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Capital Appliance Repair Explains Most Common Kitchen Appliance Problems

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Kitchen appliances are wonderful. They make the basic necessities of life a breeze, saving us time and hassle – until they don’t. While normally quite hardy, issues can and do occur. The good news is that even if you don’t fix kitchen appliances professionally, there are sometimes a few easy things that you can do to fix a problem.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common kitchen appliance problems and what you can do about them. If you find anything bothering you, you can easily seek help from Capital Appliance Repair!

Gas-stove igniter is clicking.

A frustrating little problem that occasionally pops up with a gas stove is the dreaded condition known as the ‘clicks’. You get up in the morning to heat up a pot of water for coffee and when you press the ignitor, you get a lot of clicks but the gas doesn’t ignite.

Don’t panic yet, however, as you might just have a dirty igniter or a misaligned burner cap. If your cap looks aligned, then you can clean any debris off of it that might be causing a problem by simply removing the cap and picking out debris with a pin. Give it a good wipe and try again.

If that doesn’t fix it, however, don’t take apart your stove. It’s a better bet to use the professional stove repair at this point!

Fridge is not cooling efficiently

When your refrigerator is running but it’s not so cool anymore, don’t panic, there might be something that you can do. You’ll need a handheld vacuum, so if you don’t have one then check with your neighbor to see if you may borrow one.

Once you’ve got the handheld vac, unplug your refrigerator and pull it out so that you can get at the coils in the back. Sometimes when there is dust and other buildup on those coils then you need to clean them a bit for optimal performance. Give them a thorough vacuum and see if it helps.

If it doesn’t, it’s definitely time to call a pro before food starts going bad!

Garbage disposal stops working

Garbage disposals have a tough job and as a result, they are hardy home appliances. When they overheat on occasion from too much work or when they get clogged from time to time, there is a failsafe that kicks in so that you may remove the obstruction or simply let it cool down long enough to start work again.

Switch your disposal to ‘off’ and look underneath the sink with a handy flashlight and find the disposal. There should be a ‘reset’ button there that you can press and it should stay pushed in after you press it. If it doesn’t, then wait a few minutes and try again. If it stays depressed, try turning on your disposal to see if it works now.

If it doesn’t, then turn it off again, and try clearing up the jam and moving the blades carefully with a hex key. Try the reset again after this and if it still doesn’t work then it’s time to get a pro to have a look.

Sometimes it's simply best to go with the pros

While small issues may sometimes be quickly resolved, such as the ones we’ve listed today, more complex problems should not be tackled alone. Your appliances are an important part of your life and the services of a local, family-owned appliance repair company is the best way to get your issues solved and to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Going with a pro means that your problem can get solved in record time and you’ll even have a guarantee on the work, so why not get everything fixed perfectly the first time? It’s practical, guaranteed, and it just makes good, solid sense.

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