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Torres Vedras, PORTUGAL Dianova Shares Highlights of 3rd WHO Forum on Alcohol, Drugs and Addictive Behaviors

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Discussions Include Various Approaches to Accelerate Public Health Actions and Ideas to Address New Challenges during Pandemic

Torres Vedras, PORTUGAL, 09/03/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Dianova, Portugal’s addiction treatment clinic abroad is pleased to share the highlights of 3rd WHO forum on alcohol, drugs, and addictive behaviors. Also known as the 3rd FADAB, the forum included technical presentations concerning topics such as gaming disorders, substance abuse, addictive behaviors, workplace health, cannabis, and health; followed by international standards on prevention and treatment. Dianova, the alcohol rehab abroad experts, has been attending this invitation-only event since 2017. The forum’s topics include alcohol and addictive behaviors along with major aspects such as drug policy. The World Health Organization tackles issues that come from addictive behaviors with alcohol and substances and the United Nations deal with problems linked to drugs and controlled substances.

These two organizations cooperate and collaborate to bring about solutions to handle the situations. Dianova, the addiction treatment clinic abroad highly appreciates the combined approach to handling such issues and congratulates WHO for taking the lead. Dianova is present in many countries and their Portugal center is one of the most effective alcohol rehab abroad facilities specializing in prevention and health promotion. The center offers various addiction treatment programs with personalized attention to each and every individual thereby helping them recover with the help of an individualized program.

Dianova follows a special intervention technique starting with individual and group psychotherapy followed by occupational, recreational, and training activities. Pharmacological support is provided whenever or wherever necessary. All the programs are quality certified and are designed based on scientific evidence. Their collaborations with various institutions help them dive deeper into the concepts and make effective changes to their evaluation policy. Dianova integrates methodological criteria in their intervention programs to motivate the users to respond to the treatments positively. With the ongoing progress, the individual’s resistance to change also fades away gradually.

At Dianova, people will be able to find the resources and capabilities to overcome their addiction all by themselves. There are several therapeutic models that are offered. Each of which has its own strengths and limitations. One of the primary reasons is the nature of addiction and the level of addiction. And that is why the center has a personalized approach backed by a therapeutic intervention that allows the individuals to act with a sense of responsibility and recover their self-esteem. Dianova takes pride in their therapeutic team in the addiction treatment clinic abroad. The team consists of highly qualified professionals from multiple disciplines such as General Medicine, Psychiatry, Social Education and Social Work, Sociocultural Animation, and Psychology. The team members undergo continuous training to develop their professional as well as specific skills.

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About Dianova Portugal Association

Dianova Portugal Association was started in 2003 to promote health and prevention of addictive behaviors. The center also offers psychosocial support services and has helped over 131,157 individuals and their platforms. Their multitude of health promotion initiatives and awareness campaigns have made a positive impact on over 20 million people worldwide in the three decades of their operations.



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