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322: Going All In – How Sarah Cook Went From 17k to 600k Monthly Pageviews

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Investing money into your business, deleting posts to encourage growth, and the importance of having accountability partners with Sarah Cook from Sustainable Cooks.


Welcome to episode 322 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Sarah Cook from Sustainable Cooks about what specific strategies she implemented to grow her blog’s traffic and increase her revenue.

Going All In

A few years ago, Sarah Cook was feeling burnt out and ready to call it quits on her blog. But after listening to some food blogging podcasts, she decided to switch up her blogging strategy and see if she could turn it into a thriving business.

And today on the podcast, she’s sharing everything she’s done along the way to go from 17k to 600k monthly pageviews with her blog, Sustainable Cooks! She explains some of the unique ways she has invested in her blog, why she decided to delete hundreds of posts, why she loves having a blogging accountability partner, and more.

It’s a really inspiring interview, and we know it’ll leave you feeling motivated and excited to make progress on your blogging goals.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • How Sarah decided to go all in with her blog
  • How she struggled to define her identity as a full-time blogger
  • Where she started investing money into her business
  • How she shifted her content strategy
  • Why she deleted hundreds of posts on her blog
  • How she categorized her content into specific buckets
  • Why ad earnings are typically lower in Q1
  • How her blog’s success has helped her support causes she cares about
  • How she fits work into the margins of her day
  • What tasks she decided to hire out
  • Why she loves having a blogging accountability partner


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