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Student plagiarism: what it is and why it keeps happening. - California News Times

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Why students are willing to plagiarize

Studies by Newstead, Franklyn-Stokes, and Armstead have shown that plagiarism becomes an option for students due to the lack of time and because they do not believe in getting high marks for their own work.

Another case of using plagiarism is connected with the fact that the student's desire to get a grade prevails over the goal to acquire maximum knowledge. These are students or scientists who cite the results of previous research without mentioning them. These are students or scientists who cite the results of their previous research without referring to them in their papers.

To summarize

Teachers often see only students as the cause of plagiarism while overlooking problems in the educational process that are also catalysts for plagiarism.

It's necessary to get the student interested in the subject so that the student wants to write their papers by themselves. You must agree, it's pretty hard to get a student interested in mumbling.

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