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San Francisco, CA PaceTrail Launches World's Thinnest GPS Tracker with Built-in Digital Business Card

Last updated Tuesday, September 7, 2021 14:35 ET , Source: PaceTrail

PaceTrail Global Card available on Kickstarter, is a GPS location tag capable of sending SOS beacons and NFC powered exchanges with global coverage.

San Francisco, CA, 09/07/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

PaceTrail announced today that they have officially released the PaceTrail Global Card - The world’s thinnest location tracker which doubles as a digital business card and comes with a host of other features.

Using a combination of 4G Cellular, GPS Satellites, and Bluetooth technology, the versatile device is designed for securing valuables and providing personal safety. The extremely thin 86x54x2.54 mm form factor matches the shape of a standard credit card, and offers 24/7 Live location tracking, Geo-fencing, Separation Alerts, and SOS all with worldwide coverage.

The motivation behind the design was to push GPS tracking to its maximum limit with something that's truly innovative. Traditional BLE trackers have a range limitation of 75 to 100ft. In comparison, the PaceTrail Global Card offers unlimited range and a rechargeable battery that can last 3 months on a single charge.” The Founders said.

Aside from being used for traditional applications like tracking luggage, vehicles, wallets and bags. It will also be used for keeping vulnerable individuals safe such as elderly people with dementia, people with severe disabilities, and young children.

“With the PaceTrail Global Card’s discreet design, the possibilities for where and how it can be used are truly limitless. Our enterprise partners are planning to use this in securing official equipment like expensive paintings, document folders, backup drives, musical instruments, medical equipment & outdoor lab gear logistics” The Founders added.

The PaceTrail Global Card also serves a secondary purpose with the built-in NFC capabilities. Users will be able to replace paper business cards with PaceTrail’s Digital Business Card feature. Using the device, users can quickly send contact details, social profiles, websites, lead forms, or any other pre-packaged information by tapping the device on an NFC-enabled smartphone. The NFC feature can also be used to store Venmo, CashApp, and PayPal links to facilitate fast payment transactions.

The PaceTrail Global Card launches on the 7thof September on Kickstarter. The Company plans to offer backers the chance to get this device for at-cost pricing of $80 USD (70Euro/57.5GBP), along with lifetime discounts on subscriptions. To learn more and to contribute to PaceTrail's Kickstarter campaign, visit : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pacetrail/pacetrail-global-trackers-0

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