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Vancouver, Canada Express Appliance Repair Vancouver Fixes Expensive Home Appliances

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As the leading appliance repair technicians in Vancouver, Express Appliance Repair has helped numerous clients repair high-end home appliances.

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Home appliances make our lives so much easier – until they don’t. While the appliances of today are designed to last a good, long time, issues can and DO occur from time to time. If you are the DIY type and want to try to fix it yourself, we caution you to be careful. Mistakes can be expensive, so be sure that you know what you are doing.

That said, here are 4 tips for repairing expensive home appliances that can help as you diagnose and repair common appliance issues!

Always rule out the obvious culprits first

Folks who fix kitchen appliances professionally will tell you to always look for the obvious issues before you start taking anything apart. It’s good advice, really, as the problem isn’t always as complicated as we fear it might be.

So, check out your settings, ensure that the outlet is getting power, and for appliances that require a level area to function, make sure that they haven’t been moved. You don’t want to be in the middle of taking apart your expensive appliance only to notice something minor just a little too late!

Take a good listen-- moving parts tend to fail first

Moving parts are always the first to go, so listen to your appliance and look for any noises that you don’t recall hearing before. Motors and fans get noisy when they start to go out and if the problem is something simple like a fan belt, this is something that you can definitely replace quite quickly and easily.

Anything that is suddenly loud should definitely be checked out.

A multimeter can save you a lot of time

Wiring issues can be almost impossible to track down – if you don’t have the right tools. A multimeter will let you check the wiring so that you can see that all of the important components of your misbehaving appliance are getting enough electricity to do their work.

Don’t try to chase down a wiring issue without one or you are going to be working on the appliance for a very long time.

Consider the 50% rule

Generally, if the appliance is at more than 50% of it’s expected lifespan, then the repair is going to cost potentially more than the replacement. That means that there are going to be some times when even DIT is not going to be the best solution.

Consider replacing the unit or getting a professional opinion at this point to see what the best way to proceed is going to be.

Some final words

We hope that you’ve enjoyed out tips today for repairing your expensive home appliances. While DIY is a great way to get it done, with expensive appliances you really should consider getting an opinion from a good appliance repair company like Express Appliance Repair Vancouver. This can save you a lot of headaches, especially as there are no guarantees that you only have 1 issue with the appliance.

Going with an expert means that you can get your issue fixed and you won’t have to worry about any potential surprises later. Instead, your expensive appliance will be working like new and you’ll even have a guarantee on the work. It just makes good sense!

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