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Buddy Buds Pro Reviews - New earbuds worth it?

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The Buddy Buds Pro are Bluetooth earbudswith many features. The Buddy Buds Pro remain very affordable and are suitable for everyday use. Check out all the details in this report.

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If you search online for earbuds without a cable, you will find a wide variety of models, but sometimes they have exorbitant prices. Someone with a low budget simply cannot afford this. If you choose a cheap variant instead, they often have quirks, are not compatible with every operating system, or have other problems that you have to put up with. The Buddy Buds Pro presented here, however, prevent exactly that. They are available at a good price-performance ratio and also have numerous features that are usually only known from high-priced models. We would like to take this as an opportunity to introduce the earphones, list their features, and explain what positive aspects you can enjoy by buying them. (Any/all links in this post are affiliate links, from which the author receives a small commission from the sale of this product/service, but the price is the same for you).

What are Buddy Buds Pro?

The Buddy Buds Pro are Bluetooth earbuds with many features. The Buddy Buds Pro remain very affordable, which is also supported by the manufacturer's offer formats. The manufacturer promises the following features:

  • Bluetooth connection
  • High compatibility
  • Best for sports and everyday life
  • Resistant to sweat
  • High range

If you believe these specifications, you can assume that you will get a pair of earphones that you can rely on in any situation, that are perfect for sports and that are also practical in everyday life thanks to the lack of a cable. Thanks to an included case, charging on the go is also possible. The manufacturer also promises a long battery life. In standby alone, it is supposed to be up to 60 days. More information and a discounted price can be found here on the official website!

Buddy Buds Pro review and recommendation

We would very much like to recommend the Buddy Buds Pro, that we believe you get a product here that supports a good price-performance ratio. Not everyone has the budget to afford a model of the extra class. In addition, these models also do not always keep what the manufacturer promises. Therefore, everyone should give the Buddy Buds Pro a try and make up their own mind. Not only do they have all the functions that are generally needed, but they also offer a high level of wearing comfort that can be appreciated both during sports and on the go. Of course, charging in your own case is particularly resourceful. If you're a bit practical, you can swap out the plugs so that one is always full in the case while you use the other. A good price-performance ratio is ensured thanks to the manufacturer's offers and thus everyone benefits in principle. Visit the provider's website to see more customer reviews!

General information about earphones

Everyone who does sports or is on the road a lot knows this: You're on public transportation and trying to sort yourself out. In the process, you accidentally pull your earbuds out of your ears because the cable is always in the way. It's the same with sports, when the earphones are constantly falling out of the ear cup. If you look online for an alternative that also connects via Bluetooth, you'll get plenty of offers, but they're often very expensive. There are good models, but you can't afford them on a small budget.

An alternative are therefore the Buddy Buds Pro presented here, which not only have a good sound, but also a wireless connection option to offer. During sports, the earbuds are advantageous because they do not fall out of the ear and fit both men and women well. They do not absorb sweat, which causes problems with some earphones. Overall, the model described here is suitable for all situations in life and can still take advantage of the charging option on the go without paying much for it overall.

General Buddy Buds Pro reviews

We wanted to know more about the Buddy Buds Pro earphones and searched the Internet for reviews. We found what we were looking for and were able to get another impression of the earbuds. The majority of users were very positively surprised because they offered good sound quality and also included numerous features. The earphones are ideal for people who like to be on the go, but also like to enjoy good sound quality. Most were surprised that the Buddy Buds Pro's batteries lasted so long, but were equally thrilled that they could recharge them whenever they were on the go, thanks to the included case. The price-performance ratio was frequently mentioned and put in the foreground. Overall, the impression was that most users were satisfied, both with the price and the stated performance. On the other hand, we could not find any negative testimonials. Visit the provider's websiteseemore customer opinions!

Are there any possible problems with the Buddy Buds Pro?

If you are on the road a lot and only have three hours of battery life, you will probably often find yourself in a situation where you need to charge the Buddy Buds Pro. It is always advisable to perhaps have a second case of the earphones in your pocket, so that you always have a full one with you as a spare. This is also not that difficult thanks to the available deals. Otherwise, we didn't experience any problems with the Buddy Buds Pro. So, we can easily answer this question with "no".

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Buddy Buds Pro?

Like any gadget, earphones have their own advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to summarize below. You should also be aware that when you buy something, it may have advantages and disadvantages for you. The following list will help you decide whether the Buddy Buds Pro are right for you or not.


  • Easy to use
  • Uncomplicated to pair
  • Good sound
  • Long battery life
  • suitable for calls as well
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems
  • current Bluetooth technology


  • None known

Thanks to this list, you can easily see that the Buddy Buds Pro basically only have advantages when you choose the earphones. The earbuds are easy to connect to the smartphone, and they also offer Bluetooth connectivity, which is the current standard. It doesn't matter at all which operating system you use, because the earbuds adapt to many of them. As for battery life, you have 72 hours on standby alone, and you can also recharge them in the case.

