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QuadAir Drone Reviews - Is Quad Air Drone Pro Scam or... - Federal Way Mirror

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The QuadAir Drone Pro is a design and engineering marvel built to travel with you on all your adventures.

Built upon the , this drone offers high-end functionality and performance for limitless exploration.

Apart from being foldable and highly portable, it’s affordable and provides numerous flying modes that are only found in the more expensive models.

Top Features of the QuadAir Drone Pro

It’s not possible to look at the future of drones without taking a peek at some of the with both amateur and pro users.

In the QuadAir Drone Pro case, it comes fully loaded and offers easy handling and superior durability.

The top features in this drone include:

The QuadAir Drone Pro is a Foldable Drone: Its propellers can be folded inwards to enhance portability. Folding the propellers ensures they won’t get damaged during transportation.

Slo-mo Mode: Today’s adventures are incomplete without a video highlighting that highlights everything you got to do. The slo-mo mode in the enables you to replay all your best moments in HD, ensuring you don’t miss out on anything.

Gravity Sensor: How many times have you crashed a drone because you couldn’t see an obstacle or sense the ground? The gravity sensors can detect nearby obstacles, allowing the drone to alter its course automatically to help prevent a collision.

HD Photos and Videos: What better way to document your travel adventures than by recording video and taking pictures in high-definition mode? With the QuadAir Drone Pro, you get to...

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