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6 Micro Business Ideas for Busy Students - FinSMEs

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What Is Micro Business?

In case you're not sure what a micro business is: it's the smallest of all small businesses. The core idea is that you can start a micro business with as few employees as possible - or without any employees at all, except yourself - and with as little money as you can spare.

Are you convinced yet? Read on to find out some of our best micro business suggestions for busy students.

6 Micro Business Ideas

From freelance writing to house cleaning, here's what you can try - even if you're terribly busy and don't have lots of money to spend.


While it may be true that the tutoring business is largely occupied by professional teachers, there's plenty of room left for college and university students, too. Here's exactly where you can fit in if you start a production business offering sound and video recording and editing. Who knows, maybe you'll be able to find a new micro business niche!


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