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Why do I need these earphones?

The earbuds are basically aimed at anyone looking for an uncomplicated device that offers good sound and is as easy to use as possible. The Buddy Buds Pro appeal to young and old alike. It is completely irrelevant which gender they belong to. Both men and women fit the earbuds very well in the ear, the sound can be seen and that they can be recharged on the go, especially offers a platform to anyone who travels a lot and uses public transport for this, for example. The Buddy Buds Pro can also benefit those who have already held a similar product in their hands, but were not as satisfied with it. As you can see, the target group of the Buddy Buds Pro cannot be clearly defined.

Known FAQ about this product

Finally, let's move on to the frequently asked questions that can give you a further insight if you are keen on buying the Buddy Buds Pro.

  • Q: What about money back guarantee? A: You have 30 days after purchase to return the earphones. Then you will get your money back without any hassle, no questions asked eventually.
  • Q: How secure is the data transmission? A: The system is very secure as it uses 256-bit encryption, with which the user is well protected.
  • Is it hard to set up the Buddy Buds Pro? A: Absolutely not. The device is designed so that you don't have to hassle with it and can start using it after just a few steps. The only thing you have to do is unpack it and start using it!
  • Q: Are Buddy Buds Pro suitable for sports? A: While other earphones just fall out of your ears or you have problems with a cable, you can wear the Buddy Buds Pro during sports without any problems. They are resistant to sweat and therefore ideal.
  • Q: Can I charge the earphones on the go? A: Thanks to the included case, the Buddy Buds Pro are easily rechargeable when you need it. Simply insert the Buddy Buds Pro into the case for this purpose and you can ensure a full charge. This process is possible about two to three times before you have to recharge the entire case again.
  • Q: Is there a specific connection required? A: No. Since the earbuds work via Bluetooth, all you need to do is set your device to connect to the Buddy Buds Pro and you're ready to go.
  • Q: What is the standby time? A: Depending on how you use the Buddy Buds Pro, they will discharge more quickly or last longer. The manufacturer claims a standby time of about 72 hours. If you make regular phone calls and listen to music, the time may be shorter. In continuous use, they last for a period of about three hours.
  • Q: Are the features the same as other known models? A: It depends. The Buddy Buds Pro have some features that have well-know models as well. However, the use of Siri is not possible via these earphones.
  • Q: What is the format of the case? A: It is designed in a pocket format, so you can just plug it in and take it with you. There is absolutely no need to carry an extra bag.

Where can I buy Buddy Buds Pro?

If you are interested in buying the Buddy Buds Pro, you should check the manufacturer's homepage for offers. They offer them from time to time and guarantee an even better price-performance ratio than you already get when you buy the earphones separately. We'll get to the details of this later in this section. To place an order, you can use the order form on the website, where you only need to enter a few details before proceeding to payment. This is as risk-free as possible and can be done with Paypal or credit card. Once you have completed these steps, just click on the "Order" button and everything is done. The Buddy Buds Pro will be shipped a short time later and will arrive at your home by mail shortly after, where you can try them out right away.

Let's move on to the mentioned offers that the manufacturer offers from time to time. These are graduated offers. They usually include several models of the earphones and are individually cheaper than in the normal order. You can use these models for yourself, to give away, or if you want to order together with someone else. Just be quick to grab them, because most of the time these offers are quickly out of stock. Besides, it is not sure when they will be available next time. So it's always better to strike when you get the chance. Click here to go to the provider's website to find a discounted price!

Buddy Buds Pro Technical Facts

Now let's get to the technical facts that make up the Buddy Buds Pro and that will give you an even better idea of the earphones. Here is all the information we could find:

  • Good range of up to ten meters
  • Compatible with many operating systems, including iOS, Android and others
  • Up to 60 days stand-by battery life
  • 4 hours playback time
  • USB and Wireless Charging
  • Follows the current standard Bluetooth version 5
  • Single and Dual Mode
  • Stereo sound

The above technical features show that it is very possible to use the earphones every day, on all occasions. They are connected to the smartphone with modern technology via Bluetooth and are suitable for many devices. The operating system plays only a minor role. The integrated microphone makes it possible to answer phone calls, plus many other functions. Due to the long battery life and the option to recharge on the go, the Buddy Buds Pro prove to be good earphones that you won't want to do without.

Who is the provider of the product?

The full address is: ENSO ECOMMERCE, S.L., Avenida Manuel Hermoso Rojas, 4, Planta 1, Of 12 (Tower 1) - 38003 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Spain). Furthermore, the company has set up an email address that can be contacted if you have any questions. This is: info [at] ubertech.store.


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