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Virberu Sports Announces Sitewide Free Shipping Across the US

Last updated Monday, September 20, 2021 11:05 ET , Source: Virberu Sports

The company’s Vision Pearls and FAST – Balls are now being shipped across the US for free. The free US shipping policy can help people who need to buy the company’s training aids save money.

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Virberu Sports, a company best known for baseball training aids such as Vision Pearls and FAST – Balls, has announced that buyers will now benefit from free shipping across the US. The sitewide offer means that everything on the website will be shipped for free within the US. A representative for Virberu Sports said that “even smaller orders, usually placed by individuals, are also eligible for free shipping.”

Virberu Sports FAST BALLS
Virberu Sports

As Vision Pearls, and FAST – Balls, start gaining momentum, the company has been receiving a lot of orders from individuals. While bulk orders aren’t uncommon, in many instances, people who want to practice their pitching and batting skills at home are investing in these training aids. The company’s patented ball design and color make it immensely easy for most people to learn and hone their game skills. What’s more, is the fact that, unlike other training aids, Vision Pearls, for instance, are relatively more cost-effective. However, the company has taken things one step further by shipping all of its products for free regardless of how many are purchased.

Virberu Sports - FAST Balls
Virberu Sports - FAST Balls

Readers can browse through Virberu Sports inventory of baseball training aids and place an order with free shipping by visiting https://www.virberu.com.

When asked if the free sitewide shipping across the US was temporary, a representative for the company affirmed that “…free shipping is here to stay, at least based on our present policies. We think it is an excellent opportunity for people to buy the training aids they need when they need it without having to worry about paying shipping and handling fees.”

He added that “As new products get introduced, they will also automatically be eligible for free shipping. That means people can buy multiple products when they need it and have it shipped to them at no additional cost.”

About Virberu Sports

Virberu Sports is a company that was created out of the need for a way to offer traditional baseball training with the help of training aids. The company created and has patented two of its more popular training aids, which enhance vision and tracking skills. It also helps pitchers improve the speed, accuracy and power behind their pitches. The training aids can help players of all levels improve their ability to become better across most aspects of the sport.




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