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Dallas Domestic Violence Defense Attorney John Helms Creates Web Resource Answering Domestic Violence [Now Available Online]

Last updated Wednesday, September 8, 2021 21:57 ET , Source: Dallas Domestic Violence Defense Attorney John Helms

John Helms criminal defense lawyer creates an online resource helping Texans understand family violence and the penalties associated with the different forms of domestic physical assaults.

Dallas, TX, 09/08/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Rates of domestic violence cases have reportedly been on the rise since lockdowns began in March 2020. According to the United States Department of Justice, the state of Texas accounts for approximately one out of every ten intimate partner homicides in the nation.

Direct physical forms of assaults on the body may include but are not limited to:
Punching, kicking, eye gouging, head butting, suplexing, arm barring, toe jamming, hitting, kicking, biting, slapping, shaking, pushing, pulling, punching, strangling or choking, beating, scratching, pinching, pulling hair, stabbing, shooting, drowning, burning, hitting with an object or any physical contact that can cause injury. Also, threats to inflict harm, pain or death either with a weapon, or by using the physical body to assault, may constitute domestic family violence.

    To help educate the public on the confusing area of law regarding domestic violence, also referred to as family violence, Dallas defense attorney John Helms has created a new resource containing frequently asked questions.

    “One aspect of family violence law and prosecution that sets it apart from other areas of the law is that an alleged victim of domestic violence cannot stop the prosecution from pursuing the case. In other words, it is up to the prosecution whether or not the charges are dropped, not the victim. Alleged victims of domestic violence are often compelled to testify under oath against aggressors, even when they do not want to.”

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    The resource answers commonly asked questions on the topic of family violence, including:

    • How is domestic violence defined in Texas?

    • What offenses are considered domestic violence?

    • What are the penalties for family violence in Texas?

    • Can a victim of domestic violence decline to press charges?

    • What are the most common defenses against Texas family violence charges?

    Access the full resource by Dallas defense attorney John Helms here.

    About Dallas Domestic Violence Defense Attorney John Helms

    John Helms is a former federal prosecutor for the Northern District of Texas who never lost a trial or appeal. He is uniquely qualified to evaluate both sides of a criminal case and provide his clients with the most effective defense strategy. John has practiced as a criminal defense attorney for over thirty years.

    He has been the recipient of numerous awards as a result of the time, effort, and creativity he puts into every case. These awards include Thomas Reuters’ Super Lawyer and D Magazine’s Best Lawyers in Dallas. Mr. Helms has represented some of the country’s largest corporations, including Microsoft, Bank of America, and Phillip Morris.

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