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Nancy Hartsoch Shares Her Journey of Improving Water Efficiency

Last updated Friday, July 23, 2021 10:00 ET , Source: Mission Matters Media

Nancy Hartsoch, Co-Founder, AquaSeca Inc., was interviewed on the Mission Matters Startup Garage Podcast by Adam Torres.

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In this interview, Nancy Hartsoch, Co-Founder at AquaSeca, sheds light on her entrepreneurial journey in the water efficiency and management domain. Bringing water intelligence to life by making buildings smart, Nancy aims to improve water efficiency for all of their clients with AquaWatch, the company’s first product offering.

Listen to the full interview of Nancy Hartsoch with Adam Torres on Mission Matters Startup Garage Podcast.

Nancy discusses her passion for cleantech and improving the use of limited natural resources. After nearly a decade bringing a new level of efficiency to the solar industry, she and her co-founders decided to take on a much neglected resource - water. Innovating a new architecture and solution built on machine learning and acoustics to protect buildings from water damage while empowering smart plumbing management led to the inception of AquaSeca.

Realizing the importance of water and considering the sometimes inefficient behavior towards its usage, Nancy took a plunge while diving deep into blending it with AquaSeca’s disruptive approach. "Building smart cities requires smart buildings, and the mindful implementation of technologies, and water efficiency plays an important role. Smart cities will only be achieved when the focus is on advancement," says Nancy.

The Company & Its Products

AquaSeca's mission has been aligned with the idea of smart cities and their much-needed transformations regarding water efficiency and management.

According to Nancy, mismanagement of water results in costly damage, operational interruptions, high operating costs, and even health concerns for commercial building owners. Many of these problems have been largely ignored.

AquaSeca is bringing a revolutionary data-driven solution to commercial and large-building owners. Just as data has been at the heart of all things “smart”, the key to knowing where water flows in complex plumbing infrastructures, requires rich, robust data. If you can gather that data from outside the pipes and provide coverage for a large area with only a few sensors, then building managers can manage water as easily as they do energy. Leaks can be identified ahead of damage, waste can be reduced, sustainability programs can be implemented, and stagnation conditions can be alerted.


AquaSeca recently closed a pre-seed capital raise which is fueling its transition from R&D to commercial. With the intro of its first offering AquaWatch, the company is targeting office buildings, medical facilities, and multifamily complexes, shares Nancy.

“We're offering the market a SaaS model, where the building owners need not worry about large upfront capital investment; it's a monthly operating cost.” she adds.

Depending on the size of the building, you can monitor for leaks caused by pipe ruptures, malfunctioning equipment, and even malfunctioning tenants, for $12-$20 a day. With AquaSeca’s technology, the 3C’s - cost, coverage, and convenience - have been achieved for commercial building owners.


AquaSeca's advanced intelligent water management system provides vigilance over the building infrastructure to protect your assets, mitigate risks, reduce water waste, and provide water consumption intelligence. AquaSeca's solution includes non-invasive sensors strapped to the outside of exposed pipes. The sensors monitor water flow, and advanced analytics learns your building's normal operational water footprint. When abnormal flow or usage occurs, actionable alerts are sent the users phone. The low-cost system is designed for self-installation by building maintenance staff, and can be implemented rapidly without interruption of building operations.

Visit AquaSeca to know more about their services and start your journey towards a brighter future today!

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