Monday, September 20, 2021

10 websites all college students should bookmark - Mashable

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Knowing which websites can help you with various aspects of college life, especially when it comes to assignments, can make all the difference.

We've collected 10 websites that will help you along the way in your studies - in fact, you might already be using a few. Your school's library website

We can't emphasize this enough - your school's library website will list all the resources that your school subscribes to and how to access them. Before hitting GoogleScholar when starting on a research paper, check out your library website because there is probably a guide on how to start research on different topics. Check your school's library website to see which research databases it subscribes to. Your school's library website will tell you if you have access to Ebsco. Word Hippo

No list of websites for college students is complete without a thesaurus.

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