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New York City Workplace Injury Attorney Jonathan C. Reiter Explains the Causes and Consequences of Workplace Injuries

Last updated Tuesday, August 10, 2021 11:04 ET , Source: Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC

Workplace injuries can leave workers devastated by lifelong pain, lost wages, and medical debt.

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New York City, NY — Workplaces across industries are rife with hazardous materials and equipment that can put the health of employees at risk over time. These injuries can occur due to a single incident, or as a result of wear and tear over time. In 2019, workplace injuries resulted in $177 billion worth of lost wages, medical expenses, and other costs across the United States. During the same year, 5,333 people died as a result of workplace injury.

Jonathan C. Reiter, a New York City Super Lawyer with decades of experience winning personal injury settlements for his clients, has provided an article explaining the common causes and types of workplace injury in the state of New York and across the United States. Mr. Reiter’s article also details how workplace injuries can affect employees for the rest of their lives

While some injuries that occur on the job can heal within days to weeks, it is common for an injured worker to have to take months or longer off work. Without proper legal counsel, injured New York City workers can be exploited by employers and left without wages or money to cover medical bills during this time.

As Mr. Reiter explains, workplace injuries can take many forms. Frequently, acute injuries can include broken or fractured bones, electrocution, burns, amputation, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and death. These injuries often result from negligence, defective or malfunctioning equipment, falling objects, untrained workers, unmarked hazards or toxic materials, insufficient security, or slips, trips, and falls, among a range of other causes. Stress injuries occurring over time due to repetitive motion or overexertion can result in chronic pain, nerve damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, respiratory issues, and more.

“Don’t wait to take legal action. A delay could affect your ability to obtain compensation,” advises Mr. Reiter, who has won record breaking settlements as a New York City personal injury lawyer, “Workplace injury claims must be filed within a certain period of time in New York State. Make sure you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.”

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