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Tips For Passing Exams From Harlem To Hollywood - Harlem World Magazine

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The modern student needs to work smart to pass exams, even if it means abandoning conventional exam preparation methods for more effective study methods. Students may wish to devote extra study time to some tests than others, depending on how well they understand concepts in each course.

Tip 4 - Taking Sufficient Breaks

While students may believe that studying for as many hours as possible is the best way to integrate knowledge, it is often counterproductive. If students' cognitive function is better in the morning, they should begin studying early and take a break from lunchtime till the next day. If students are more active at night, they should take a more extended break early in the day to settle down and study later on in the day. While these tests may be more complex than the practice questions students receive in class, past papers are ideal because they give students prowess in articulating particular problem sets in exams. Today's students must work smart to pass tests, even if that means renouncing traditional exam preparation methods for more effective study approaches.

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