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InsuranceMinded.net Launches Homeowners and Auto Insurance Bundling

Last updated Monday, August 16, 2021 14:33 ET , Source: InsuranceMinded.net

InsuranceMinded.net is bringing bundling capabilities to its website in an effort to better serve customers and carrier partners alike

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InsuranceMinded.net is now giving consumers the opportunity to save money with bundled insurance products, just in time for fall!

Insurance providers and shoppers alike have wanted a one-stop-shop where they could compare and buy their home AND auto insurance policies online--and InsuranceMinded has made that dream come true through its new service which launched on August 1st. The company's goal? To get rid of wasted trips at brick-and-mortar locations by providing customers with all the information they need right from their computer screens.

InsuranceMinded.net has been helping insurance providers bind 10,000's of policies per month in the past and is now providing a bundling service for the customer to bundle their homeowners with auto coverage. Insurance Provider partners can be found throughout Illinois-Wisconsin as well as Texas and California where residents are already taking advantage of this bundled offer by using it on both home owner’s coverages along with car ownership protection in one package deal!

The Insurance Minded website gives customers an option to save money when they purchase bundles that include homeowners' or automobile protections from various insurers across these four states. The company expects more carriers will join the list during Q4 202021.

"We had a clear vision when we created InsuranceMinded," said John Mali, head of product development for the company. "Our goal was to create an easy way to shop for insurance and reduce paperwork."

"For that reason, I'm excited about our new initiative-bundling home and auto together on one site. Not only is it easier than shopping separately because you can compare all your options at once with just two clicks; but people save money by reducing their total policy price as well!"

With the new platform by Insurance Minded, consumers have a quick and easy way to get both auto coverage and home insurance at once with an option of bundling in their quote as well! When you agree to see bundled quotes, answer four or five questions about your car history- what type it is, when was its last inspection date? The same questions will be asked about homeownership status too - how many stories are there on your house? There's also more than one way that they'll ask these few simple questions: by phone call through agents who specialize in getting people into policies quickly and online chat support where customers can shop anytime from anywhere.

Looking for the perfect solution to all your insurance needs? Visit InsuranceMinded.net and see how their insurance bundling can save you money today!

About InsuranceMinded.net

Insurance Minded is a limited liability corporation headquartered in Chicago, IL and currently offering car insurance comparison services for US consumers living in 48 states. Insurance minded makes finding the best available rates easy with simple side by sides comparisons of multiple quotes from trusted auto insurers.



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