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Razikul Rasel - Story of Successful Entrepreneur of BANGLADESH

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Razikul Rasel is a successful Entrepreneur, Author & Music Artist who has also worked with many renowned celebrities.

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Razikul Rasel is an understudy in college. He doesn't succinct himself just to the books and the world brimming with books. Maybe he investigates various fields in his day-to-day existence and is distinctly anxious to make his name in this world. To get the acclaim he works with various popular VIPs to bring in distinction and cash. He works with brands as a brand advertiser or minister.

A brand minister (at times likewise called a corporate envoy) is an individual who is utilized by an association or organization to address a brand in a positive light, and thusly, helps to expand brand mindfulness and deals. The brand representative is intended to encapsulate the corporate personality by all accounts, disposition, values, and ethics.[1] The critical component of brand diplomats is their capacity to utilize limited-time procedures that will reinforce the client item administration relationship and impact an enormous crowd to purchase and devour more.

He has an interest in PC working and planning various posts, ads, altering recordings and so on he begins to find out about it from his teacher whose name is Ahsan Waqar. He shows him sincerely and gives a ton of time to him on the grounds that Razikul is exceptionally proficient and is an individual who can give a valiant effort in each field of life.

He is an enthusiastic test taker. He adores strolling in unknown ways and favors doing things that a great many people dread to do. That is somewhat something underlying and has been a lasting wellspring of inspiration to take the jump.

He sees there was a chance to definitively add to the general public while doing things he loves to do. Indeed, numerous individuals add to society from various perspectives, some bring political changes, some by friendly work. He thought he needs to track down his own place and making admittance to innovation simpler for individuals and utilizing it for the advancement of them appeared to be a decent motivation to set out on.

He is the founder of the company so he earns a lot of fame and money via this activity. He introduces these brands in his country. He becomes the main point of these companies. He introduces the items of these brands and works as a resaler with these companies. He buys items from these and sold in his city as well as he travels to other cities to introduce items of Raz brand to the customers and the shopkeepers. He sells items and earns money through them.

Raz brand higher him as the partner. Razikul Rasel starts this activity on large scale and opens up a big store and small shops in different cities of Bangladesh. Workers aid him in this work.

He realizes that there are numerous ways an entrepreneur should know. A few thoughts include:

• Incorporating it into your promoting materials

• Providing it to customers with the proposition

He starts typing on his laptop so that he can publish his journal. He has written the journal whose topic was “entrepreneurs” It takes about 7 days to complete. Now he wants to publish this journal. Firstly he brings his laptop to school and asks his teacher to have a look on it which he has written. His teacher admires him and asks him to correct few mistakes. After the correction, with the guidance and consent of his teachers, he published his journal. It was published after 3 years.

Moreover, he also writes some books and many articles. He is fond of reading and writing books. One of his famous books is regarding to Amazon. He is interested in new emerging fields such as Amazon and wants to start work in it. He explores new things.

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