purchase options from the manufacturer.

For instance, you can get one unit for $89 plus the shipping cost. When you pick 2 devices, you’ll get them at a lower unit price. Also, the manufacturers are offering discounts on the site. So, you can utilize the offer to get as many devices as you need for your family.


One of the main reasons to buy this portable AC from Arctic Air is to cut down your electricity bills. Using standard ACs can skyrocket your monthly expenses. But you can reduce that by picking the potable cooling, user-friendly AC.

Also, we love that a part of the device, such as the water curtain is replaceable. The implication is that you can use your AC for as long as you want.

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